Mar 2, 2011

AiNi.. don't know what to do in her life.

I know. I might sound so wrong but.. 
I seriously.. don't get what my parents wants from me.. 
they keep nagging to me since Saturday ! its so freaking annoying... 
I cried last Monday. alone. again. in my bedroom. while listen to suju songs.
their reason. 
I never help them enough. 
I addicted to facebook
I never be the daughter that they always wants me to be ! 
I'm so tired.. of this life.

Office life. sucks when Yus arrived.
Home life. sucks when these things happened. 
My life. sucks .. yes. it is. 
I'm tired helping my mom around while my other sisters just sit around and watching the TV laughing freely. 
I'm tired. always being scolded one ... 
I'm always sighing. 
I'm tired.. just pretend to be crazy...
I'm tired.. seriously tired.
I'm always crying alone.. 

sometimes I wish.. 
my mom could at least understand her daughter needs entertainment too.
sometime I wish...
my dad could understand his daughter needs to be with her friends too..
sometimes I wish..
times could stop and I still in my high school. 
where good times always around me...
I miss Liana damn much ...
I wanna go see her in her birthday this Friday (4 March 1990)..
but.. my mom said no..
what else I could do? 

My parents are the greatest.. parent I could have.
there are times. I think..
they need to trust me..
To go out with my friends...
Go watch movies..
Just go having some fun on my own...
I need to have some fun in my life. for real ! 

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Atiqah said...

poor u unnie
just sabar je lah ek ?