Mar 17, 2011

AiNi.. understand how you feels.. so. she will let u go..

told ya.. my life..
rather complicated to say..
I was treated like a kid..
even I already 21 years old now..
Some time I just don't get it..
wae she being like that??
This evening my mom said..
"Kesian ayah ko.. asyik keje jer.. asyik bagi anak2 mkn"..
I was like... ....
I know my mom angry with my brother..
cuz he kept asking bout money..
but wae my mom mad at me??!
I'm was speechless...
I was like...
"mama.. don't you think I was enjoying my life??"..
Do you see I buy something expensive for myself??
I don't really get her...
so.. I answered back..
"Mak.. mak rase Aini ni.. ade beli ape3 ker untuk diri aini sendiri?"..
she kept quiet..
"mak.. rase... untuk siapa aini kerja??"
"Duit gaji aini.. sume aini bagi kat mak.."
so... mak marah kat sape actually??
suddenly.. she said..
"mak... tak suke ko asyik ngan korea tuh.. stop stop la dngr lagu tuh"..
Okay now.. about Kpop..
"Mak.. Aini not so addict laaa.. "..
"Mak pnah nampak tak aini pegi mane3 fan meeting??
mane3 concert?? AiNi just dengar lagu jer..
Jng la buat aini camni..
kadang3 aini kne marah ngan client..
Aini nak dngr lagu jer..
That how aini release my tension..
Ke mak prefer aini pegi club mlm tok release tension??
My mom.. lost words..
I know it was bad to talk back to mom..
but.. she need to know..
how i feels..
how... I sad was.. when she kept telling me to stop liking kpop..
My mom.. hugged me... just now..
she telling me..
she just stressed out bcuz of my other sisters and brother..
Mom. I know how you felt..
That is I tried my best to please you..
She okay with me now..
She let me online tonight..
but.. no one was on fb or twitter..

today.. got so many things happen...
two days in row..
someone told.. I was a lesbian..
ah.. heart breaking laaa... ToT
how come I was a lesbian.. when I love my DONGHAE so much??!
Think positive la people !!
my brother asked me..
to stop be in relationship with her..
or he will find her.. =__=
wae so many things happened today??!
Li cheng was here at the office during lunch..
she kept me company..
she told me..
that she already failed in two interviews..
aigoo.. now she lost her confidence..
I gave my advice to her..
telling her to keep in trying..
we talked about two hours..
keke.. :33
bout Jang Geuk Suk some more.. LOL ! she loves dat man !
I asked her to go to Job exhibition in Saturday...
I'll accompany her..
hope she going to said yes..  ^^
Li cheng ah ~ fighting !!!

Yus's back hurts so bad..
I guess..
muke die pucat jer aini tngok..
risau la plak.. =__=
so..mase kak linda message..
cam tak percaya jer yg die ask for leave tomorrow..
but after seeing her this evening..
okay.. maybe she really hurts..
I accompany her walk home..
I'm afraid she might fall or what other bad thing happen to her..
so I send her home..
not with car.. ToT
I hold her hands and talk to her..
Nagging is the most like me..
told her..
wae she not doing a full check up while she resting at home??
nag nag nag till she.. said..
"Okay okay.. doctor ke-3".. >w<
we part wen one direction..

Tonite.. I had talk wif my sis at sabah..
giler ah..
she TALK a LOT ! like me.. ToT
She ask me to marry..
and forget bout my donghae..
she said.. donghae is not real..
well.. she is right..
but.. i'm not ready...
I'm afraid to.. commit a relationship..
if they keep on hurting my feelings..
last scars haven't heal..
I need some more time..
When the right show up..
I will tell myself..
I will ready..
for him and me..
in mean time..
Let me.. in my world ne?

After all..
I hope..
everything will be okay..
I wanna laugh..
I wanna make everyone happy..
That was my last wish...

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Nia IrNieya said...

Unnie ..
i feel pity ..
but dont know what to do ..
i'm rarely to online at FB ...