Dec 2, 2010

Office.. Life... so miserable rite now..

like the title above.. T^T 
the life at my office.. so... sad...  i juz dun get it.. why he acted like that? he being so unfair.. i hate when he said.. i didn't do my work.. which i really DID.. he always listen to "dat bitch".. when i showed some prove that I really did my work.. he being so quiet like dumb person.. its happens so many times.. that i really wish God help me punish "that bitch".. make her car into accident or something worst.. she try to bring me down.. so why i cant pray bad thing happen to her? i'm not a nice and kind person.. seriously i'm not.. T^T.. hate being like this.. but.. maybe.. i just let God punish her.. back to my life.. um.. i'm a really a fan of Super Junior rite? look at my picture! my fb name and twitter! all things in my life kinda related to them.. i listen to their song.. i watched their variety show.. when i found that SS3 cant be held in Malaysia.. I was.. like speechless.. is this for real? or just another act from SME?? I juz dun get it.. why SME banned Redstar just becuz Redstar bring JYJ to their fans? if i can talk to Lee soo Man.. I will tell him.. "grow up.. Cassie and ELF are two different fan clubs.. cant u see? u are losing more money that u shud be making! Redstar people doesn't help me.. get contact with SME.. ah... I believe that we must do something if ELF wanna see Super Junior in Super Show 3! to me is important to get contact with SME people.. we cant just make wallpost and liking others status.. we must let SME know.. ah.. but without Redstar help.. I'm helpless.. T^T.. seriously.. I need somebody.. powerful in this entertainment industry.. ah.. feel like gave up ady... Miracle cant happen without any effort! we cant just pray for Miracle..we need to do something.. ah!! someone listen to me!!!! >o<

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