May 14, 2011

AiNi ...

Hi !!!! So long didn't update laa ~
Recently so busy with office life ~ aish ~ till I fall sick .. -__-
normal flu and bad cough ~
But I'm okay now ~ I ate my medicine on time ~
Don't like be sick ... It's hurt every time ~ every second ~
FYI, I'll turn to a kid if I got flu ~ I will cry randomly ~
Sleep talking ~ calling my brother's name since he far away from me ~ T^T
I will become completely weak on the 1st day of flu ~
So I will ask for milk and cereal ~ Haha ~ still with my diet ! >o<
Now ~ my flu completely gone but I stuck with coughing ...
Aish .. Hate that too since if I coughs badly .. my tears will flow by itself ~
People often asks me .. "why do U cry all the sudden?.. It's hurt so bad?"..
well ... I'm okay !~ just this stupid tears flow by itself cuz I cough badly ... -___-
I cough rarely .. but once it start .. its hard to stop ...
It wont stop till I cry ..
That why I hate cough ... Huhu ~~

This week .. I'm sick ... got no mood at all to get angry with anybody ~
except for certain people ~ Haha ~

As for Kak Ain ~ I'm thankful to her ~
Thanks for your chocolate ~ it make them happy ~ Thank U ~

As for 24:7 or Max24:7 or whatever la their name is ~
SERIOUSLY ! You guys suck !!! I REPEAT .. S.U.C.K !!!
As my 1st thought is ..
"Hey ! Nak tiru cam Super Junior laa!"..
Their poster like Bonamana promo poster ~
with 2nd look ~
"Hey ! cam 2PM la plak ~!" ..
Their pose like 2PM in "WITHOUT YOU" MV ..
At first ~ I did bash them !!! cuz I saw their vid at Youth program ~
They used Bonamana and dance to it ...
well.. They suck at dance too .. -___-
As I remember ..
Their dance like people didn't eat for hundred days ~
They wears mask like Phantom D Opera ~
Their voice ... bouce back with Bonamana music ~
All in one ...
This group ... SHOULD BE DISBAND ASAP !!!
After I watched their vid .. I put my anger in my status ...
Suddenly .. got someone .. told me ..
"You being childish .. You should just stick liking Super Junior .. Like you can do something to stop them"..
Kak Linda saw her wallpost 1st and tell me..
"Dayah .. de bdak marah dayah laa "..
I was like ..
"Uh?.. laa sape plak ??.."
A little bit shock when I saw her name ...
But I still hold on ...
but I'm sad ..
wae she wanna mad at me ?..
I reply at her wall ..
I'm only expressing myself .. I'm sorry if I did offend anyone ...
to me ...
It's my wall .. It's my right to post anything that I felt ...
Sometime we truly don't get people ...
Sometime I don't understand people like her ...
She can express her feeling at her own wall ..
why can't I ??..
Then I think back ...
24:7 still human beings ..
They got feelings too ..
So I "Like" their page ...
saw their notes .. reads it ..
I did felt sorry for them ...
Like everyone bash them .. even they're tired after dance routine and stuff ...
So I wanna show my support ..
I did comment at one note ..
I asked them to be real ... work hard and show us *antis* that they can pull it off ...
at first .. the admin of the page like my comment ..
then suddenly .. someone blocked me .. -___-!!
deleted my comment ..
I waaaasss like what the fucking shit ?!
I didn't bash you guys still u guys blocked me ??!!
This time .. I stated at my status ...
This time .. don't put the blame on me if I put -ve things about them !
They are idiots !!
Bunch of them !!!!
then the girl ..
put as her status .. saying ..

"HAHAHA SAH AKU ENTERTAIN BACE KOMEN KORG KAT 24:7 M-pop katakan. x pelah aku x nk masuk campur hal camni cuz they still new... just like super junior was first debut.. how many of you know that they argue the super junior copycat Johnny's Entertainment artist? not many people know.." 

I was like .. can't she stop ???!
She likes to includes Super Junior !!!
So .. I was like ...

"I luv Super Junior no matter what.. They are amazing just how they are ... Please stop "bashing" them ... They done nothing wrong to YOU .. :'(( " ...

Jebal .. don't include Super Junior ..
You don't know how much this group meant to me ...
They brought me to the most wonderful people I ever known ..
They got my sentimental value  ...
They are my world ..
Please .. 
If you don't like me ...
then remove me ...
I won't remove you ..
cuz I still respect you ...
Please ...
Let's stop this stupid fight ..

AiNi ...

p/s: sorry if my post did offend anyone ... I'm sorry ... 

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