Jan 26, 2011

Aini.. plz be real..

currently so busy.. running around... preparing to the event.. *trip to Port Dickson* I wanted to make it as memorable event ever ! hehe.. but.. I'm not alone.. with Kak Linda & Kak Ain. I'm sure I can make it ! Can't wait to have fun.. and snap beautiful photos~ I love those~ but.. there is something.. *sigh* I dun know.. but.. as day goes by.. I lost my mood. at nite.I often woke up at.. weird time.. what is WRONG with me actually??! since I got that weird dream.. I always.. feel.. weird.. some like.. someone is watching me.. from far away.. but I couldn't tell my mom.. maybe.. it's juz my feeling.. *drama queen feeling*  I can get over this.. Last nite.. calling Liana and Tiqah... the connection were suck.. -__- I sent text to them.. will call back them today~ hehe.. maybe.. I have to call them.. using my parent room.. I still have A LOT to say~ Last nite.. were okay. slept at 23.41PM den. woke up at 3.30AM.. den.. reads comic books.. till 6.30AM.. reached my office early.. as usual.. 

facebook-ing & twitter-ing before anyone comes. saw msg from Tiqah.. reads it. shocking news ever ! I dun believe Mirul can say things like that.. *sigh*. Now. I know. how they feels.FYI,  I got brothers too. and I know how "rude" they can be. but. received something like "that" after treating him like my real brother. my heart is broken. to pieces. *sigh* I shudn't "love" him that much. I shud treat him as "normal" fb users. cant believe what am i reading. He got guts to tell EVERYBODY bout our..fight. I'm hurt when he said. this.. (then dia kutuk2 la mirul ;o . Then mirul remove dia , dia marah. then dia add mirul blik then kitorg mcm putus kawan dahh) .. um.. read this. I know U got my blog.. " 1st - I didn't ADD u back. U add me back!. plz dun be a drama "prince".. 2nd- At first. Ya. I'm angry with U. but. I ady cool down. 3- U call me ! we have short conversation! WHY U didn't tell me that u're hurt wen I angry at U??! Plussss.. I said SORRY !!! wasn't ENOUGH for u meh?! 
U're only 12 ! SHOW SOME RESPECT at my friends ! They are OLDER than U ! Stop calling them like U're BETTER than them !  Now. U can said I angry with U and maybe. I will act like. I never never know YOU !




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