Dec 12, 2010

how shud i write??

ah.. life.. so complicated laaa.. keje.. life... myself.. uish.. banyak btol yg wat kepala aini berpusing~.. keje memang ade problem.. no matter i tried to shout "FIGTHING" in my shower.. in the end of the day slalu menangis gak.. balik2 keje menghadap lagu korea dlm komputer aini~ mak pon layan jer.. if mood die ok laaa.. kalo tak.. kne marah ag~ huhu.. skunk.. kepala tngah pening pasal suju~ seyesly.. aini tau.. SME being unfair.. but.. we shudnt do dat anymore.. if we are angry.. can u explain how suju feels? they lost.. they have to bear the pain.. we as ELF shud cheer them up! not bring on the past~ i dun get these kind of people.. ah... i wish.. i have super power to ... to.. make SME realize.. that Super Junior are important to them.. if i can slap the president.. *hehe*.. then the whole SME knows who me are~ keke.. nah.. juz joking~ currently addict to MBLAQ-One Better Day + Ayy Girl by JYJ + Miracle by Super Junior + Jiggy by F.Cuz = haha..xD. kpop addict! ><
P/s: I fall in LOVE with these guy~ ah.. why cant a girl marry three husband?~ wee~ i want three hubbies~ ^__^/

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