Feb 27, 2011

AiNi.. is all bout AiNi ! :D

Hi ! this blog is about me ~ YES ! its all bout me BABY!! keke ~~ ^o^

My name is NOOR HIDAYAH BINTI AB RAHIM . I was born on 20 June 1990 at Hospital Besar Kuantan, Pahang ~ I was the fourth of my five siblings. I got two sisters. one big brother and one little brother~ I lived at Bandar Baru Bangi now with my parents. I also got other name which is AiNi. given by my foster mom. Since I'm always sick .. They try search new name for me.  well. That's work. I guess ~
I like people to call me AiNi and Dayah ~ cuz i'm feel special ~ I was a spoil daughter .. really !
but.. I was the one.. who help my mom the most ~~ I'm the MOST complicated one in the FAMILY.
Always be the moody one ~ Always be the clown one ~ Always be the naughties one ~ keke ~ Depends on my mood laa ~~ If I'm happy then I will crack up some jokes during dinner ~ If I'm sad or unhappy then I will stay quiet till I finished my dinner~

I loves cats ! I got 20 ++ in my house now ~ wanna me list all of them here? hurm. okay~ I start with...
Mommy,Tomtom,Kathy,Cantik,Aci,Bobby,Sammie,Nikki, Nikko, Longot & Shiro <--One  family ~
Piah,Oci, Muthu,Anje, Nana & Snowny~ <--- One family ~
Baby, Bunga, Atan, Kancil, Nino, Kecil & Kero chan~ <--- Just cats that we took from the road~

Hehe ~~ Mommy family was the BIG one cuz she always gave birth~ every year~ + She was the oldest! >w<
I loves cats so much ! I don't think I could live without any of them ~ ^o^; My mom always nags at my and my brother cuz we two always bring back the cats. They all too cute to just leave them outta there! >w<

Now. I'm already working. I always bring back the delicious food for my favorite cats ~ keke~~
FYI, my favorite are, Kathy & Kero Chan~ cuz they listen to me the most~
Even my other siblings always bully them ..but they will come to me if I call them~ That why I like them the most!
Done with my cats stories~ ^^v

I'm working at Nilai Harta Consultant Sdn Bhd as general admin.. I love to work there~ cuz everyone like a family to me.. Start with my boss till Abg Madi~ including this year.. I worked there for almost 2 years now~
I hope I can stay longer at this company~

I got one best friend named. Nur Liana Binti Kamaruddin.. I knew her since form two in high school.
We got into the same music passion.We love each other company. We both like SIMPLE PLAN at the same time~ I was into Chuck the drummer and she into Sebastian the guitarist. :D

So we sings along to Perfect till Save You ~~ We search on the internet bout their lyrics. their life. everything laa~~ keke~~ we are Simple Plan stalker ! >w<

Then we love Enrique Iglesias ! haha ~~ the Latino ~~ He is HOT ! too bad he already in relationship with that tennis star, Anna something ~ TOT

then... ..... .... I start to like.. Korean drama ~ I like MY GIRL ~ I like Lee Joon Ki or Le Jun Ki ~
the story goes like this ~

My Girl is a romantic comedy. Joo Yoorin (Lee Da Hae) is a tour guide in a small company in charge of running mini tours in the Jeju Island of South Korea. Ju Yu-rin lives with her father, who is addicted to gambling. Yu-rin’s life is all lies and crises because of her father and his debts. When her father escapes the island to avoid his debtors, Yu-rin goes to work. She is determined to support herself and clear up the debts by selling oranges illegally picked from a hotel orchard and working as a tour guide on the island. Then, one day, she meets Seol Gong-chan, the sole heir to the L’Avenue Hotel fortune. To grant his grandfather’s dying wish, Gong-chan employs Yu-rin to act as his grandfather’s long-lost granddaughter. Offering a monthly salary plus a bonus, he asks her to do what she does best - to put on an act. Not wishing to lie to a dying man, yet desperate for the money, Yu-rin takes the offer and starts playing the long-lost granddaughter. Through a strange twist of fate, however, finding his granddaughter makes the grandfather so happy that he makes a complete recovery. Since they have claimed to be cousins, Gong-chan and Yu-rin are forced to live together under one roof, and as time passes, the attraction between them grows. However, love is forbidden for these two, who must pass as cousins.

I love my Lee Joon Ki ~~  He is a sweet guy ~ ^o^v

Liana more to.. Lee Dong Wook ~ keke ~~ We don't have to share hubby ~ YAY !! 

After My Girl ~ we kinda addicted to K-drama ~~ keke ~~ I keep on searching bout my Lee Joon Ki ~ & Liana with her Lee Dong Gun ~ After My Girl ended. There is one K-drama that catch our attention ~
It was Sweet 18 ~ :D
The story kinda like this ~

Kwon Hyuk-Joon's grandfather, the head of the traditional Kwon family agrees to an arranged marriage between his grandson (Lee Dong Gun) and Yoon Jung-Sook (Han Ji Hye) when Yoon Jung-Sook is born. 18 years later, the two families lose contact because soon after the contract is signed, Jung-Sook's family encounters financial issues and is forced to run away.
Meanwhile, Jung-Sook has grown up to be a rebellious and strong-willed girl who just wants to live her life as she sees fit. With little aspirations, she is the direct foil of her achievement-bound counterpart, Hyuk-Joon. When the two meet each other, they clash horribly; Jung-Sook thinks her fiancee is nothing but boring, and Hyuk-Joon believes Jung-Sook to be nothing but an immature child. Despite all this they do marry. The rest of the series follows their life living together as a couple, and the obstacles they are faced with.

After that.. my addiction to KPOP begins !!
Lee Dong Gun was the guest in Big Bang music video ~ Last farewell ~
He acting like a nerd boy who turn into cool guy just to attract his dream girl attentions ~ 
*that what I think bout the mv actually~*

After that ~ I start to like Big Bang ! I love TOP the most ! ^o^v
I think he was the coolest guy ever ! plus he got this smile. like a kitten ~ :3

Haha ~~ He cute !! + COOL !!! I'm fall in LOVE with Big Bang bcuz of him !! 
From last Farewell till Tell Me GoodBye ~ They all awesome ! 

I was VIP ! a hardcore one ~ Hehe ~~ I like to bash people who bash my idols ~ :D

After Big Bang.. I get to know Super Junior ! 
The first song I heard from them is.. Bonamana ~ >w<
"Bounce to you bounce to you~~" I like that part so much ! 

I know . I was late. cuz. I wasn't there for Kibum, Hangeng and Kangin .. But.. 
I prom15e to 13elieve 4ever ~  To watch all of them. In one stage. its not only my dream. but. its Leeteuk, Heechul,Shindong,Eunhyuk,Sungmin,Donghae,Yesung,Ryewook,Siwon & Kyuhyun and other ELF too ! 

I just have to believe in them. hope there will be Miracle someday. :)
Now. SS3 is around Asia ~ the boys just finished their show in Manila ~  
AN Awesome performances like always ! wish I can be there in SS3 Malaysia ! TOT
They happy to be SUPER JUNIOR then. I'm happy to be one of their ELF !

My bias in SUPER JUNIOR is .. at first.. is .. Lee Hyuk Jae or Eunhyuk ~ 
I like him in Dream Team season 2 together with Choi Minho (ShiNee) ~

Now.. I starting to LOVE. Lee DONGHAE ! He just so adorable !!! xD
I just love him !!! haha ~

AINi ~


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