Jul 10, 2011

Aini .. feeling a little bit down...

I don't know how should I say about this ...
but ...
lately I'm been thinking ...
How can I survive this world?..
where ..
I got nobody beside me?..
Honestly .. right now ..
in my house.. if my siblings is around ..
my mom acts like "forget" about me ..
it's pathetic where I'm only brave enough to write here ..
it's been 3 weeks since Angah wasn't home...
now she's here ..
guess what my mom gotta say about her?..
"Angah penat .. mak nak masak lauk fav die la"..
well ... I kept thinking ..
it's won't go away even I wanted too ...
Mak ... haven't you thought about me?..
why U being like this if ur fav daughter is home?..
this weekend my brother told my mom he got 4.0 for his exam ..
guess what my mom do about this happy news?..
"Abang ko dapat 4.0plat...kne bagi hadiah nih"..
"If Apis dapat .. Aan kne beli an gak"..
I'm just keep quiet ... 
they didn't do anything for my birthday..
how come thet act like this to me?..
They knew I was stress about my work ..
Yet.. all they got to say ..
I'm being a bad girl again ..
this bad girl ..
who didn't get anything for her birthday present ..
this bad girl ..
that lack of love from her family ...
this bad girl ...
who tried her best to keep her mother happy ,,
this bad girl ...
who work her ass off cuz don't want her mother fall sick ..

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