Mar 9, 2011

AiNi.. must be strong

Ya Allah.
If I have just one wish..
I wish..
to stay beside her now.
I'm so worried bout her now.
I know how it's hurt.
It will hurt so bad.
I wanna her to be happy.
now. I'm holding back my tears..
Cuz. I need to be strong !
Even she said like that..
She just like me.
Try hard to just ignore.
But. friends. are totally hard to ignore.
We already be friends for a long time.
I know.
Cuz. I lost my friend.
So. I know it's hurt.
She only. 16 year old.
Ya Allah.
Please. take care of her.
Please. make her feels that she not alone.
I'm here and always and forever here for her..
I care bout her.. like my younger sister.
Since I only have little brother.
Having someone like her.
Talk bout same thing.
Be crazy and all that stuff.
I'm happy.
Even we didn't meet.
I do care how she feels...
I want.. she come to me. when she sad or happy.
I'm wanna be her guardian angel.
to protect her.
I don't her to get hurt again. by someone.
acting like she cares but she didn't..

Please stop.
God. watch over us.
watching your every move.
so stop faking it.
You going to regret it back later.
Ah ~ You also. need to learn.
not all fight. we need to win.
If you care.
If you love.
my sister as your friends.
You should make the first move.
Since you started it first.
I meant.
You need to be sorry to her.
Not act like. you're the victim.
on twitter or facebook.
It's not right.
Like I said.
Allah knows everything.

As for my sister.
Please be strong !
If you need a shoulder to lean on.
Call me ASAP !
I will try my best to cheer u up ~
Don't hide your feeling with me.
I'm your sister ! :PP
You're free to tell me ...
If you wants..
I will listen and try to help if I could ~
Saranghae !!!



Wani said...

Sounds serious~
sape girl ni?

Chaerul said...

sape girl nie?