Apr 1, 2011

AiNi.. so long didn't update ~ hehe ~

Hai !!! anyone miss me ?? keke ~~ I guess nobody nobody nobody ~~
ah ~ so tired last week and dis week ~
my manager being so dem crazy !!! ><
keep sending those files for me ...
ah ~ at one time .. I feel like wanna scream OUT LOUD !
seriously.. my eyes are red .. T__T
plus .. wen i reached home ..
house chores are waiting ...
*sigh sigh* so tired tired tired !!!
but thank God .. my mom got me ..
I only do the simple things..
like washing the dishes ..
clean the cats houses ..
so & really really really tired ~
ah ~~ now ....
I realized something ..
the girls .. always text or message me ..
feel bad wen their credit are finish cuz of me ...
I feels i'm not alone anymore ..
last saturday .. my mom were mad at me ..
cuz always wif my phone ..
even I didn't online ..
But I always message with my GIRLS ..
She got mad and got my feelings hurt ..
I was like ..
okay .. online also get mad ..
always message oso mad ..
den WHAT should I do den ??!
me being so pathetic again ...
den .. I go to my room and sleep till 8 or 9pm ..
I didn't talk with anyone cuz I so angry with them !
I listens to kpop oso angry ...
I juz dun get it !!!!
ah ~ den .. dat nite ..
my bro turn on the wireless connection and told me about it ..
so I did online ~ haha ..
Haha ..
wait ...
I think ..
I'm going to have fever soon ..
got serious head aches these days ..
after stomach aches ..
head aches come ..
ah ~I got stomach aches cuz eats too much chocolate  =_=

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