May 31, 2011

AiNi and her ex BFF -ATIKAH ....

Last weekend was pretty emo for me ...
Didn't online much as I know I not going to see SuJu M ..
well ... it's hard .. cuz I did promise to myself that I'll go ..
but if my friend can't go ... why I'm being so selfish bout it?..
So I'm trying to be strong ..
My mom asking me ..
"AiNi nak pegi tak Putrajaya tuh?."..
"Ayah boleh hantar"..
"Mak nak balik kampung.. Aini nak mak hantar g putrajaya tak?"..
sadly .. that morning ...
when I woke up..
I thinking about Donghae ..
Maybe he'll be here and I missed it again .. but it's okay ..
cuz Yana missed Eunhyuk too .. so it's okay ..
So .. I stayed home ..
watching their music video ...
All of it ...
From Super Junior to Big Bang to Infinite to DBSK to etc etc ..
I spent three hours in front of my computer ..
My brother was working .. so I was saved this time ...
Nobody to text with ~ just me ~
singing like a mad gurl ~
so quiet cuz everyone got back to their hometown ~
Only me .. and just me ... and the songs ~
so I kept singing along ~ dancing along ~
till I was bored ..
turn on the TV and change d channel to KBS and Channel ONE ..
there's one drama that I liked ..
it's funny.. got romance ... plus it got hot actor ~ LOL ! xP

I like him !~ ^o^ .. cute & funny ~
naive in love ~ just like me ~ Haha !!~

the whole cast ~ Haha ~

The story of Lee So Young, a 34-year-old woman who’s saddled with family debt and only has a high school qualifications, but dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Her youthful appearance is her only advantage; she is mistaken for a 25-year-old university graduate and subsequently lands her dream job when she’s hired by a fashion design company, where she meets Choi Jin Wook, a man who looks more mature than his young age.
Jang Nara as Lee So Young
Choi Daniel as Choi Jin Wook
Ryu Jin as Ji Seung Il
Kim Min Seo as Kang Yoon Seo
Yoon Hee Suk as No Yong Joon
Hyun Young as Ji Joo Hee
Oh Yeon Seo as Lee So Jin

KBS always know how to cheer me up back ~
I love to watch it in rerun episode ~
can watch non stop ~ no need to wait ..
Then .. later that night .. I watch Running Man ~
Got Seungri Big Bang ~ He's notty !!! love it !!
My stomach hurts cuz I did laughing out loud ..
It's really funny !!!~
Seungri punched him just to get away .
well he managed to escape three times ..
forth times .. he didn't make it.. huhu ..
but it was fun !~

later that night ..
after talking to Tiqah ~ I was so sleepy ~
put down my phone and cover myself in a blanket ..
FYI .. there's only me and my brother ..
so I slept in my parent's bedroom ..
while I was counting d sheep ..
*yes.. I still used that trick -___-!!* ..
I heard .. Big Bang's song ..
currently my message tone is "Last Farewell" by Big Bang ..
it's was unknown number ...
it's was..
"sometimes aku mmg rindu ko. mmg aku nak call ko ..
sbb kite pun da lame kwn kan .. tpi ..
bile teringat kan msg last ko ..
lantak ko ah pompuan asyik nak pikir pasal ko jer..
hey dude .. smpai skang aku igt n rase benci dng ko ..
salam & miss ya"..

I was wondering who was that person ...
till I saw it's number ..
it's melaka.. so maybe it's her !!
Tika message me at last !!~
I'm was so happy ~
so I text to her back ..
"Salam... weh.. aku btol3 mintak maaf pasal bnda tuh .. aku nak kite kwn blk"..
She replied..
"kite memang kwn .. just aku xnak kite contct .. aku xnak wat ko nanges ag"..
I replied ..
"Aku xpnah nanges cuz of ko .. if aku nanges .. cuz sbb aku nih bodo .. asyik sakit an aty ko jer"..
after that.. she kept quiet ...
later that morning .. I sent a text to her ...
Salam Tika.. tell me ape yg patut aku buat tok kite jdi cam dlu3?.."..
she replied ..
"Takpayah la dayah .. better move on... aku nih jht"..
so I did replied back ..
"Nobody perfect ... if U r bad.. then I wont b ur friends in d 1st place.. nobody bad.. ".
she replied ...
"give me some time to think"..
so .. I didn't text her back till now ...
Did she miss me that much?..
If yes .. Tikah .. just said Yes.. and I'll forgets all those tears that I cried over you ..
we can start anew .. believe me .. believe in second chances ..
so plz accept my sorry ...



May 22, 2011

Aini .. wanna talk about him .. ^o^ .. but it's my secret ~ ssshh ...

Hari ini aini nak cite pasal kazen aini ...
aini dok ngan makcu aini an?... makcu aini de 2 org anak~
sorg pompuan sorg laki ~
time aini kecil dlu .. aini rapat ngan yg laki nih ~
name die Shahrul Nazrin but kteorg panggil adin jer ~
die memang baik ngan aini ...
slalu tlg aini ...
slalu pujuk aini if aini nangis ~
aini memang ske die !.. >o<
now.. kteorg da bsar plus aini da jarang jumpe die ...
since mak aini da amik aini blk .. 
memang tak pnah jumpe pon ...
now jumpe cuz ayah adin kne transfer KLIA ...
now.. adin da jadi guy ...
well.. not my type of guy ... 
die still buat my heart does the "thumps3" sound ..
each time die try nak dkat or ckp ngan aini ...
dats Y aini xpnah ckp ngan die pon now.. -___-!!
menci menci menci !!! .. huhu ..
now adin rapat ngan my 1st sis ...
cuz my 1st sis suke membebel .. 
so kat sume org die akan nags ~
she nags about EVERYTHING !..
so adin layan jer laa ~~
de time tuh .. adin bwk kete..
along dok sebelah die .. aini dok belakang ..
dieorg dok borak .. tak ingat kat aini LANGSUNG !
menci !! ToT
but de time tuh .. die act manly ... so man !! xDD
wanna know why ?..
time tuh .. aini still study kat uitm .. br msuk Uni ..
blk 1st week cuz rindu kat mak ...
time nak blk U .. aini rushing cuz Angah yg antar ..
"die tu awez rushing jer keje".. 
BOLEH PLAK time tuh ...
aini TERLUPE phone dlm bilik ayah ... ToT 
pastu ....
BILIK TUH TERKUNCI cuz aini lpe nak tekan blk .. -_____-!!
Menci !!!!!! 
huaaaa !!! I want my phone ~~ but my 2nd sis garang ..
die ckp ..
"da da tinggal jer phone tuh .. sok3 ko blk an.. CEPAT!"..
aini da .. huhuhu .. nak phone!!..
aini takbleh nak tido if aini xde phone !..
but aini senyap jer time tuh ..
cuz adin ade .. malu ah ... 
so aini ... ngan brat aty .. masuk gak lam kete ...
"xpe xpe .. aini bleh tido jer"..
mase tuh .. aini nampak .. adin try nak panjat bumbung ..
so mak aini ckp ..
"adin.. tak payah.. bahaya. phone aini tuh nanty3 die bleh amik"..
aini pandang jer die .. 
cuz aini xtau nak ckp pe ...
da naik kete .. memang da tau .. aini xkan dpt phone tuh ..
suddenly ..
"ANGAH!! turn back ~ aini lupe purse ~~ sorry~"..
"ISH ko nih !"..
"sorry ah"..
so kteorg patah balk rumah ...
guess what I saw on that time ?..
adin kat atas bumbung rumah aini ..
omo omo.. dangerous !!! ..
He takes one step at time ..
me.. just watching with my mouth kinda open ...
I just cudn't believe he wud do that for me ...
lastly he open my dad's window and entered and unlocked d doors..
and gave my phone with a smile .. 
ah ~~ me melting kot !!..
huhu.. this is my old story ~
now he got GF ...
I hope he will b happy !~ 
now.. I'm into Donghae and Sungmin !~ 
LOL !! ^o^

ps: wanna know how he looks like ?...

hehe ~~ he looks good in person ~ :DD
i'm happy cuz today I make him laugh ~
FYI.. he's complicated like me too .. LOL !
It's hard to know what inside his mind ~

May 21, 2011

aini .. thinking... of something...

am I weak ?..
Guess I am..
I'm who always cried over simple fight ...
I'm who always hurt over someone who doesn't even care ...
This week ... I'm so sure about myself ...
I will not go to the Super Junior M concert ...
cuz I know my mom answer when she knows Liana won't make it ...
I don't want to waste my time to ask about it all over again ...
I don't want my heart to cry in front of my mom again ..
because of Super Junior again ...
not again ...

I really really really wanna go .. to that concert ...
Believe me...
but .. if .. if ... she can't go..
I can't force her ...
She got her own life too ...
Who am I to force something like that to her?..
Who am I to cry cuz she can't go?..
I tried to be strong ...
I told myself ..
over and over again ...
AiNi ...
it's okay ... it is .. really okay ...
You still can watch them in music video..
You still can hears their voice in their songs ...
AiNi ...
it's really okay ...
cuz You're not the only one who misses their concert ...
cuz You're not the only one who misses Donghae ...

May 20, 2011

Tomorrow will be happy day!

On fine spring, there’s a girl who sitting that always caught Donghae’s attention.  He always wanted to approach the girl but the girl always run when she sees Donghae. One day, Donghae decided to approach her from her back.

DH: Hai! May I know your name? Please don’t run again.
An: *shock* Uh? *look at Donghae’s face* H.. ha.. hai… My name is An. Call me An.
DH: Hai An! My name is Donghae. Nice to meet ya! *smile* *sit beside An* I always saw you sitting here alone. Are you waiting for someone?
An: *smile back* Nice to meet you too. Yeah. I waiting for him but he will not show up and I knew that but still I will wait for him. Are you a stalker?*evil smirk*
DH: Uh?! A what??! STALKER? Are you serious? You don’t know me? *smile*
An: By the way, who are you? Yeah. A stalker cuz you told me you always noticed me here.
DH: You really really really don’t know me? Are you serious? Haha. So I guess I am your stalker.
An: *smile* No. I really really really don’t know you. Yeah, so serious.
DH: Haha. You are funny. *Laughing hard*
An: *pout* are you going to tell me or what? If not, I’m leaving. *stand up*
DH: Haha. Let me finish laughing ya~ cuz you are funny. Okay okay. I’m done. *giggles* I’m Donghae from Super Junior. It’s hard to see that someone whose didn’t know me. I’m quiet famous.
An: OH! Super Junior ??!!!
DH: Yeah. Super Junior, dear. Have you heard that idol’s name before?
An: You really really from Super Junior?! *Her mouth open a bit* Then you must know him! *smile brightly*
DH: Yeah. *pinch An’s cheeks* Know who?. *smile*
An: *look at her watch* Ah! It’s late. I must get going now. I’m sorry.
DH: uh? Okay then. Tell me, are you going to be here again tomorrow?
An: Yeah sure! *run away*
DH: *smile* She knows someone from Super Junior? I’m going to tell Eunhyuk! *leave that place*

After the dance practice, Donghae ask the members to stay for a while and they’re going to eat dinner together. It’s been a long time since they sit together like a family. He missed that moment so much. He changed his clothes and met the others at entrance.

EH: Donghae! You are late!
DH: No! There’s still got Heechul hyung in changing room.
EH: Heechul hyung already here 10 minutes ago! Come here fast!
DH: Uh?!! He’s already here??! *Run to the car*
HC: Yaa! Don’t run! Watch out for the oncoming car! *knock Eunhyuk’s head*
EH: Waeyo?! It’s hurt! *shrug his head*
HC: Don’t yell at Donghae like that. He is your dongsaeng!
EH: Hyung can yell at me… not fair at all.. Teuki hyung ~ *went to Leeteuk*
LT: Awwwh. Come here ~ Heechul, please be nice to Eunhyuk ~
HC: Mwo?! He’s rude to me!
DH: Hyung ~ I’m here ~ please be nice to Eunhyuk hyung ~
HC: Oh! Donghae’s here ~ *Hug Donghae* Dae ~ I will be nice to Eunhyuk~

At the restaurant, they sit at one large room and big dining table. It’s a VIP room.

SW: Hae, wae you gather us here? You got into trouble again, did you?
DH: No! I’m going to ask you guys about one girl. I met this girl this evening. Actually I being stalking her for days now but I’m only got the chance to talk to her this evening. It was short conversation but she’s different from the others. She didn’t know me and she said something that makes me wonder.
EH: The girl just plays some prank on you. It’s impossible for anyone to not know us especially you.
DH: No no. this girl totally different. She always sits under one tree. She like… waiting for someone. Like I can guess, she is waiting for someone! She didn’t know me but she said something before she left.
LT: what she said to you? Tell us more quick!
DH: She knows someone from Super Junior and she is waiting for him. I wonder who that might be. *smile*
HC: Donghae ah ~ that girl only fool you. She said she didn’t know you but she knows someone from Super Junior. It’s doesn’t make any sense.

After that, Donghae only kept quiet. He doesn’t want to make others to angry at him so he will wait for that girl to tell him. He ate quietly and leaves the place alone. Everyone knows Donghae sulking cuz he didn’t talk much and leave the place alone.  Donghae went to Han River and just looking at the beautiful scenery makes him forget what happened at the restaurant. He’s angry but he also still respects them so the best way is to run away from them and be alone then suddenly…

EH:  Hey. This girl is really special to you ya? What’s her name? Do you know where she lives?
DH: *smile* let’s just don’t talk about it okay? I’m not in the mood to talk about her anymore.
SW: *smile* Do you want a kiss from me? Now, tell us more about this girl! *come closer to Donghae*
DH: Yaaah! I told you guys, I’m not in the right mood now, let’s just go home! *walk away angrily*
SM: He got mood swing too huh? *run to Donghae*
EH: *shake his head* Lets him be for tonight maybe he still hurt by what Heechul hyung had said.
SW: Yeah. Just maybe what Heechul hyung have said is true. Heechul hyung is older than us. He doesn’t want us to be tricked by some old witch! Donghae didn’t understand that, he still naïve in his own way.
EH: Yeah, true. He still naïve in his own way. Hope this girl won’t cheat him nor done something would hurt him bad. I hate to see Donghae’s tears. My hope is on Donghae’s dad funeral is would be the last time Donghae cried hard.
SW: That time sure hard for everyone uh. Let’s be strong, hyung! *smile*
EH: Yeah! Fighting ! Super Junior fighting!!! *scream*
SW: Hyung ~ let’s not shout it out. Our fans might run to us ASAP.
EH: *cover his mouth* Oh. Okay. *smile*
They back to the restaurant and told Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung and Shindong that Donghae already went home with Sungmin, Kyuhyun and Ryewook. They might have to take cab instead.

HC: That boy! AISH!
LT: You being too hard on him just now serve you then. *smile* let’s go guys.
YS: Heechul hyung, be patient. Leeteuk hyung is right. You being hard on Donghae when you know you shouldn’t be.
HC: So you guys saying… this all is my fault?
All of them just nod their head.
HC: *sigh* Okay, fine. I will say sorry to him once we got home. *smile*

On the next day, Donghae waits for that girl to come. He wears hat to cover his face and plugged his ears with some music. He kept on waiting till someone took his cap…

An: Hai! Sorry cuz make you waits for me.
DH: *smile* it’s okay cuz I just got here too.
An: You are good at lying uh? Don’t lied cuz I knew you got here early than you should be.
DH: Oh! You stalk me then! *giggles*
An: I am not. I’m just sitting there. *point at where she sit*
DH: OH! Why you change your place then?
An: Cuz I know you will be here.
DH: Bad mood uh? You just gave a short reply to me.
An: Nope. You are the one who ask me in a short question so I answered it back with short reply.
DH: Haha. You sure are unique. Can we have some drink at nearest café?
An: Yeah sure. Let’s go. *smile*

They walk together through the shady trees. It’s feeling so fresh and peaceful for Donghae. He never thought that he could feel this way towards anyone. This is his first time. Yeah, first time to fall in love.

An: I want hot chocolate and doughnut.
DH: Give me hot chocolate and sandwiches.
Waiter: Sure. Please wait for a while.
DH: Can I listen to your story then? You don’t know me but you knew someone in Super Junior? I want to know more about that person. *smile*
An: You wanted to see me again just because of that? Really? Cuz between me and him were history. I don’t think want me back even I said sorry too many times. He really hard but I know he is a kind hearted man. I know him than he knows himself.
DH: Uh? You mean? You guys broke up already? Why? What happen between you guys? Can I know his name first?
An: Yeah. We fought and broke up on the same day. I guess I can’t really handle him anymore. I guess he also tired with me so the best decision is to let him go and go my own way. His name? His name is Sungmin. Lee Sungmin.
DH: Mwo ?! Sungmin hyung?! Really??!! *shock*
An: *smile* Wae? You don’t believe me uh?
DH: No no. it’s just… I don’t know what to say…
An: Sungmin oppa is a cute person but deep inside he hide it all. Not many people know what he feels or thinks. Even he likes to act cute and doing aeygo many times but I can feel he hide many things from me. That is why we fought and broke up. *smile*
DH: What you guys fight about and why you guys fight? I want to know more cuz Sungmin oppa never tell anyone about this. I noticed he always wears a ring, he said he wears it since little.
An: *smile* you sound like a reporter to me. *giggles* Are you sure? I think it’s was the best for you to ask Sungmin oppa, himself. *look at her watch*
DH: Haha. *laugh* really? I must look like reporter next time! You have to go now? I don’t want to ask him cuz he might think differently.
An: Haha. Yeah, you should wear like reporter next time. *laugh* You can’t do that cuz then you only hears one sided story. You got to ask him eventually. Sooner or later, it’s only matters of time.
DH: *shock to see An’s laugh* *smile* Haha. Okay, I’ll wear that on the next time we meet. About Sungmin hyung, let me take it slow first as I respect him as one of my hyungs. Can you come here tomorrow early?
An: *smile* Yeah. Sure. Ah! I must go now. I’m sorry. *walk away quickly*
DH: Ah!... An! Your purse!

Donghae open the purse and saw Sungmin’s picture, at that time he knew An’s not lying at all. He must find out the truth so he can help Sungmin and An together. He likes An but An happiness is more than important that his happiness. If An happiness is Sungmin hyung, then he got to do something! Maybe Teuki knows something about this relationship since he was our leader.

DH: Hyung! Can we meet? Where are you at? Let’s meet at outside SBS building. Got one café there, find me there. *Hang up*
LT: Helo? Uh?! *look at his phone* How dare he hang up on me before I give my answer.
EH: Who is that, hyung?
LT: Our Donghae. He asked me to meet him outside the SBS café. Got café there? I don’t know!
SM: Uh? About the girl he kept talking again? *sigh* Love is hard. Hyung, ask him to just forget the girl. We’re idols. Idols weren’t allowed to dating anyone especially fans! *go to rest room*
LT: *shock* Okay. What’s up with 86’s liners? Why everyone is having bad mood?

EH: Let me call him. *calls Donghae*
DH: Helo, Eunhyuk! I’m busy. Please call me later. *hang up*
EH: Helo Hae. Uh? what? Yaa! He hangs up first! He said he busy and call him later.
SM: mwo? What’s up with him? Why he acting so weird now? I’m calling him now.*call Donghae*
DH: Helo hyung, I’m busy! Please call me back later.
SM: Ya ! Don’t hang up on me! We’re here! At the café you told Teuki hyung. Come out quick!
DH: What??! You guys??! Okay okay, wait for while. *wave hands to them*
LT: There he is. Let’s come in now. *wave back to Donghae*
DH: *text to Teuki hyung* aren’t I told you to come alone? Why bring Eunhyuk and Sungmin along?
LT: *phone vibrates* Uh? When? You didn’t tell me to come alone plus we just finished some dance practice.
DH: never mind then. Let’s just have drink together.
LT: I’m sorry. Okay then. Let’s just have some nice and quite tea time.
EH: Donghae ya ~ where’s the girl? *look everywhere*
DH: Uh? What girl?
SM: Don’t fool us ~ she must be somewhere here~ *look around*
DH: She already goes about 30 minutes ago. You guys are late. *smile*
LT: Go already? Why you didn’t ask her to wait for us? You didn’t tell me on phone.
DH: *laugh* Now, you guys interested on her?
LT: *smile* Kinda, because you always make us wonder.
DH: Hyung will see her soon. I’m going to ask her to accompany me to the photo shoot tomorrow. The photo shoot will be around here, right?
SM: Oh really? I can’t wait to see that girl. *drink his tea*
DH: Sungmin hyung must be surprised when you see her. *smile*

Sungmin look at Donghae’s face. He wonders why Donghae said like that to him.

SM: wait a minute! Do I know her?
DH: more than you even imagine.
SM: Uh? Can you tell me her name?
DH: It’s still a secret. The girl told me not to tell you.
SM: *stand up* Donghae!
DH: Hyung, chill~ nothing bad will happen tomorrow. Relax. I’m just doing what I have to do for person I loved dearly.
LT: Okay guys. Relax. Everyone is watching us. *smile*
EH: Hae, let me talk to you for a second.
DH: Yeah, sure. Let’s go outside. Hyung can go back if you want too. Don’t worry. I’ll be good.
SM: *smile* You know what? Nobody could angry at you for long time. By the way, if I know this girl and she knows me too, I think I know who you kept talking about. Ask her to forget about me and never ask for me again. *walk away*
DH: *shock* Hyung already know? Eunhyuk, can you leave me with Sungmin hyung?
EH: Mwo? Why? What happen? *shock and look at Donghae and Sungmin repeatedly*
SM: Let’s go Hae. I guess we need to talk at somewhere else. *Grab Donghae’s hand*
DH: Uh? Okay. Eunhyuk, I’ll tell you later okay? Don’t worry, I’ll be okay!
EH: Donghae yaa! Sungmin! Yaaa !!! *look at them*
LT: Let’s go Eunhyuk. He will be okay. Sungmin doesn’t bite.
EH: But but … hyung! *quiet* Okay. Let’s go home.
SM: How you know her? Did she stalk you or what?
DH: Hyung!
SM: Donghae ya, she is dangerous. She is an evil witch!
DH: *punch Sungmin’s face* She is not like that! I’m the one who stalk her! She’s a nice girl!
SM: *rub his face* you don’t know her yet. She only plays some poker face to you!
DH: Hyung!!! Stop saying her evil or what! She’s suffering inside! You didn’t see her eyes! Full of sorrow!
SM: Stop defending her! I’m the one who in love with her first! So I know how she was!
DH: Hyung doesn’t know her well! She’s waiting for you everyday even she knew you won’t come to her!
SM: mwo?! She waits for me? Where? *Sungmin’s voice cracked*
DH: She waits for you! She waits everyday! She waits at the same time. At the same place! Everyday! Did you know about that?!
SM: what?! How you know about all this??! Did she tell you??!
DH: Hyung!!! She didn’t tell me anything! She asked me to ask you instead! Why? Tell me why you being like that to her? *Pull Sungmin closer*
SM: She… she… she didn’t tell you anything? Then how you know it was me?
DH: She only tells your name and asks me to look after you. That’s all.
SM: She… she doesn’t change at all. She… she always worry about me more than herself. She… she was the one who knows myself more than me.
DH: Hyung… what happen between you guys? If you guys really in love, you guys should be happy together. Why?
SM: *crying* She is… she is… she is… she is… *run* I want to meet her!!
DH: Hyung!!! Please don’t run!
SM: *suddenly stop* Donghae, do you know where she lives? Do you know which streets?
DH: Hyung… I’m really sorry but I don’t know.
SM: I wanna see her. I wanna tell her that I’m sorry. Donghae, help me.
DH: Hyung. Let’s go home now. You can meet her tomorrow. She will be there. I promise. Let’s go home okay.

At the photo shoot place. It’s been crowded with the crews and fans. Donghae search for An. He’s going to meet An with Sungmin after the photo shoot. He kept on searching and suddenly…

An: Hey you! Looking for me? *smile*
DH: Hai An. Yeah. I been looking for you bout 10 minutes. Where have you been?
An: *smile* sitting under a tree there. It’s nice and shady. I love this place! *points at the tree*
DH: *shrug An’s head* You sure loves tree. *smile* Now, let’s go and meet the rest of the members. They can’t wait to see you!
An: *touch Donghae’s hand” You got nice hand. Oh? Why?
DH: *laugh* You got nice hand too. They want to see the girl who I’m been talking 24 hours nonstop.
An: *laugh* You know how to steal woman’s heart. *laugh* Aren’t they get bored of me? Why you kept talking about me?
DH: *smile* Thanks. Nope, they won’t. Trust me, cuz you are special.
An: *smile* Aren’t we going or we chat here all day?
DH: Ah! *smile* okay okay. Let’s go to them.
An: *smile back* Yeah. Let’s go. By the way, can I hold your hands? They’re shaking.
DH: Sure. *hold An’s hand*
An: Is Sungmin oppa there?
DH: You call him oppa?
An: Yeah, since he is born 1986 and I was in 1990. *smile*
DH: You have to call me oppa too!
An: Uh? Why? Are you older than me?
DH: Yes! I in the same year of Sungmin!
An: Oh! You look younger. *smirk*
DH: Don’t change the subject! Call me oppa now!
An: *Laugh* Should I?
DH: *pout* You should!

They arrived at the photo shoot place. Everyone look at An and whispering to each other. An’s shaking hard, Donghae could feel it as he still holding An’s hand. Leeteuk saw them and bring Donghae and An to their place.

LT: So this is An? *smile*
An: *nod & smile* Leeteuk oppa?
LT: Yes yes. I’m Leeteuk. Guys! An’s here!
EH: An? Why your name is short like that?
An: Uh..? why? *confused*
DH: Nothing. An, let’s ignore him. Come here and sits. After this, it’s my turn.
An: Oppa.
DH: Oh! You want Sungmin hyung? He’s still busy with the photo shoot. Wait ya.
An: No. I meant you. Can’t you stay with me? I’m scared.
DH: *smile* You call me oppa now?
An: I wanna go home now. *take her bag*
DH: Uh? *shock* Okay okay. I’ll stay so please stay. Sungmin hyung wanted to tell you something.

Sungmin knows An already there. He kept on staring at Donghae and An. He couldn’t focus at all! He asks Kyuhyun to replace him for a while. He went to the restroom alone. Ryewook can sense something is wrong so he follows Sungmin to the rest room.

SM: They happy. They like a couple to me. Donghae lie to me! *punched the mirror*
RY: Hyung! You’re bleeding! Wait, I’ll ask someone for help.
SM: *stare at his blood* An. How could you? Donghae too! I hate both of you!
RY: Heechul hyung, Sungmin hyung needs help. He punched the mirror and his right hands bleeding!
HC: Mwo??! Where??!
RY: At the restroom. Let’s go quick!
HC: Ask for the doctor too!
RY: Don’t! Just take the medical box!
HC: *grab the medical box* Let’s go!
HC: Sungmin ! Are you okay?!
SM: Hyung. *cry*
RY: Hyung, what happen? Why you punched the mirror?
SM: You saw that?
RY: Yeah. I followed you here cuz I know something wrong with you today.
SM: They happy. Why they lying to me?
HC: Who happy? Who is lying to you uh?
SM: Donghae and An. They’re already happy. Why Donghae lie to me?
RY: Donghae hyung lying at you? There’s must be a mistake!
SM: You don’t understand. He truly lie to me.
HC: Stop saying that. Ask them first, now stop crying and let’s go outside. I’ll ask someone to drive you home.
SM: I don’t want to go home~! Let me stay here. Just say to the manager hyung, that I’m feeling a bit unwell.
HC: Okay okay. You stay. Now, let’s go outside.

Donghae went to Sungmin’s photo shoot. He wanted to tell Sungmin that An is waiting for him after Sungmin done with the photo shoot. He wonders around till he bumped to Ryewook.

DH: Did you see Sungmin hyung?
RY: Hyung… what happen? Sungmin injured himself in the rest room just now. He rest at the tent there.
DH: WHAT??!! Is he crazy or what??!
RY: He kept telling us that you and An lying to you.
DH: WHAT??! He is really crazy! Where is he?
RY: He rest. Please don’t disturb him. He sounds really sad. Hyung, can you take that girl away?
DH: Let me see him! He really stubborn! An only fall for him! She waits for him over years and now he’s going to ruin it again? I won’t let this happen! *run to Sungmin’s tent*
RY: Hyung!!!!

DH: Hyung! Are you crazy??! Why you act like a kid now?
SM: *shock* You lying to me! You said she still in love with me!
DH: Hyung! Didn’t I tell you yesterday, you and her need to talk? Trust me! Everything will be yours soon.
SM: You lie to me!!!! I don’t want to listen to you!
DH: Hyung!! Listen to me. *Hug Sungmin*
SM: You said she still loves me… You said… she waits for me… but why I’m sees you guys happy without me?
DH: Hyung. I’m not lying to you. She waits for you. I told her to wait. Between us is like a sister and brother relationship. She still waits for you. You can see it in her eyes.
SM: *crying* She really waits for me?
DH: Yes, hyung. She still.
SM: *look at his hand* How am I going to see her like this? She doesn’t like me to hurt myself.
DH: Hyung, it’s okay. She will understand. Come and go see her now.
SM: Will you go with me?
DH: Yeah hyung. I will go with you.
SM: *smile* Let’s go then.
DH: *take Sungmin’s hand* Yeah. Let’s go.

An still waits like Donghae told her too. She smiles to everyone like a kid. She wanted to see Sungmin before her condition worsen. She saw Donghae and Sungmin walks together. She waved at Sungmin and Sungmin waved back to her. She jumps from her chair.

An: Oppa!
SM: An. *hug An* I miss you.
An: Oppa, did you eat well? Did you sleep well? Are you happy?
SM: *smile* An~ I really miss you~ *hug An tightly*
An: Oppa… I miss you more. I waited for you everyday. I’m felt really sorry after we fought. I tried to call you but your mom said you already moved to Seoul. So I moved here too. One day I saw you on TV and I know you are happy. I’m happy when you are happy.

Donghae left the place after he saw Sungmin hint. He felt happy because he makes something good for his hyung and his girl. Even he loves An but if An happy with Sungmin then he will let her go. He smiles to them once again. He looks for Eunhyuk.

DH: Eunhyuk, let’s hang out after this photo shoot!
EH: Shiro! I’m mad at you! You always busy with Sungmin and that girl and leave me alone.
DH: I’m sorry ya~ Let’s hang out!
EH: I told you. It’s a no!
DH: Eunhyuk sshi… come come come here ~
EH: I don’t want too!
DH: Eunhyuk sshi ~ If you don’t want, I’ll look for Siwon! *smirk*
EH: Ah!!! Okay okay! Let’s hang out.
DH: *smile* I know you’re going to say Yes anyway.
EH: Like you haven’t known me. *smile back* Where?
DH: At the same café~
EH: Okay ~ It’s my turn now ~ after I finish this, then we can go together~
DH: Dae ~ I’ll wait for you in the car~ I’m going to sleep for a while.
EH: Okay ~ I will tell you when I finish with this ne ~
DH: *smile and waved his hand*

Donghae walks to their car weakly. He feels weak suddenly. He remember the old ones saying that  if you are not feeling that good suddenly means something bad will happen to you or your close one. He doesn’t know what to do so he closes his eyes and does some little pray for everyone safety. He went to the car and locked the doors. After 10 minutes nap, Donghae received a text message from Sungmin.
“Donghae, An in the hospital and she kept calling your name! Come here quickly!”

DH: WHAT??!!!!  
EH: *shock* What??!
DH: An in the hospital!
EH: WHAT???!!!
DH: Hyung! *He run to Sungmin* How is she??! She is going to be okay??!
SM: A car hit her! She tries to save me!
DH: What??!!! Where is the driver??!
SM: It was a hit and run accident! She’s in critical condition. The doctor said she loss too much blood! *cry*
DH: *speechless* I… I… *faint*
SM: Donghae! Someone, help me!
EH: Donghae! *shock*
SM: Eunhyuk sshi, help me fast.
EH: Why Donghae faint??! What is going on?
SM: An got into accident cuz she tries to save me. She pushed me away. The driver drove away.
EH: Why Donghae faint??!
SM: too much in one day maybe? He can’t handle it. Poor Donghae.
EH: Have you talked to the doctor? How’s An condition?
SM: She’s critical condition and she kept calling Donghae name on the way.
EH: How we’re going to tell Donghae?
SM: He already knew that is why he fainted.
EH: Donghae… Donghae … Donghae sshi… *his tears falls*
SM: Let me go and talk to the doctor.
EH: Okay. *can’t stop looking at Donghae* Donghae… Donghae… wake up… please.
DH: Eunhyuk sshi…
EH: Donghae!! *smile* Are you okay?
DH: Eunhyuk … how’s An condition?
EH: I don’t know. You fainted and I’m been looking after you.
DH: I wanna see her. I wanna see her… I wanna see her…
EH: Donghae! Relax!

The doctor already out from the operation room. He calls Sungmin and kept on shake his head. Donghae’s mind went blank and he rushed to them.

DH: Doctor! How is she??!! Is she going to be okay???!
Doc: We’re trying but I guess she slipped to coma. I’m sorry. Let’s us pray for her fast recovery.
DH: What??! Coma??!! Can I see her? Can I?
Doc: Yeah but please follow the rules ya. One person at one time and don’t forget to talk with her. She listens to her surrounding.
SM: Doctor, is she going to be okay?
Doc: I wouldn’t said yes cuz she already ill. She waits and counting days only. As I have said, let’s pray for her fast recovery.
SM: What? She’s sick?
Doc: Yeah. She got AIDS. Didn’t she tell you?
SM: *think* Nope. She didn’t but by the way doctor, thanks cuz saving her life.
Doc: Don’t thank me. It’s my job. Let’s be strong each other.
SM: Yeah. We will.
EH: *speechless* I wonder why this girl was so special to both of you but I will find out soon.
SM: *smile* She sure is special for me and Donghae.
DH: Sungmin hyung, I’m done.
SM: Okay. It’s my turn now.
DH: Yeah. *smile*
EH: You smiling?
DH: Yeah cuz her hands move a bit when I call her name.
EH: You sure can be happy over little things.
DH: We must be grateful cuz An won’t leave us anymore. I’m going to visit her everyday!
EH: Haha. Count me in! *smile*
DH: Sure buddy! *laugh*

Donghae smile again. He’s going to wait till An open her eyes again. He will look forward to that day! 

May 17, 2011

AiNi.. her secret BF ..

Yeah .. I got one .. but every time people ask me ..
I would say No .. cuz he teaches me that ...
Once he said to me..
"If anyone ask U, then say U r single, remember that"..
I said what he said ...
I did follow what he ask ...
but finally .. I found out ...
He got another girl behind my back ...
He cheats on me with other girl ...
Don't he know .. it's hurt?..
Don't he know .. I'm still loves him ?..
We broke up during last year ...
I'm stay strong physically ...
I cried alone in my bedroom ..
Faking my laugh .. faking my smile ...
It's hurt mentally ...
I'm a strong girl after all ...
now .. 
when I'm start to live my own life ...
when I'm start to fall with another guy ..
U came .. to me ...
U finally find me ...
I miss your voice ..
I miss your face ...
I miss everything about you ...
But now ..
I hate your voice ...
I hate your face ...
I hate everything about you ...

when your sis call me ...
She cries ..
I wonder what happen ...
turn out ..
U hired that girl to make me hates you ...
Do U think it's a drama ??..
Don't U think it will hurt me more ?...
Now.. I'm clueless ...
Now ... I'm blur about everything ...
Tell me..
what's on your mind ?..
Don't U love me?..
Do U hate me ?...
Tell me so I can understand U better ...
Please ...
Time is running out ....
Our time is ticking ...
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 ....
time's over ..
Nothing left ...
I'm sorry ... 

May 14, 2011

AiNi ...

Hi !!!! So long didn't update laa ~
Recently so busy with office life ~ aish ~ till I fall sick .. -__-
normal flu and bad cough ~
But I'm okay now ~ I ate my medicine on time ~
Don't like be sick ... It's hurt every time ~ every second ~
FYI, I'll turn to a kid if I got flu ~ I will cry randomly ~
Sleep talking ~ calling my brother's name since he far away from me ~ T^T
I will become completely weak on the 1st day of flu ~
So I will ask for milk and cereal ~ Haha ~ still with my diet ! >o<
Now ~ my flu completely gone but I stuck with coughing ...
Aish .. Hate that too since if I coughs badly .. my tears will flow by itself ~
People often asks me .. "why do U cry all the sudden?.. It's hurt so bad?"..
well ... I'm okay !~ just this stupid tears flow by itself cuz I cough badly ... -___-
I cough rarely .. but once it start .. its hard to stop ...
It wont stop till I cry ..
That why I hate cough ... Huhu ~~

This week .. I'm sick ... got no mood at all to get angry with anybody ~
except for certain people ~ Haha ~

As for Kak Ain ~ I'm thankful to her ~
Thanks for your chocolate ~ it make them happy ~ Thank U ~

As for 24:7 or Max24:7 or whatever la their name is ~
SERIOUSLY ! You guys suck !!! I REPEAT .. S.U.C.K !!!
As my 1st thought is ..
"Hey ! Nak tiru cam Super Junior laa!"..
Their poster like Bonamana promo poster ~
with 2nd look ~
"Hey ! cam 2PM la plak ~!" ..
Their pose like 2PM in "WITHOUT YOU" MV ..
At first ~ I did bash them !!! cuz I saw their vid at Youth program ~
They used Bonamana and dance to it ...
well.. They suck at dance too .. -___-
As I remember ..
Their dance like people didn't eat for hundred days ~
They wears mask like Phantom D Opera ~
Their voice ... bouce back with Bonamana music ~
All in one ...
This group ... SHOULD BE DISBAND ASAP !!!
After I watched their vid .. I put my anger in my status ...
Suddenly .. got someone .. told me ..
"You being childish .. You should just stick liking Super Junior .. Like you can do something to stop them"..
Kak Linda saw her wallpost 1st and tell me..
"Dayah .. de bdak marah dayah laa "..
I was like ..
"Uh?.. laa sape plak ??.."
A little bit shock when I saw her name ...
But I still hold on ...
but I'm sad ..
wae she wanna mad at me ?..
I reply at her wall ..
I'm only expressing myself .. I'm sorry if I did offend anyone ...
to me ...
It's my wall .. It's my right to post anything that I felt ...
Sometime we truly don't get people ...
Sometime I don't understand people like her ...
She can express her feeling at her own wall ..
why can't I ??..
Then I think back ...
24:7 still human beings ..
They got feelings too ..
So I "Like" their page ...
saw their notes .. reads it ..
I did felt sorry for them ...
Like everyone bash them .. even they're tired after dance routine and stuff ...
So I wanna show my support ..
I did comment at one note ..
I asked them to be real ... work hard and show us *antis* that they can pull it off ...
at first .. the admin of the page like my comment ..
then suddenly .. someone blocked me .. -___-!!
deleted my comment ..
I waaaasss like what the fucking shit ?!
I didn't bash you guys still u guys blocked me ??!!
This time .. I stated at my status ...
This time .. don't put the blame on me if I put -ve things about them !
They are idiots !!
Bunch of them !!!!
then the girl ..
put as her status .. saying ..

"HAHAHA SAH AKU ENTERTAIN BACE KOMEN KORG KAT 24:7 M-pop katakan. x pelah aku x nk masuk campur hal camni cuz they still new... just like super junior was first debut.. how many of you know that they argue the super junior copycat Johnny's Entertainment artist? not many people know.." 

I was like .. can't she stop ???!
She likes to includes Super Junior !!!
So .. I was like ...

"I luv Super Junior no matter what.. They are amazing just how they are ... Please stop "bashing" them ... They done nothing wrong to YOU .. :'(( " ...

Jebal .. don't include Super Junior ..
You don't know how much this group meant to me ...
They brought me to the most wonderful people I ever known ..
They got my sentimental value  ...
They are my world ..
Please .. 
If you don't like me ...
then remove me ...
I won't remove you ..
cuz I still respect you ...
Please ...
Let's stop this stupid fight ..

AiNi ...

p/s: sorry if my post did offend anyone ... I'm sorry ...