Jan 31, 2011

salah la title tadi.. mian.. huhu..

huhu.. as the title above.. *coughcough* sorry.. mian. mintak maaf.. haha..xD 
terslh laaa.. haha.. >w<
ptg tadi memang aini bengang giler ngan sorg pompuan.. da la BLOCK aini.. taknak ngaku plak tuh.. huhu.. pe la nasib badan. dok jumpe manusia sengal cam korg nih.. 
*people yg try to hurt my feeling*. da la aini nih agak "sensetive". LoL. aini tak reti la eja.. huhu.. phm phm sendiri la eh~ aini tak phm die.. seyes aini tak phm. 
die seems nice & sweet. but. i was TOTALLY WRONG ! >w< 
Kak Linda oso feel the same thing at ya~ cuz I ady asked her. so. nobody like ya. *thanks God* huhu.. sorry cuz pray for the bad thing. but. u deserve it girl.. seyesly. Aini tak pnah jumpe girl cam ko.. U shud LIVE better. takyah la nak bermuke muke sangat. U shud be urself. or.. ko memang camtuh? *umm..* u shud.. be urself. like me. maybe. we two different person. 
that why we acted different. but PLEASE dun tear us apart..
I love Kak Linda and Kak Ain as my own sister.. so.. PLEASE BACK OFF.. 
I dun wanna be near u anymore. I will bear in my mind what u already did to me. 
U're only 4 months trainee.. God, can u make time flies fast? or can u make she gone soon ? 
plz plz?? huhu.. *knock myself cuz pray bad for sumone else*. T_T  
 Aini tak tau mane slh aini.. sampai die nak buat aini camni.. mase die mule2 masuk. aini juz bgtau die. "JNG RAPAT NGAN MANAGER CUZ DIE GATAL TAHAP CIPAN".. pastu aini sowh die blaja ngan Kak Linda pasal ACCOUNT cuz aini taktau handle ACCOUNT -___-. den. Aini marah die cuz CALL CLIENT tak pnah nak berangkat. asyik masuk voicemail jer ! sampai ade kes laaa ! sume org kne marah ! alasan die - DA TRY CALL BUT TAKDE ORG ANGKAT. (WTH?!) pastu Aini da dpt tangkap yg die & Manager ade special RELATIONSHIP ! >w< (GATAL SUNGGUH) 
pastu try nak break us apart? um.. plz dun.. dats oni thing i ask from ya.. T_T den. BLOCK me in FB? HUGE mistake GIRL ! tak an ko tak pasan yg aini an notice gak? da la jumpe EVERYDAY ! mengong ! tu laaa. TAK GNE OTAK LANGSUNG !
Aini patut sabar jerr... an an.. time sure flies fast.. huhu.. 

tadi call kak linda.. die ckp IGNORE jer.. huhu.. ye la akak.. dayah akan IGNORE JER.. -___-
um.. sorry la cuz bazir an mase kak linda dngr dayah merepek pasal pompuan tuh.. T_T

currently - listen to Big Bang (Seungri) ^__^ awesome panda~ LoL. xD

tngah gile gile ngan fav dongseangs ~ Tiqah, Nia and other Tiqah~ hehe.. >w< 
u guys really DEABAK ! always make me laugh wen I'm sad or almost cry.. >w< 

Thanks cuz always make me LAUGH OUT LOUD or giggle in front of my computer alone~ >w<

                                                               SARANGHAE !!! <3 <3 <3 




AiNi. let's be crazy and just have fun! shake it up !

recently nih memang AiNi jadi tak betol cket cuz event company. but its end well.. ^__^. I had so much F.U.N!! 

Aini mengade tulis name donghae ~ LoL ~ 
usual fan girl. hehe.. >w<

giler ah.. so many things happened to me. rase cam nak nanges kuat kuat jer.. huhu.. tadi.. AiNi dpt tau yus block aini. tapi Yus xnak ngaku.. tak tau laaa.. aini cam.. nape.. kat fb kak ain tulisan die biru (still friends) but kat aini jadi warne hitam? (block la tuh).. yus yus.. aini bukan sekali la kne block ngan org. it HAPPENs to me TWICE. so plz dun lie to me. I know U block me and kak linda ! cuz u think we mean to u. u shud learn to do things. or waiting for us to give the job to u.. u're not the boss.. u shud running around helping us. ni tak.. dok jer kat tempat ko.. xtau la ape ko wat. call client. mostly tak reach. I dun get it !! the things Kak linda ask u, u didnt finish it rite? u juz thought its was useless to do things like that. u're totally wrong girl ! FYI, kak linda and me always talk bout ya. how to make u closer to us. but u never did ! cuz. u're being so damn selfish ! aini da try my best. but. seem u dun like it. u're faking it girl. i maybe young. but i know laaa... kak linda. i dun know bout her feeling towards ya. but. seem kak linda doesn't "like" u either. cuz u're lazy and ... ... (judge it for urself) ... AiNi tahan jer. cuz.. aini taknak la gado kat ofis.. da la kat cni girls ade brape kerat jerrr.. AiNi, Kak Ain , Kak Linda & Yus jer.. tak elok la kalo bermuke muke. cuz. it's hurt people start to ignore ya. aini ingat nak ignore jer pasal kak ain start to avoid aini n be closer to yus. but. i really cant. cuz.. ... aini sendiri confuse laaaa... aini sedih sgt2 bile tau yus block aini. seyes sedih. ye laaa.. nape plak Yus nak BLOCK aini? for no reason? *aigooo* ape slh aini?? aini memang.. kalo marah.. memang aini TUNJUK. Yus kne tau. kenapa aini marah. aini bukan suke suke nak marah org.. giler ker nak marah org for no reason?
aini rase sumone shud keep my mouth shut.. cuz. i cant stop talking.  tadi Yus dtg kat aini.. n aini TERcite... pastu die blah g klas die plak.. dtg kak ain.. aini g cite kat die pasal YUS and aini gtau die.. aini seidh bile die tak makeup an aini.. n mase die suap an Yus time dinner malam tuh.. Kak ain juz laugh~ *am i funny??* weird laa.. she said. mase die try nak suap an cake. aini tolak.. ye laa.. mase tuh ade makcik tu dok tngok kteorg.. >w< MALU laaaaa.. esok & luse. aini cuti.. xtau laaaa.. risau laaa... huhu.. >w<

btw. these are the pictures I snap during my holidays~ ^__^

swimming pool. 
before the dawn.. hehe..

cant see anything except. lights from the ships~ ^^
another snap~

supposedly.. this post bout my trip.. but.. but.. ah.. molla... going back to my hometown for this week.. >w<

p/s: sorry cuz kept on posting things like this.. 

Jan 28, 2011

Fright.. day !

the first thing in d morning. clean my house. the entire house. the "punishment" cuz. late on thursday. huhu. never mind laaa.. cuz. i'm "kinda" used to it.. hehe.. >w< um. after bath. breakfast wif my dad. having nasi lemak. um yummy!~~~ i luv nasi lemak ! i thought it going to be happy day.. but..

1st bad incident... 
my dad scold me. aish.. 
um. i juz cant hold my tears. ran to my bedroom & listen to Super Junior -Mirror- to make me smile. ^__^
then. my dad sent me to my office. came early as usual~ keke.. fb-ing and twitter-ing in the morning~ b4 others come.. >w< 
i start my work at 9.00am. my work is to answer calls. amend report. bla bla bla.. hehe.. 

BM Mode is ON...

other bad incident-  (kne marah ngan client)
other bad incident- Abg ubai bising bising pasal hamper laa.. pasal hadiah bdak2 kecil laaa.. (WTH?! ary tuh taknak gtau! ni esok da EVENT baru nak bgtau?! fuck off laa! kecoh jer mamat nih! pastu.. sowh beli wisel laa.. tngok2 abg shairul & abg madi da ade wisel. huhu.. wat pnat jer laaaa.. suke btol kelam kabut cam "cik kiah".. kang aini panggil cik kiah br tau! LoL 
other bad incident- .. rahsia.. tak bleh gtau.. huhu.. 
p/s: rase cam nak demam la plak.. plz.. jng laa.. demam.. sok nak have fun kat PD !! >w<
p/s: bdak tuh antar pm kat aini. um. whut shud i do? *blur*. 
tomorrow going to Port Dickson. and he in singapore. aish.. whut shud i do to forget him?~ Taufik told me to stop dreaming.. bout him but. seyesly. aini dun believe "them" anymore. I can't find my mr.right. i'm such a lonely girl. being so pathetic cuz only lean on him. him. doesn't even know me. cuz. u're my everything to me.
*sigh sigh sigh* *crying* 


p/s:  currently addicted to this song. I dun know why.


p/s: Thanks cuz reading my blog. >w<

*knock my head cuz too many P/S * ~ haha.. xP

Jan 27, 2011

still not.. over....

I tried to forget. what happened. but seems like. i seem cant juz gave him away. cuz i did care for him la ! but. he. hurts me. its hurt inside. why am i being like this? what he did to me. reminds me what she did to me. am i really bad friend? the same reason. the same way. the same reason = Super Junior. the same way = stupid fight ! I told myself over and over again. it's okay aini. this happens in life. dun worry. u will through this. juz. ignore. 
BUT.. ... I CAN'T ! even i dun know. what i'm thinking. my heart said. He hurts me. I shud let him go as I let her go. my brain said other way. that I shud forgive him. and start anew. *AAAAARGH* I did asked him ! why he do this to me??! can't he see that i'm human too??! why he must tell others??! why??! why??! WHY??! can't he just tell me.. if he tells me. the truth. I will explain to him nicely. why.. he doing like that? why he act like that?! I don't understand. I told myself. hundred/thousand of times. "FORGET HIM" ! but. everyday. every hour. every minute. every minute. I thinking what am i do wrong to him.. I did sorry to him..it never ends. he asking me for something else. but what? what is that??! someone plz answer me~ I can't stand the pain. I can't be like this forever. I have to do something! juz tell him or .... ... back off. so he could live better? 
                                                             THE END
I will go. but I have to be strong. It takes time to forget all wonderful memories. but. I can do it. Sorry for those are hurt by me. Truly sorry. from the bottom of my heart. I only human. tend to make silly mistake. 


the love.. is G.O.N.E 


Jan 26, 2011

Aini.. plz be real..

currently so busy.. running around... preparing to the event.. *trip to Port Dickson* I wanted to make it as memorable event ever ! hehe.. but.. I'm not alone.. with Kak Linda & Kak Ain. I'm sure I can make it ! Can't wait to have fun.. and snap beautiful photos~ I love those~ but.. there is something.. *sigh* I dun know.. but.. as day goes by.. I lost my mood. at nite.I often woke up at.. weird time.. what is WRONG with me actually??! since I got that weird dream.. I always.. feel.. weird.. some like.. someone is watching me.. from far away.. but I couldn't tell my mom.. maybe.. it's juz my feeling.. *drama queen feeling*  I can get over this.. Last nite.. calling Liana and Tiqah... the connection were suck.. -__- I sent text to them.. will call back them today~ hehe.. maybe.. I have to call them.. using my parent room.. I still have A LOT to say~ Last nite.. were okay. slept at 23.41PM den. woke up at 3.30AM.. den.. reads comic books.. till 6.30AM.. reached my office early.. as usual.. 

facebook-ing & twitter-ing before anyone comes. saw msg from Tiqah.. reads it. shocking news ever ! I dun believe Mirul can say things like that.. *sigh*. Now. I know. how they feels.FYI,  I got brothers too. and I know how "rude" they can be. but. received something like "that" after treating him like my real brother. my heart is broken. to pieces. *sigh* I shudn't "love" him that much. I shud treat him as "normal" fb users. cant believe what am i reading. He got guts to tell EVERYBODY bout our..fight. I'm hurt when he said. this.. (then dia kutuk2 la mirul ;o . Then mirul remove dia , dia marah. then dia add mirul blik then kitorg mcm putus kawan dahh) .. um.. read this. I know U got my blog.. " 1st - I didn't ADD u back. U add me back!. plz dun be a drama "prince".. 2nd- At first. Ya. I'm angry with U. but. I ady cool down. 3- U call me ! we have short conversation! WHY U didn't tell me that u're hurt wen I angry at U??! Plussss.. I said SORRY !!! wasn't ENOUGH for u meh?! 
U're only 12 ! SHOW SOME RESPECT at my friends ! They are OLDER than U ! Stop calling them like U're BETTER than them !  Now. U can said I angry with U and maybe. I will act like. I never never know YOU !




Jan 23, 2011

life as me..

New year. suppose to give a new hope. new friends. new relationship. but.. everything is falling apart. I  don't know why.. he treating that way... I do love him as my "dongsaeng".. die kne paham laaa.. yg aini ni keje... not always have a fun day at work.. mesti ar ade ary kne marah.. Aini bagi die benda tuh.. dpt bagi semangat tok die blaja.. aini pon tak received ag benda tuh.. die plak.. asyik tanye.. jer.. den.. pe ag.. "MELETUP CAM VOLCANO".. siap cakap.. "you cheated".. hello.. bdak yg baru umo.. 12 thn... cheated means.. menipu.. da la tulis kat wall.. aini.. xbleh ker ko text aini ker?? pm aini ker?? why wall me?? cuz u wanted to tell them dat i love u more than them? *them = Tiqah & Nia* plz laaa.. its juz dun make any sense at all.. aini bleh jer text ko tanye alamat umah ko.. why cant u do the same thing? pastu da kne marah.. tau plak.. remove aini.. da tuh.. siap pm.. ckp.. "akk.. mirul maksud an.. akk kne tipu ker.. bukan akk tipu mirul".. den i reply back.. " i'm not angel. sometime ade gak bad mood.. ".. sorry.. .. den.. baru aini tau die remove akk.. so aini.. ckp laa.. "u remove me.. gud then.. ".. pastu.. tetibe tngok die request me back.. aini approve blk die.. den.. start tuh.. everything change. die tak tegur aini.. die tak wall aini.. die tak BUAT ape ape pon ! but.. Aini wat miskol kat die.. sekali jer.. den.. die call.. but wont say anything.. den.. aini off laaa.. den die call.. same gak.. taknak ckp ape ape.. aini off laa.. pastu die kol blk.. aini pon ckp laa.. "nape tak ckp? takut eh?.. ckp je laaa..".. pastu baru dngr sora die.. "akk.. sorry tau.. kalo akk nak cancel order tuh cancel la.. ". pastu aini terpakse off cuz .. mak ade kat sebelah ! >o<  den.. aini ingat.. EVERYTHING is okay.. till one day.. he wrote at my one of my fav group.. ( I feel disappointed).. Aini cam.. ... cuz... die.. wrote after he sure.. Aini da btol btol OFFLINE ! pada aini.. ape point die.. nak tulis camtuh? nak bgtau.. yg die mangse ker?? plz laaaa... pastu panggil other "dongsaeng" aini.. bohsia? WTF.. get a LIFE boy ! tak baik tau.. pastu die tulis status.. "SHOULD I REMOVE HER? SHOULD I REMOVE HER".. um.. b4 U remove me once again. Aini da block die .. "amik ko!". den. aini remove my angel.. (Izzah).. felt bad.. but.. if she believe him more den me.. its okay... but den. Izzah add me back.. den.. tell me everything~ *phufft.. glad.. she didn't leave me.. she my angel.. she make me smile.. of cuz I need her !*. 
pastu.. kne ikut mak blk jelebu.. (tak jadi blk melaka.. huhu..) 
aini cam biase laaa.. dok back seat. wif my ear plugged.. ~tido~ tapi.. jap jer.. tak lame pon~ jap jer da sampai pekan.. pekan .. pekan.. hape ek? lupe laaa~ haha.. ^__^ !! singgah makan laksa~ (tak sedap.. mee die besar besar.. kuah laaak.. cam hanyir jer. -__- ) pastu.. cari jln g umah Wan~ >o< mak n ayah dok bertekak jer.. mak sowh masuk kanan ayah amik kiri.. alih2 sesat jap~.. huhu.. nasib baik.. tak jauh mane pon.. sebelah kanan kiri sume hutan~ hijau~ ayah off aircond.. bukak tingkap~ huaaa~ fresh air~ ^o^ nampak baby tiger kne langgar.. cian.. T_T da sampai kat umah Wan~ BESAR GILER UMAH WAN ! >o< 
nampak Media~ haha..xD Wan suke bace Media~ YAY!!  Aini pon skodeng part Hollywood + Bollywood + Kpop ~ baring baring~ pas mkn~ (hehe.. tak patut sungguh !)  ptg tuh~ mak ckp nak g sungai~ huaaa~ BEST! air sejuk~ while waiting.. sungguh bosan~ >o< layan lagu dlm fon~ tngok2 da kol 4.. ptg.. time tok minum ptg laaak~ hehe.. time nak siap2 air sume.. nenek plak nak "beri beri".. siap tanye kat Wan.. "tandas okay tak".. ok nenek oit.. not nice laa.. aini pon tanye laa.. "nenek nak shi shi ker nak beri beri".. pastu nenek bleh ckp "CELAKA".. ?? ah.. org tua niiihhh... -___-.. geram jer tau... xpe xpe.. sabar aini oit.. die da tuaaaaaaaa... aini ingat an abes gitu jer.. tngok tngok time duduk duduk tuh,... ade laaa.. yg bukak mulut..  (cam suwey jer!).. kecoh JER! >o< tngah bengang tuh.. Wan ckp.. "muke Aini same la cam Wani"..  Aini plak.. sape la Wani ni?? (hehe).. tngok2 memang ade rupe pon~ haha.. ptg tuh.. kol 5.30 kot nak gerak2 g sungai!! >o< EXCITED TUH !!! tngok2 ade konflik la plak.. sume xnak BERGERAK.. huhu.. Lantak korg laa.. janji Aini dpt PEGI~ LoL.. Aini naik kete maktam.. pegang nenek.. jauh gak~ (bukan gak.. but memang JAUH! -__-) AKHIR sampai gak~ cantik giler SUNGAI tuh~ the problem is.. AINI TAK PANDAI NAK TURUN BAWAH !!! >o< wish Abg Apes or Aan ikut AINI pegi sungai tuh! so tngok dari atas je laaa.. balik pas 10 minit sampai.. (WTH).. balik balik jer.. ade la org xnak ckp ngan aini.. blaaah laa.. LIKE I CARE ! :P aini balik kol 6.00.. cuz dieorg (ayah ayah) nak tngok game LEE CHONG WEI.. huhu.. sampai umah.. kol 8.30 mlm~ penat giler.. T___T

empangan kat sungai ... ... 

rocket on Friday morning ~ 21/01/2011

other side of it.. looks the same. yeah. i know. =__=