Jan 28, 2011

Fright.. day !

the first thing in d morning. clean my house. the entire house. the "punishment" cuz. late on thursday. huhu. never mind laaa.. cuz. i'm "kinda" used to it.. hehe.. >w< um. after bath. breakfast wif my dad. having nasi lemak. um yummy!~~~ i luv nasi lemak ! i thought it going to be happy day.. but..

1st bad incident... 
my dad scold me. aish.. 
um. i juz cant hold my tears. ran to my bedroom & listen to Super Junior -Mirror- to make me smile. ^__^
then. my dad sent me to my office. came early as usual~ keke.. fb-ing and twitter-ing in the morning~ b4 others come.. >w< 
i start my work at 9.00am. my work is to answer calls. amend report. bla bla bla.. hehe.. 

BM Mode is ON...

other bad incident-  (kne marah ngan client)
other bad incident- Abg ubai bising bising pasal hamper laa.. pasal hadiah bdak2 kecil laaa.. (WTH?! ary tuh taknak gtau! ni esok da EVENT baru nak bgtau?! fuck off laa! kecoh jer mamat nih! pastu.. sowh beli wisel laa.. tngok2 abg shairul & abg madi da ade wisel. huhu.. wat pnat jer laaaa.. suke btol kelam kabut cam "cik kiah".. kang aini panggil cik kiah br tau! LoL 
other bad incident- .. rahsia.. tak bleh gtau.. huhu.. 
p/s: rase cam nak demam la plak.. plz.. jng laa.. demam.. sok nak have fun kat PD !! >w<
p/s: bdak tuh antar pm kat aini. um. whut shud i do? *blur*. 
tomorrow going to Port Dickson. and he in singapore. aish.. whut shud i do to forget him?~ Taufik told me to stop dreaming.. bout him but. seyesly. aini dun believe "them" anymore. I can't find my mr.right. i'm such a lonely girl. being so pathetic cuz only lean on him. him. doesn't even know me. cuz. u're my everything to me.
*sigh sigh sigh* *crying* 


p/s:  currently addicted to this song. I dun know why.


p/s: Thanks cuz reading my blog. >w<

*knock my head cuz too many P/S * ~ haha.. xP

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