Feb 9, 2012

Math! Account!!! work~~ :P

Activity for today~~~
1-Finish my unfinished work~ :P
2-Answer incoming calls...
3-Entertaining d fussy customer~ =3=
4-Help Kak Linda with Account~ T-T

I really really really really really hate account, math & addmath!!!
kyaaaa!!!~ It's so confusing!!! >o<
I prefer something simple~
"Hey!~ I'm Miss Simple!"..
but yeah.. I dislike math since I was born into this world~
means I hate really starting 20 June 1990!
I failed math in my SPM...
Got 7D for it... 9G for addmath... my account??? 8E... 
told chu~~~ 
I'm not good at calculating numbers!
but... as my mom says.... 
"till when??? wen u r going to hve a child... u must b smarter for them"..
"kyaaaa!!!~ can I get maid to help them wif their homework??"
"r u going to hve a maid in ur home?"
"oh yeah!~ I need one... hmmm~~ not one but 10 of them!~"
HAHA!!! NOT A CHANCE!!! They going to flirt around wif my hubby! 
so it's a NO NO NO!!!
hmmm~~ back to math & account~~~
Even I know I'm not so gud wif math but....
seeing Kak Linda struggling finishing her work...
I went to her... looking at her computer...
"banyak ag ker kak??"
"nak dayah tlg ker?"
"kalo dayah ngah free, tlg akak asing3 kan payment voucher nih..."
"oh.. okay..."

Ah~~~ must say...
wen Kak Linda focusing... while me doing d work...
it's was SUPER QUIET!!! T___T
so boreddd~~~ in ma head.... I kept singing..
I dun know but d song kinda inspires me... LOL!
I dun want to be freaking annoying person so I kept my mouth shut...
From 11.00am till 13.00pm...
I set a record!!!~ 
two hours w/o silly jokes...
World seems so dark & gloomy... :P
in d evening...
trying sum "gag time" wif kak amal~~~
God... It's feels so good to laugh!~ 
keke~~ kak amal makes me go LOL so hard~~~
kept clapping my hand hard~~~ 
*another virus from kpop*

from afar... kak linda says:
"Amal... dayah da blur ler tuh... too much information"..
"Eh? ye ker kak?? Haha~ cian die~" 
"ish!~ ne de!~ slh tngok larh!~"
"Dayah~ nasib baik, kak amal kuat ag nak walk around tau"
"Kak amal nak soh dayah wat dukung akak ker?"
We both laughed hard~~~
Another fun moments wif both of dem~~~
den we both went to Kak Linda~~~
just chatting & waiting for kak linda to put sum final touch in her work... 
after dat, we went home together~~~
Kak amal sent me home~~~ again~~~
I'm getting lazy walking back home... ><
Keke~~~ bouth my math laziness....
I'm trying to learn it~~
same as I'm try to learn hangul now...
Both them might burn my brain...
it's for my own good~~~
so I'm going to work hard!!!
Go go go!!!!


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