Feb 27, 2011

AiNi.. is all bout AiNi ! :D

Hi ! this blog is about me ~ YES ! its all bout me BABY!! keke ~~ ^o^

My name is NOOR HIDAYAH BINTI AB RAHIM . I was born on 20 June 1990 at Hospital Besar Kuantan, Pahang ~ I was the fourth of my five siblings. I got two sisters. one big brother and one little brother~ I lived at Bandar Baru Bangi now with my parents. I also got other name which is AiNi. given by my foster mom. Since I'm always sick .. They try search new name for me.  well. That's work. I guess ~
I like people to call me AiNi and Dayah ~ cuz i'm feel special ~ I was a spoil daughter .. really !
but.. I was the one.. who help my mom the most ~~ I'm the MOST complicated one in the FAMILY.
Always be the moody one ~ Always be the clown one ~ Always be the naughties one ~ keke ~ Depends on my mood laa ~~ If I'm happy then I will crack up some jokes during dinner ~ If I'm sad or unhappy then I will stay quiet till I finished my dinner~

I loves cats ! I got 20 ++ in my house now ~ wanna me list all of them here? hurm. okay~ I start with...
Mommy,Tomtom,Kathy,Cantik,Aci,Bobby,Sammie,Nikki, Nikko, Longot & Shiro <--One  family ~
Piah,Oci, Muthu,Anje, Nana & Snowny~ <--- One family ~
Baby, Bunga, Atan, Kancil, Nino, Kecil & Kero chan~ <--- Just cats that we took from the road~

Hehe ~~ Mommy family was the BIG one cuz she always gave birth~ every year~ + She was the oldest! >w<
I loves cats so much ! I don't think I could live without any of them ~ ^o^; My mom always nags at my and my brother cuz we two always bring back the cats. They all too cute to just leave them outta there! >w<

Now. I'm already working. I always bring back the delicious food for my favorite cats ~ keke~~
FYI, my favorite are, Kathy & Kero Chan~ cuz they listen to me the most~
Even my other siblings always bully them ..but they will come to me if I call them~ That why I like them the most!
Done with my cats stories~ ^^v

I'm working at Nilai Harta Consultant Sdn Bhd as general admin.. I love to work there~ cuz everyone like a family to me.. Start with my boss till Abg Madi~ including this year.. I worked there for almost 2 years now~
I hope I can stay longer at this company~

I got one best friend named. Nur Liana Binti Kamaruddin.. I knew her since form two in high school.
We got into the same music passion.We love each other company. We both like SIMPLE PLAN at the same time~ I was into Chuck the drummer and she into Sebastian the guitarist. :D

So we sings along to Perfect till Save You ~~ We search on the internet bout their lyrics. their life. everything laa~~ keke~~ we are Simple Plan stalker ! >w<

Then we love Enrique Iglesias ! haha ~~ the Latino ~~ He is HOT ! too bad he already in relationship with that tennis star, Anna something ~ TOT

then... ..... .... I start to like.. Korean drama ~ I like MY GIRL ~ I like Lee Joon Ki or Le Jun Ki ~
the story goes like this ~

My Girl is a romantic comedy. Joo Yoorin (Lee Da Hae) is a tour guide in a small company in charge of running mini tours in the Jeju Island of South Korea. Ju Yu-rin lives with her father, who is addicted to gambling. Yu-rin’s life is all lies and crises because of her father and his debts. When her father escapes the island to avoid his debtors, Yu-rin goes to work. She is determined to support herself and clear up the debts by selling oranges illegally picked from a hotel orchard and working as a tour guide on the island. Then, one day, she meets Seol Gong-chan, the sole heir to the L’Avenue Hotel fortune. To grant his grandfather’s dying wish, Gong-chan employs Yu-rin to act as his grandfather’s long-lost granddaughter. Offering a monthly salary plus a bonus, he asks her to do what she does best - to put on an act. Not wishing to lie to a dying man, yet desperate for the money, Yu-rin takes the offer and starts playing the long-lost granddaughter. Through a strange twist of fate, however, finding his granddaughter makes the grandfather so happy that he makes a complete recovery. Since they have claimed to be cousins, Gong-chan and Yu-rin are forced to live together under one roof, and as time passes, the attraction between them grows. However, love is forbidden for these two, who must pass as cousins.

I love my Lee Joon Ki ~~  He is a sweet guy ~ ^o^v

Liana more to.. Lee Dong Wook ~ keke ~~ We don't have to share hubby ~ YAY !! 

After My Girl ~ we kinda addicted to K-drama ~~ keke ~~ I keep on searching bout my Lee Joon Ki ~ & Liana with her Lee Dong Gun ~ After My Girl ended. There is one K-drama that catch our attention ~
It was Sweet 18 ~ :D
The story kinda like this ~

Kwon Hyuk-Joon's grandfather, the head of the traditional Kwon family agrees to an arranged marriage between his grandson (Lee Dong Gun) and Yoon Jung-Sook (Han Ji Hye) when Yoon Jung-Sook is born. 18 years later, the two families lose contact because soon after the contract is signed, Jung-Sook's family encounters financial issues and is forced to run away.
Meanwhile, Jung-Sook has grown up to be a rebellious and strong-willed girl who just wants to live her life as she sees fit. With little aspirations, she is the direct foil of her achievement-bound counterpart, Hyuk-Joon. When the two meet each other, they clash horribly; Jung-Sook thinks her fiancee is nothing but boring, and Hyuk-Joon believes Jung-Sook to be nothing but an immature child. Despite all this they do marry. The rest of the series follows their life living together as a couple, and the obstacles they are faced with.

After that.. my addiction to KPOP begins !!
Lee Dong Gun was the guest in Big Bang music video ~ Last farewell ~
He acting like a nerd boy who turn into cool guy just to attract his dream girl attentions ~ 
*that what I think bout the mv actually~*

After that ~ I start to like Big Bang ! I love TOP the most ! ^o^v
I think he was the coolest guy ever ! plus he got this smile. like a kitten ~ :3

Haha ~~ He cute !! + COOL !!! I'm fall in LOVE with Big Bang bcuz of him !! 
From last Farewell till Tell Me GoodBye ~ They all awesome ! 

I was VIP ! a hardcore one ~ Hehe ~~ I like to bash people who bash my idols ~ :D

After Big Bang.. I get to know Super Junior ! 
The first song I heard from them is.. Bonamana ~ >w<
"Bounce to you bounce to you~~" I like that part so much ! 

I know . I was late. cuz. I wasn't there for Kibum, Hangeng and Kangin .. But.. 
I prom15e to 13elieve 4ever ~  To watch all of them. In one stage. its not only my dream. but. its Leeteuk, Heechul,Shindong,Eunhyuk,Sungmin,Donghae,Yesung,Ryewook,Siwon & Kyuhyun and other ELF too ! 

I just have to believe in them. hope there will be Miracle someday. :)
Now. SS3 is around Asia ~ the boys just finished their show in Manila ~  
AN Awesome performances like always ! wish I can be there in SS3 Malaysia ! TOT
They happy to be SUPER JUNIOR then. I'm happy to be one of their ELF !

My bias in SUPER JUNIOR is .. at first.. is .. Lee Hyuk Jae or Eunhyuk ~ 
I like him in Dream Team season 2 together with Choi Minho (ShiNee) ~

Now.. I starting to LOVE. Lee DONGHAE ! He just so adorable !!! xD
I just love him !!! haha ~

AINi ~

Feb 26, 2011

AiNi.. in one week. anything can happen.

AiNi.. dats so true. in 1 week. anything can happen. we can be so in love. we can break up. we can fight. we can cry. we can smile. we can laugh.. we can find hope. we can lost hope. anything & everything can happen. 

this week. Yus came in without her MC. but nobody seem to take any notice of it. 
I kinda pissed off bout that. I still can remember that. when I have to took EL cuz my mom fall in the bathroom. How should I know that my mom going to fall? yet, when lucnh on that day, Kak Ain call.. (I didn't remember whether she call or text me) she said. "Dayah, boss tanye btol ker mak dayah jatuh?" I was like.. WHAT THE HELL?! Its true la ! what the point I was going to lie for??! Later. when I back to my work, I bring my mom medicine paper and show to them. They all quiet when I showed that to them. I'm not a liar laaa..after all, I took EL . so my annual leave will be decreased la. its mine. 

Bout Yus again... 

I can't believe this happening to me !!! I'm tired laa!! seriously tired !! tired by her drama ! tired everything bout her !! seriously girl, GET A LIFE ! If u didnt like me. then dun talk to me !!! I super super hating you now! first, its all your fault. i'm not saying I'm perfect. but cant u juz admit? that u're wrong??
okay. BM mode..
Semalam ade banker call. ckp ade satu report tersalah antar. den aini ckp. "can u sent back to us?". banker tuh sound aini. banker tuh ckp."next time .. plz make sure u done the right thing. ".. aini pon.. lantak ko laaa. janji aini da ckp bebaik.. den ary nih dpt blk report tuh.. aini pon check la.. sape yg sent.. tngok3 yus. aini tanye die baik3.. sora pon cam biase jer.. takde la nak tengking3 die. pastu die ckp.. mane yus tau. yus ikut dayah bagi jer. =__= what the hell.. aini juz masuk an contoh jer. yg alamat tuh amend la sendiri ngok! ckp blaja U. hotak die la. bukan nak ngaku. slh an aku blk? mule la angin setan da sampai. >w<
geram btol laaaaaa !!! die tuh memang pandai berpura2 !! depan kak ain.. sora die cam angel~ bile kak ain takde.. sora cam... nak marah aini jer... TOT

Nothing new I guess.....

Bout Atikah. I wanna forget everything bout her! I hate her !! now. I reall really really hate her !! I was chatting with Danny and kinda tell me how I feel bout all the her. Then .. Danny leave msg on Tikah wall. I know from Tikah. She asked to ask Danny to remove the msg. but the problem is Danny refused to do so! cuz he said. serve Tika ! Danny wants everybody to know how Tikah treated me. Then Tika sent a text to me. saying. that I ask Danny to post that thing . WHAT the HELL?! It was him ! not me laaa !! stop making my life miserable la bitch ! 

Yesterday. Kak Ain was mad at me. cuz I was out for lunch with Kak Linda only. She post something as her status. when I commented it. she deleted it away. I was sad.. but not cry. I don't to cry anymore. But later in the evening. I call her. and said sorry. cuz i hate myself cuz being miserable like that. 

Today. i was single again. I sent a message for Rayne. Hope he can understand why I doing this. I just want him to have a happy and better life. I know. its all excuse. but. I don't him to suffers between me and his mom. I just want him to be happy and smile. Live his life ! 

enough is enough. I couldn't take it anymore. I just want to be happy. why life so hard on me?? TOT

Feb 23, 2011

AiNi... what goes around will surely come around baby~

Yesterday .. I wanna wrote bout Yus and Kak Ain again.. but I'm just tired. kept on talking bout them. but do they even care ?! HELL NO ! the things. both of them will get warning letter from the Company. 
Kak Ain is because she didn't apply for leave while she was on leave. The Company thinks she taking advantage of her job as valuer to come in or go whenever she wants too. So she will receive warning letter because of that. 
Yus. because basically she practical on ACCOUNTING. On her first day, my manager asked her to create one another method to show how she can handle ACCOUNT by how she learn. turn out. 2 month just go like that. She didn't do the things my manager asked her to do. plus. the Medical Certificate that she supposed to gave my manager she just forgot that thing. 
*Actually she didn't received any except one DAY which is MONDAY which is Valentine DAY* 
So that things pissed my manager off. so she will receive warning letter soon. maybe next MONDAY. 
How I know? cuz I was th one who will type those letter laaa ~~ >w<
I wasn't that happy for Kak Ain. but Yus DESERVED it !!! She should act more mature !! *evil laugh here* :P

As for Kak Linda. recently she is extremely BUSY with those ACCOUNTING. TOT I'm barely talk to her leh.. but I do understand it ~ Sometime I just sit in front of her and just sleep after I done with my work. :D 
So tired la ~ can't get enough sleep ... TOT keep on waking up ~ ah I should eat those sleep pill again? >w<

ah ! today. I got food poisoning .. TOT I dun what I eat but. after lunch. all whole body feel weak. =__=
But already see a doctor ~ *lies* :P I dun wanna see a doctor over a small thing. It makes me feel like weak. I'm strong !! I can fight those virus ~ lala ~~ I dun even tell my mom as I dun want her to feel worry bout me again ~

I oso got inbox message from Atikah Strawberi. I added her yesterday since she already add Liana back ~ so I add her back. well. this is her message to me.
"Sorry. I can't approve you. Let's pretend we don't know each other. My life already have too many problem. I'm sorry for everything. I won't hurt you anymore. "... 
I was ... like... ... what is wrong with her ??! I was the one should be angry .. not her !! ah ~ I can't this anymore. 

All this fight. All these tears. when I can be happy?? ah ~ God, help me please ~ I'm just wanna be a happy person who lead a happy life ~ I hate tears !! really really really hate tears !!! Can I just be a bad girl? who will ignore what others think about me? Ah ! MOLLA ~~ >w<

Feb 21, 2011

AiNi... mixed vegetables ~

AiNi. feeling kinda like mixed vegetables. wanna know why?
plz do read my previous post ... if not u dun really get the story..

Remember Yus ? The one I said before. accident victim? one week leave? 
turn out. She didn't bring her Medical Certificate or whatever it stand for. 
Abg Ubai asked her  what happen on Sunday night. 
here is what she said... 
"Bukan Yus yang bwk moto tuh. Kawan Yus yg bawak. Doctor bagi sehari jer cuti". Badan sume lebam3. sakit3. tu Yus cuti sendiri ....".. 

here is Kak Linda said. on the night of the accident ...
"Yus accident. Chest die terhentak kat dashboard moto cuz kawan die tepon tadi. ckp Yus kat hospital. tengah check up. "... 

here is Kak Ain said on Monday morning .... 
"Yus accident. Die muntah3. Chest die terhentak atas jln raya. Badan die ade luke3 cket. So dapat MC"... 

3 different stories. one same person. what do you think? hurm... .... 
(tell me what should I think bout this person? if u in my position?) 

this morning. She came. didn't said a word to me. I was like. "never mind la. maybe u still in pain. so I let u pass"... but. after all the people are there in the office. She came to me and asking me to help her. with her computer and her work.. =__= aigooo.. in this world got this kind of people meh? BM Mode On : - (Tadi.. ko senyap.. baru now. ko nak ckp? why? cuz da ramai dlm ofis nih? kalo ko tak suke. dun even bother to talk to me laaa! ) 
but still.. I left Nia and start to help her. Argh ! how many damn times I had told her. I don't KNOW anything bout ACCOUNTING ! ask Kak Linda laaa !! ah.. 
wish I can shout like that to her. for real ~~ I juz can't understand her at all.. why she keep talking to me even she didn't like me ? Stop faking it laaa.. I dun like u either ! so. 
lets keep simple and not so sweet cuz. I ady know who you are. after those horrible things u had done to me. 

Kak Ain took leave today. but didn't tell anyone for real. I meant .. even I was wandering whether she on leave or not. She should at least text me back. after my manager call she and ask her where she been. Kak Ain calls Kak Linda and asked..
"Kenapa En Hiadzar call Ain? Kan Ain da gtau yg Ain ade medical check up"... 
She trying to scold Kak Linda cuz she said she ady told Kak Linda. aigoo. Kak Ain ah ~
before Monday. got two days apart. Saturday & Sunday. How come we can remember anything you had said on Friday? -____- ah ~~ that girl huh.... 

I got candy from Kak ... (I don't know her name laaa) ToT 
But she sweet and always kind to me ~ I like her cuz she like me ~ hehe ~ 
ThanKYU so much kak ... ... I will ask for your name next time ~ lala ~
Bcuz of her candy ~ I'm happy again ~~ ^__^v

ThanKYU so MUCH ! saranghae !! ^__^v

Forgot one crazy story !!!
remember I was alone in the office this morning? can U guess what happen to me?? 
Guess Guess Guess ~~~ >w<
haha ~~ wait!!! I want to LAUGH MY ASS OFF first !! >w<
I dun know.. whether its funny or what.. but to me .. its so freaking funny + ewwww-ing.. 
I have to the rest room to wash my face. I enter the man rest room cuz the ladies still in ... construction.. ... .... ... wait !!! .. laughing again !! >w<
Guess what I had found.. in man.. restroom... ..
condom? no laaaa... -__- ... ewww !! 
woman bra? no laaa !! >w< aigooo... TOT
I found... .... .... ....... ..... ... ....
Man's .... .... hahaha !!! ..... .... boxer... ... 
It wasn't funny... but... .... ah !!! U shud see.. how.. it was !! its so FUNNY !! 
one more thing.. whose wear that??! its so BIG !! O.O LOL !
Kak Linda kept on laughing ~~ then.. when my BOSS come.. the boxer is G.O.N.E ~
Lala ~~ know.. its owner now?? LOL ! :P
Seriously.. its so funny !! 

AiNi.. can I get some LOVE ?

I love Dalmatian song nowdays~ Thanks to Nur Atiqah ~ cuz put that song in her blog ~ LOL ~ Even though its korean song ~ but. its meaning ... so.. GOOD !
If I have a real LIFE boy friend, I wanna sing the song to him ~ Just need to change the lyrics a bit ~~ hehe ~ I'm not a really good singer but. I would do my very best to please my love ! ^o^v
keke ~ oka.. done with boy friend thingy ~ 

Last night was DEABAK ! or AWESOME !! told ya I love to LAUGH ! and juz be CRAZY !! keke ~ I was having so much FUN till my mom.. said..
"AiNi.. da pukul 10 nih. G masuk tido. esok nak keje an"... I was.. like... 
*sigh* baru nak have fun ~ TOT but nvm la. My mom said that cuz she worried bout me. So. final goodbye to my lovely friends ~ isk isk. I wish I can stay online. for the WHOLE night ~~ keke ~~ but for sure la. today I wud be super SLEEPY like last week ~ =__=

Last night, watching SUPERNATURAL. I wasn't a big fan but. since my sis love to watch that show. so. I watch with her. LMAO !! that show was FUNNY! wait..
the show never this funny ! it supposed to be creepy ~ but.. maybe I was in GOOD mood , the story become funny too ! hehe ~ but the when the ghost bout to appear or gone.. I can't stop SCREAMING ! like. "WOAH!!". "ARGH". "AH" ~ My bro kept teasing me ~ and my dad too..T___T ah ~ they bully me again .. ... my computer beside my TV so. I was chatting, commenting + watching at the same time ~ haha !! multi tasking baby !!! whenever the ghost... start to do a bad thing or show up with those creepy make up. I turned to my computer ~ keke ~~ I really really.. can't watch laaaa~~ or I might get heart attack ! 

This morning ~ got Rayne's message. :)
He told me to take care ~ well dear. U must take care too ! don't work too hard. U must find a korean girl friend ~ ^^; Your mother must be happy ~

Now. alone at the office. waiting for the others ~ so .. I'm off for now cuz its already 8.45 am ~ another 15 minutes ~ Annyong ~ Saranghae ! ♥ ♥ ♥

Feb 20, 2011

Funny !! photos ever !!!

I CAN'T !!! >w<

Sure Cereal Guy need to find something else to EAT !

Urm. Cereal guy know her? O.O btw, is that really her?
Super transformation ! 

Rihanna ~~ 

Lol ! even Cereal Guy didn't approve him!

Shocking cereal guy !

Poor Bruno Mars !

Even Britney??! 

LOL ! even I didn't know ho TOM is.. poor him
Forever ALONE? TOT

Seriously. I can't stop laughing at these photos ~ keke ~~ Hope you will laugh too ~ ^^v

100723 More Than Words by Super Junior Leeteuk, Sungmin and Donghae

AiNi.. is truly tired. TOT

After a week can't sleep well..
keep having nightmares..
keep waking in the middle of the night...
Yesterday ..
I ate sleep pills..then went to sleep super early !
Wow ! it actually works ~ lala ~~
I slept at 7.50PM till 4.ooAM ~ without waking up ~
so now. wake up super early too ~ i'm not sleepy anymore ~

Yesterday. I'm worried bout Donghae and Rayne.
Sunie said after the night 1st SS3 in Japan, Donghae was rushed to the hospital.
I was like... what actually wrong with him? Is he okay? he keep falling sick after the Thai accident !
He keep telling others to be and stay healthy ! but now. he keep falling sick?!
wish I got his number and ask him myself !
When watching "More than Words" where only got Donghae, Leeteuk and Sungmin.
When the camera focus only at him.
I cried.
My tears just flow.
My heart prays for him.
My eyes can't stop looking at his teary eyes.
I can't hold it back.
It really break my heart.
When nobody answer my question.
When my dad scold me.
I ran to my sister room and crying alone there.
I put some loud music on and just cry.
I know they didn't know I'm crying for them.
But if it did make me feel better
Better I cry alone.
After done my work.
Log in to my account.
Just express my feelings there.
Few of my friends trying to cheer me up.
I really really thankful I got them beside me.
Suddenly ..
Donghae tweet his photo at Twitter !
with his bestie -Eunhyuk !
When I saw that. In one minute I know.
That he really enjoy being with ELF Japan.
That he really had wonderful time with others.
Somehow I'm smiling.

Yesterday. Rayne didn't online much.
I guess he still mad at me.
Ah ~ wish. this love brings happiness to him..
I'm really worried bout him too.
He kept quiet after that incident.
I should trust him !
I shouldn't ask him that ..
I'm being stupid girl . again.
Now. he being away from me.
I'm did feel bad about that .
I asked you to stay right?
but. if it hurting you.
then. you can go.
I'm not a perfect.
I'm try to be the happiest person.
but I just can't.
I'm just a girl who confused with her own feelings.
Keep making other people hating and angry at me.
Keep making... you hate me.
I'm always be the bad one.
Yes. I admit that.

By the way, I'm happy to see Ryene unnie finally at her home ~
I hope she always stay happy and be fine at all time ~
I hope she can forgive me too ...

Feb 19, 2011

Dalmatian - Really Really (ft. Sohyun)

Can I get some love my girl, can I give you all my love
Naneun mwodeun jul su itjyo geudaega wonhaneun modeungeol

She a good girl, a really good girl
Yeah she a really really really good girl
You know that I'm a good girl, a really good girl
You really really love a good good girl

Geunyeol cheoeum bon sungan baro sarange bbajyeonna bwa
Haneurui gureumcheoreom saehayake utdeon nal
You're so fine cuz baby you devine
Areumdawo cham nollawo uh neoui moduga
L-o-v-e jeo haneul lopi-i
Sorichyeo bamideun nachideun geudaen nae jeonbuni-i
Hey baby ok my lady
Pyeongsaeng neo hanaman jikyeojulge Everyday

A really good girl, you're my 24k love
Ajik jal moreugetjiman na-ege dalkomhan neon Honey bun
Nan niga wonhaneun geol modeunji deureojugo sipeo
Nae mameun Cookie and Cream cheoreom nege seoggyeosseo
Love traffic ddaeron Rush hour
Munjega naramyeon neoneun dap sarangeun areumdawo
You you, my one and only you
Nae sarangeun bidulgicheoreom gureum wi changgongeul laneun ggum

Can I get some love my girl, can I give you all my love
Naneun mwodeun jul su itjyo geudaega wonhaneun modeungeol

She a good girl, a really good girl
Yeah she a really really really good girl
You know that I'm a good girl, a really good girl
You really really love a good good girl

Yo neoege modeungeol georeosseo All in baby
Neon nae haengunui yeosin So I know I'm gonna win (Yes! )
Nae yeojaga choego I'm rockin' with the best
Baby girl's a bagel with her glamour body baby face

Shorty meoributeo balggeutggaji Sexy swag
Jeoldae chamji mothage hae Taxi cab
Neowa he-eojil sigan doemyeon woryoilcheoreom
Oji anhasseumyeon hae haru jongil

Neoui areumdaun miso Be so (Beautiful)
Nan neoman barabogo isseodo It's so (Wonderful)
Dareun yeojadeulgwa geubi neomu dalla
Da-i-acheoreom heumjip hana boijil anha

Baby you so fly, you so fine
You shine up my life, wanna love you long time
Deumbbuk chan sarangeuro Fill me up
My g-i-r-l girl I really love

Can I get some love my girl, can I give you all my love
Naneun mwodeun jul su itjyo geudaega wonhaneun modeungeol

She a good girl, a really good girl
Yeah she a really really really good girl
You know that I'm a good girl, a really good girl
You really really love a good good girl

Eh this ain't no regular love song, it's a special one just for you
Cuz I gotta let you know, really really really let you know

I'll never let you go baby don't you know
Ne sarangeun naege jeonbunigga
Nuga mworaedo naneun neoman boyeo!

Baby you so fly, you so fine
You shine up my life, wanna love you long time
Deumbbuk chan sarangeuro Fill me up
My g-i-r-l girl I really love

Baby you so fly, you so fine
You shine up my life, wanna love you long time
I said that she a good girl, a really good girl
I really really love my good good girl

Jesse McCartney - She's No You

They got a lotta girls
Who know they got it going on
But nothing's ever a comparison to you
Now can't you see that your the only one I really want
And everything I need
Is everything you do?

Any girl walk by, don't matter
'Cause your looking so much better
Don't ever need to get
Caught up in jealousy
She could be a super-model
Every magazine... the cover
She'll never, ever mean a thing to me...

She's no you... oh, no
You give me more than I could ever want
She's no you... oh, no
I'm satisfied with the one I've got
'cause your all the girl
That I've ever dreamed
She's only a picture on a magazine
She's no you... she's no you

They got a lot of girls
Who dance in all the videos
But I prefer the way you do,
The way you move
You're more than beautiful
And I just wanna let you know
That all I ever need
Is what I've got with you

Any girl walk by, don't matter
Every time your looking better
I think your perfect
There ain't nothing I would change
She could be a super-model
Every magazine... the cover
She'll never, ever take my heart away

She's no you... oh, no
You give me more than I could ever want
She's no you... oh, no
I'm satisfied with the one I've got
'cause your all the girl
That I've ever dreamed
She's only a picture on a magazine
She's no you... she's no you

No one's ever gonna get to me
Oh, the way you do
Now baby can't you see
That you're the one... the only one
Who's ever made me feel this way?

Nothings ever coming even close
No one's ever been comparable to you

I don't want nothing I don't got
I don't need nothing but you
I can't get more than you give me
Don't stop anything you do.
Your all that... all that, and then some
You know what... just what I need
And no girl, no place and no where
Could mean a thing to me.

She's no you... oh, no
You give me more than I could ever want
She's no you... oh, no
I'm satisfied with the one I've got
'cause your all the girl
That I've ever dreamed
She's only a picture on a magazine
She's no you... she's no you......

AiNi.. Its OVER !

"It's Over"

We've run out of words we've run out of time...
We've run out of reasons really why we together...
We both know it's over baby bottom line....
It's best we don't even talk at all...

Don't call me even if I should cross your mind...
Hard enough I don't need to hear your voice on my messages....
Let's just call it quits it's probably better...
So if I'm not returning your calls it's 'cause...

'Cause I'm not comin' back I'm closing the door...
I used to be trippin' over missin' you but I'm not anymore...
I got the picture phone but baby your picture's gone...
Couldn't stand to see your smile every time you dialed...

'Cause it's over...
Boy you know it's over this time...
So when you call I'm pressin' seven...
Don't wanna hear your messages messages...
I'm tryna erase you from my mind...
'Cause it's over...
I swear boy it's over this time...
So don't keep callin' leavin' messages...
Don't wanna know where you been...
Baby 'cause it's over...

I still wake up every morning quarter to ten...
I still eat my cereal right at the kitchen table...
I can't even remember how long it's been...
No trouble stayin' occupied...

Oh I ask about you whenever I come around...
I do what I can not to put my business in the streets...
Last thing I need's another episode...
Keep conversation short and sweet because...

'Cause I'm not comin' back I'm closing the door...
I used to be trippin' over missin' you but I'm not anymore...
I got the picture phone baby your picture's gone...
Couldn't stand to see your smile every time you dialed...

'Cause it's over....
Boy you know it's over this time....
So when you call I'm pressin' seven...
Don't wanna hear your messages messages...
I'm tryna erase you from my mind....
'Cause baby it's over....
I swear boy it's over this time...
So don't keep callin' leavin' messages...
Don't wanna know where you been...
Baby 'cause it's over...

You know that it's over when the burnin'...
And the yearnin' inside your heart ain't there anymore...
And you know that you're through when he don't do to you...
And move you like the way he moved ya before...

And you wanna pull he close...
But your heart has froze....
You kiss him but his eyes don't close...
Then he goes out of your heart forever..
And it hurts you but you know that it's better..

Boy you know it's over...
Boy you know it's over this time...
So when you call I'm pressin' seven...
Don't wanna hear your messages messages...
I'm tryna erase you from my mind...
'Cause it's over...
I swear boy it's over this time....
So don't keep callin' leavin' messages....
Don't wanna know where you been...
Baby 'cause it's over...
'Cause it's over...

Boy you know it's over this time...
So when you call I'm pressin' seven...
Don't wanna hear your messages messages....
I'm tryna erase you from my mind...
'Cause it's over...
I swear boy it's over this time...
So don't keep callin' leavin' messages...
Don't wanna know where you been..
Baby 'cause it's over ....

Credit to Jesse Mccartney-Its Over 

AiNi... I'm truly sorry.

I'm truly sorry for what had happened. I'm don't what else to do.
what should I do?
my words hurts his feeling again.
ah ~ darn it ! why I cant be happy for once in my life?
I'm lost.
stuck in too many problems these day.
God. I need you right now.
To show my real feeling bout him.
tell me..
what should I do?
God. I need you right now.
To show his real feeling bout me.
tell me...
what should I do?
I'm always hurting him.
but I wanted him to stay. always beside me.
as my friends and one of my special friends.
Nia asked me. how important is she in my LIFE
Girl. if u're nobody to me.
I won't hurt when I read those touching words.
Girl. if u're nobody to me.
I won't cry for you.
Girl. if u're nobody to me.
I won't a wrote blog bout you.
Girl. if u're nobody to me.
I won't feel lost when u are gone even for awhile.
I do love and care each and everyone of you.
Kak Linda. Kak Ain. Atiqah Almarwan. Nia or Wani. Park Hyosson. Melly Unnie. Lia Unnie. Nur Atiqah Aqma Rozaidi.  Sun Iey. Liana Kamaruddin. Sofia Max. Sungjung Unnie. Kira chan. Kiraris. Taufiq and others
When I care bout someone.
I was hurt when they're hurt.
I was happy when they're happy.
I'm a girl who hates tears but.
If I had fight with someone important & close to me (beside my beloved family)
I will cry cuz I know I hurts their feelings
I'm sorry. if I'm not being so perfect.
There's times when I just wanna be bad.
There's time when I just wanna let it all go.
Because I'm tired being like this.
Try to be the best of me.
Try to give my all.
Try to be nice at all time.
But in the end. it always.
When we having fight.
When I cried for you.
Please know. That I'm crying for real.
Please know. That I'm just another human.
Tend to make silly mistake so many damn times !

As for that guy.
Please don't make me falling in love you.
It's hard to hold this feeling.
Every time. we had chat.
my hearts do the "thumps thumps" sound.
It does beats faster.
Every time. You told me bout your mom.
Suddenly it bring me back to the reality.
I want you to stay.
I'm wanna know who you are.
I want you to stay.
It was really really my first time.
so please don't be so sad if ...
I try to be away from you.
I want you to stay.
my heart told me so.
If it hurting you to stay with me
please go. before I falling deeper.
please go. before the scars getting bigger.
please go. before I find you myself.

Feb 18, 2011

AiNi.. tiring day.. =______=

today.. aini tolong kak linda.. kemas all the files.. 
penat !! ToT
da la lately.. aini tak bleh tido sangat.. 
tak lena langsung tido ! bangun pagi.. kat ofis slalu sgt ngatok..
tadi pon same ~ but kne kuat cuz byk ag keje ~
pastu manager antar ag.. tok record case.. byk giler !! =____= 
ah ~ nape la die suke sangat antar ary jumaat?! kang aini tak wat.. marah..
so terpakse gak buat.. T___T
nasib baik bos takde .. so bleh la dgr lagu sambil wat keje ~ lala~

Aini plak jenis.. tak dok kat tempat aini jer ~ mesti cari kak linda.. hehe.. ^^;
tngok3 kak linda tngah kemas files smlm tuh ~ 
uh? ... aini.. pon.. tinggal an jap keje aini tuh.. start tlg kak linda..
huhu.. cume.. tuhan jer yg tau.. sesak giler nafas.. cuz too dusty ! 
aini wat dunno jer ~ wat cpat3.. t cpat la siap~~ 
abg madi.. bleh jer dok tempat die?? =__= eish.. org tue nih... org da tlg..
tlg laa.. sekali.. T__T
da aa.. aini pakai baju kurung ary nih... 
kne panjat... =__=.. aigooo... giler laa.. 
nasib baik la tak tinggi mane pon..rak tuh..
kalo tak sorry laa. isk3.. tak sanggup den ~~ wat la sendiri ~
da abes tuh.. kne bwk trun.. files hard box tuh plak.. huhu.. 

aini.. da la memang malas.. so tarik satu file.. bagi jatuh sume files yg lain ~
hahaha~ bunyi files yg keras tuh.. + banyak lak tuh = gempak la bunyi die~ 
plus aini & kak linda screaming ~~ LOL ! ... nasib baik.. takde client ~ lala~
da abes kemas tuh ~ memang haus ~~ hukhuk.. tekak kering giler !
lunch ngan kak linda jer tadi.. cuz kak ain g inspect one property ~
so.. aini order laa. due glass ais kosong.. bdak tuh cam tak percaya jer.. =__=
woit.. bdak.. aini tngah haus kut ! so normal la tuh~ 
pastu ptg tadi.. sambung ag.. dis time.. kne bwk trun files yg tadi.. nak simpan kat stor.. huhu..
naik trun tangga tuh.. rase cam.. nak.. patah da kaki aini. TOT
but.. be strong ! cuz aini still mude ~ baru 21 kot ~ *bangga* keke ~ >w<
bayang an.. abg madi yg same umo ngan ayah.. mesty ag pnat an.. so.. aini kne kuatan semangat.. even.. pinggang aini cam nak patah da.. .... isk3..TOT

..... pnat... btol ary nih.... .....
ngan.. keje... 
ngan.. someone...
ngan... everything..
can i make time to stop ticking?
cuz.. i really want to enjoy the wonderful moments.
yes.. only wonderful moments.
hate tears and sorrow.....

Feb 17, 2011

AiNi.. sleepy day.. happy day.. tiring day.. all in ONE LAA !

AiNi.. didn't sleep for last night. Kept thinking bout him. her and her. =__=

Today. a tons of WORK !! I sleep in front of my computer. okay. I was so tired then. 
I told myself to keep awake. but. I keep blinking my eyes. =__=
all the sudden. my head went blank.. *sleep not faint*

Abg Ubai.. kept asking.. "dayah.. sakit kerr?".. 
I was like... GO AWAY! I wanna sleep laaa ! =__=

Online for a while. ~ ^__^v
back to work ~ ah ~ today... is really... a boring day.. =__=

but.. today.. Nia writes bout me and Tiqah again~ woot ! 
Nia ah ~~ please forgive me ~~ 
I smiling when I read her blog juz now ~ keke ~~ well. still smiling ~ 
I really thankful to my friends who tagged my name in every single of Donghae pictures ~ as he is mine~ 
Lala ~~ 

Juz now ~ Kak Linda. Kak Ain. Abg Madi. Abg Shairul. Abg Wan and me cleaning our office ~ 
my office really meesed up already with the old files.. full of dust ~ =___=
well. my job only take trash to the .... ... 
the others.. cleaning the whole office ~ >w<
but still now.. my chest.. in pain.. every time. I try to breath. T__T 
Its hurt. but can't tell my mom.. I don't want her to worry bout me anymore ~ I can take care of myself ~

Today.. MUST sleep early !! I'm lack of sleep ~ that is why my chest is in pain. *I guess*

Given by Mirul ~

Given by Mirul ~

Given by Sunie ~

Given by Mirul ~

Given by Sunie ~

Given by Tiqah~ ^^v

since AiNi already forgets her blogspot password. she will writes everything here.

I feel bad for what happen. I really did.
Please la remember. I'm only human. seriously.
I'm not an angel.
I'm not the person who will be happy always.
Cuz at the first time. I already told.
I'm super complicated girl.
To tell you the truth.
I do believe in love.
but please. don't hurt my heart.
I don't want any scars.
Cuz the old scars still there.

For once in my life.
One guy. really touched my heart.
and He not just ordinary guy.
He not the guy next door.
Maybe. he is just too perfect for me.
I  just want to be happy.
but if this love are hurting both of us.
Better forget the happiness.
This love will only bring tears and sorrow.
I can't see any happiness in this love.

I lost one my friend.
She is one of my favorite sisters.
But. I accused her.
for something she said she won't do it.
Only God knows the truth.
I kept on. losing my friends.
I kept crying because my stupid actions.
I kept on holding my tears.
Till the tears flow by itself.
No matter how hard I try to hold it back.
Told myself over and over.
Please DON'T cry over nothing !
but she is someone to me !
That's why I crying.
Words can kill within seconds.That's so true !
I already said my sorry.
well. she said she already forgive me. but somehow. she hates me now.
I don't understand a THING !
You forgive but U hate?!
In that case, better said. U can't forgive me at ALL !
No need to play around with words.
No need to writes every single thing what U felt.
No need to online and wrote those. hatred things.

As for me.
I still act cool.
I didn't bash her.
I didn't mention her .
But why people always feel that way??!
am I too straight?
I should accept that..
People are different.
She said. she understand me.
She said. she loves me.
She said. she will always beside me.
THAT'S all the SHIT!
Sweet damn lies !

I'm truly sorry for the scars I had done to ya.
I'm sorry for the sad memory.
I'm sorry cuz. accused you.
I'm sorry for everything.