Mar 13, 2011

AiNi.. special for you.

You’re my little angel.
I’m lucky cuz I found you.
You care about me too much.
Sometime I’m too shy to tell you everything about myself.
Because I don’t think I deserve anyone better like you.
My life weren’t not like you ever think.
It’s way complicated.
Even my best friend dumped me.
Even I did care and love her as my friend.
Sometime people just weren’t meant to be together
No matter how long they knew each other.

Love that something we can grew everyone.
Even a simple Hi can lead to good friendship
Hate can crush your world within second.
Believe me. I had been there.
There only take one word and it’s all over.
Now, I’m alone and collecting the pieces by myself.

I’m not a good person.
I’m sorry if my words hurt you in many ways.
I’m sorry if I did ignore you.
I’m sorry for everything that cause you cry.
Even I said I don’t care about you.
Even I pretend not to miss you.
Even I hide my feelings inside me.

I can’t lie that you are someone to me.
Yes. Special person to me.
Because of you I learn to smile
Take things positively.
Smile when it’s hurt so much deep inside
Because of you I learn to be funny
Just to make you laugh like a crazy person in front of your computer
That’s make me feel like someone to somebody.
Life is cruel but there also sweet memories that I never wants to forget

I will treasure every moment of us.
Here. In my heart. In my mind.
I wish you will stay by me forever.
I wish you will find happiness as you wish mine
I wish you will success in no matter what you do
Because I love and care for you.
As my sister.
As my little angel.
As my friend.
As my dear.
As one of my best dongsaeng ever !

Love always,

1 comment:

Nia IrNieya said...

Gomawo Aini unnie ^_^ !
So appreciate this even just a words ..
but it come from your heart ..
i think so lah ~
maybe akk copy ke , LOL haha , just joking !~
you will be always in my heart n` my mind !