Dec 19, 2010

Rain rain

Sangat sangat happy cuz dapat tengok Super Junior punyer performances kat INKIGAYO ~ Memang best ~ giler BEST ! >o< .. nasib baik Aini online on the time~ :)
now.. i got flu~ huhu.. xbest langsung! esok da la banyak keje~ huhu.. hopefully Aini dapat siap an sume keje keje aini tuh ~ isk3.. T_T.. Aini, fighting!!! >o<
um.. nak tulis pasal ape ag eh??~ pasal super junior? um..
pasal dieorg nih~ they changed my life.. really really change my life.. bcuz of them.. i got to know many wonderful people ! and their.. spirit .. juz so awesome.. their laugh make my day.. their tears ruin my whole day.. that is how.. they influence.. in my life.. being an ELF , Aini not always laugh + smile.. theres are times that i wanted to quit.. but ... many of my frens didnt want me to quit.. so i didnt~ haha..xD
ok.. i will stop here~ cuz my mom ady nagging~ ><

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