Jan 27, 2011

still not.. over....

I tried to forget. what happened. but seems like. i seem cant juz gave him away. cuz i did care for him la ! but. he. hurts me. its hurt inside. why am i being like this? what he did to me. reminds me what she did to me. am i really bad friend? the same reason. the same way. the same reason = Super Junior. the same way = stupid fight ! I told myself over and over again. it's okay aini. this happens in life. dun worry. u will through this. juz. ignore. 
BUT.. ... I CAN'T ! even i dun know. what i'm thinking. my heart said. He hurts me. I shud let him go as I let her go. my brain said other way. that I shud forgive him. and start anew. *AAAAARGH* I did asked him ! why he do this to me??! can't he see that i'm human too??! why he must tell others??! why??! why??! WHY??! can't he just tell me.. if he tells me. the truth. I will explain to him nicely. why.. he doing like that? why he act like that?! I don't understand. I told myself. hundred/thousand of times. "FORGET HIM" ! but. everyday. every hour. every minute. every minute. I thinking what am i do wrong to him.. I did sorry to him..it never ends. he asking me for something else. but what? what is that??! someone plz answer me~ I can't stand the pain. I can't be like this forever. I have to do something! juz tell him or .... ... back off. so he could live better? 
                                                             THE END
I will go. but I have to be strong. It takes time to forget all wonderful memories. but. I can do it. Sorry for those are hurt by me. Truly sorry. from the bottom of my heart. I only human. tend to make silly mistake. 


the love.. is G.O.N.E 


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