Dec 13, 2010

GDA GDA GDA !!! ah!!

ELF wont stop talking bout GDA.. aish.. why cant they stop??!~ yes.. i know.. GDA being totally unfair.. but its not 100% their fault.. actually its SME fault.. they wanted to show the world that they are the most powerful recording label in korea..cant ELF see that?? that award supposedly goes to Super Junior but its changed to SNSD last minute due to the SME president order.. many of them didnt celebrate SNSD as the winner.. they all go to Super Junior to cheer them up..only SNSD "syok sendiri" kat atas pentas tuh~ hehe.. ><.. but by tweeting #unfairGDA will change the result? no rite?? its only make matters worst.. super junior will feel a lot sadder cuz they might think they didnt do a good job for ELF.. but they ady work hard! so stop tweeting bout GDA!! we shud think bout how they feel.. not.. rush to the conclusion.. yes.. we want justice for super junior.. but whut is over ady over rite?? yesung fainted.. donghae lost his temper.. many of them cried.. we want that to happen again?? A BIG NO rite??! seriously.. if u asked me.. i never never thought that donghae will lost his temper.. how will he look like?? he is a sweet guy.. how come he lost his temper so easy? cuz he tired.. tired watching his leader and friends shed tears.. only miracle.. only miracle can heal their scars.. i know they all work hard.. for ELFS.. I know they smile bcuz of ELFS.. but i dun want them cry for ELFS.. ELF, plz cheer our oppas back~ make them forget this painful memory~Lets cover the sky with Sapphire Blue~ <3

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