Dec 17, 2010

Its FLY day or Lazy Day or whut ever~

rite now.. cant really describe whut i feel... 
sad.. confuse.. happy.. indifference.. empty.. lonely.. its all mixed up~
today.. i found that Music bank (got Super Junior) is today! i thought next week! NEXT WEEK~ but.. nope.. its TODAY! aish.. I cant make it.. even i ran back home.. i still cant make it.. isk3.. T__T
today.. so damn busy at office.. suddenly got many report to amend.. damn my manager! always give me last minute work! i hate him! really really hate him on the second day here~ >.<.. Ah! forgot to say.. I happy today cuz Donghae tweet 2 photo of him~ YAY!! haha..xD wonder.. if.. he can hear me.. haha..xD weird..
ah~ better drop it or i will be crazy fan girl~ rite now.. i using kak linda pc since she out for a while~ haha..xD
so bored.. to death.. i dun want to do my work cuz i'm so damn lazy~ plus it wanna rain soon.. so i gonna stick with fb & twitter till she gets back~ ^__^/
p/s" i got nothing else to say... 
no new picture or link~ this will be my empty blog.. w/o any picture or mv.. 

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