Mar 11, 2011

AiNi... trying to be strong...

Now.. rite now..
I having some problems in my real life..
within my family..
I kept quiet cuz.. its private matter...
I think I can handle it.. by myself....
about my real life friends..
Atikah.. yes. that name again...
She said something on Yana wall.. that make me.
feels a bit jealous. I don't think I should be ..
but.. this feelings.. ah ~ too complicated laaa... TOT
told ya.. I can't attend Liana birthday party rite?
She wrote on Yana wall.. saying thanks and all that stuff..
for me.. what the point she wrote on Yana wall.. 
when she knew I was going to stalk Yana page?
hurm.. maybe. she only showing.. her.. good side.
so never mind laa..
but. it took days before I can finally erase it from my brain !
yesterday.. I stalk Atikah's page...
she wrote.. like this... .....

"Allah telah menyatakan: Manusia yg baik hanya akan bertemu dengan manusia yg baik. Manakala manusia yg jahat hanya akan bertemu dengan sesama mereka saja. Oleh itu, samalah ertinya dengan jodoh, sahabat dan sebagainya. So, sebelum menilai orang lain. Nilai lah diri kita dahulu. ;)

When I saw her status.. 
My brain.. went totally blank. 
she wrote that for whom? 
Me? me kerrr??? 
ah ~ that.. girl.. are really really something...
I guess. its going to took days. before I can erase it... 

while.. at my office..
seems.. Kak Ain..
loves Yus.. more den me now..
She laugh more with Yus..
She talks more with Yus.
She saying.. that she didn't change at all..
but.. all her actions..
told me different side of story..
never mind laaa..
I'm going to forgive them btw..
As long Kak Ain happy with Yus..
I'm okay with it..
Even ..
that's meant..
I have to eat alone..
nah. its okay.. 

are happy..
with .. Nia.. = dear..
with... Tiqah = Baby Tiqah..
with... Safura unnie = my yeobo .honey ~
with... Sun Iey = my sister in law *she luv hyukkie* xPP
and all my friends at FACEBOOK and TWITTER !
I don't want.. to be sad person anymore..
I'm tired to please everyone..
who doesn't even bother to please me back...
I'm just wanna be a better person !
so.. today.. is.. the present.
going to LIVE it UP !
yesterday.. is memories..
going to cherish if it GOOD.
going to delete if it BAD.
tomorrow.. is a brand new day !
so.. I'm going to stay as ELF...
I'm going to live my life as I want too !
nobody can tell me.. what to do.. or not..
except.. Allah & MY mom & dad.. 

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Chaerul said...

cian akak slalu ditimpa masalah .. :( . sabar je laa