Dec 13, 2010

whut a tiring day.. i got swollen shoulder.. aish..

rite now.. aini kat ofis.. but cam biase laaa.. curi2 main komputer kak linda or kak ain since they cut my internet connection.. who they?? my stupid manager and my fatty boss laaa.. aish.. they cut the connection while i'm sill in holiday.. they use dirty ways! >M<.. but never minda laa.. as long as.. kak linda n kak ain was here for me~ LooL.. xD.. i meant their computer laaa.. tiring day?? um.. btol2 pnat~ rase cam nak gave up pon ade.. bahu aini da sakit2 da nih.. cuz.. salah tido.. hehe.. pnat cuz bayak giler report nak kne amend.. aaah.. giler ah... nak tercabut tangan aini nih hah~ smlm.. org astro dtg umah~ install byond~ weee~ aini da bleh tngok star king!!! hehehe.. best giler tngok star king smlm.. but.. there one thing i noticed.. but.. xtu la btol ke tak.. Leeteuk seem tired and sick..aini tau benda tu sume recording not a live version but... still.. his eyes... his smile.. ah.. >< leeteuk oppa, be strong!! u still got us!! ELF are here~ aini memang pantang tngok suju~ hehe.. dulu BigBang but since... xtau la bile.. aini mule suke an Super junior more than Big Bang.. the reason... still remain unknown.. haha..xD why Super Junior?? why them??~ molla~ cuz nak ckp fan club dieorg.. xmasuk akal.. cuz banyak ag fanclub lain cam VIP, Primadona, Triple S, BEAUTY, KISSME & etc etc etc.. sume fans yg aini jumpe sume ok ok~ sume yg baik baik~ seyesly.. aini tau.. kiteorg gather around.. just bcuz we love the same thing.. KPOP..  but Super Junior make my day.. they make me smile... they make me dance like crazy girl~ haha..xD
seyesly.. Super junior why why why.. why them~ the question still... i need to find answer~ 

Now playing : Super Junior (Happiness) ^__^

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