Feb 4, 2011

AiNi is SHOCK !!!

Today.. juz like usual day.. sunny and hot but.. stuck at home.. ToT so bored. cant online much~ cuz busy helping mom wash all the clothes~ so many leh ! tired ! even got washing machine ~ -___- wen 7 people wears different clothes.. so dirty laundry is more more and MORE !!! >w< aigoo.. today.. I got two full bucket of dirty laundry~ so lazy laaaaa~ isk3.. but.. no one help my mom. Along busy with sleeping ~ she sick~ Abg Apes.. busy with his lappy~ Angah.. gone with the wind~ hehe.. dun know where she went.. basically she loves to hang out~ Aan busy his work~ he in Matrix~ so my mom letting him go~ my mom keep nagging at me bout the others. well.. I have to listen to it.. unless i wants she to scold me.. ToT I have to listen to her nag almost fro 2 hours ! aigooo.. my ears is about to fall off ~ >w< 
I juz log in but I wasn't there. busy running around like a mad girl~ den.. THANK GOD Along cooked lunch~ if not.. I so dead ! >w< cuz too tired !  

after lunch~ abg apes let us to watch movies in his lappy~ I dun know how he do it.. but his lappy can connect to my TV and we all watch in lcd screen ~ We watch " Hantu Mak Limah balik Rumah". Yes. sound like horror movie but its comedy instead~ hehe~ actually I already watched the movie with Kak Ain~ ^^ last year laaa.. haha.. but still funny~ I kept on LOL den my mom kept knock my head cuz of dat~ sorry mom~ but can't control laaa ~~ ToT
after watching the movie.. abg apes nags.. saying the movie doesn't have any good value.. like Nyakung ~ whateve laa.. the movie is so fucking funny !!! seyesly !!! who cares its doesn't contain any good value?? COMEDY + LAUGH IS THE BEST !!! 

okay~ evening session~ KBS SONG FESTIVAL~ thank GOD my mom let me watch it !!! YAY !!! >w<
I dun care bout others anymore but Angah kept saying why the namja wearing too many make up? den I said.. sorry,, its not my fav idols so I dun KNOW ~ wen BEAST turn Angah said.. eh~ got org puteh meh? she referring to Dongwoon~ I said.. yeah.. he mixed ~ Angah loves BEAST~ cuz they ady here TWICE ! hehe.. den.. SNSD turn~ I juz sing along to Run Devil Run & OH! den.. its SUPER JUNIOR turn !! omo~ I'm so damn excited !! Angah shock cuz she oni saw Eunhyuk, Donghae, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun & Yesung ~ she asked where is the others? I said.. wait a minute~ Its only a rap~ the other will come after dis~  den they sang Bonamana ~ I sang along too~ but have to cover up my voice cuz.. my mom also there~ in living room~ I so scared if she mad at me... so .. after the show~ the finale.. my mom said.. "Eh.. Shindong! dulu gemok~ sekarang da encem~".. I was like.. "mak.. are u okay?".. LoL.. cuz.. camne mak bleh tau dulu shindong gemok??! ni mesty mak pon minat SuJu gak nih! HAH ! BUSTED !!! Mak! nak pegi SS3 !!! pastu mak ckp.. "TAKBLEH!".. aigoo,.. mood killer.. ToT.. 

night session~ having good mood~ den.. that boy add me BACK ! I dun know how to react... but I still approve him.. ToT but .. he ady unfollow my blog.. WTH with him?? I dun know ! & I dun care !!! >w<

can I pray for Super Junior be 13 again?? I miss the missing three so BAD !!! ToT
Kangin oppa~ Kibum oppa & Hangkyung oppa~ 

13elieve in them~ ^o^v

Now 10 of them~ Protect the remaining 10 and miss the missing 3 ~ 


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