Feb 7, 2011

AiNi... that all LIES !! only stupid lies..

For Nia.. Tiqah.. Atiqah.. Park (a.k.a = SBKB) .. Melly Unnie... Sunie.. I'm sorry.. cuz let my dad.. do that to my facebook ! really sorry.. Actually.. He never like me love kpop guys. FYI.. my desktop wallpaper is Lee Donghae.. ^^; 
That evening.. after kne marah.. I did online after he gone with big bro.. then. I log out cuz wants to watch GDA. well.. my mom was okay with that.. but my dad.. kept on nags. okay laa. 

BM mode must be on..

AiNi tngok mase Super Junior dpt awards for the 2nd time.. siap clap hands ag.. keke.. my mom kat dapur.. tngah sedia an minum petang tok my dad. my dad is watching TV too.. but.. he in dining hall.. still can see TV from where he sits. my dad always.. kacau laaa.. jap.. "AiNi.. pegi tlg mak kat dapur tuh".. "AiNi.. ni an da tngok byk kali.. stop stop la tuh".. I was like.. "bile mase??! GDA ni baru tau! *but ckp dlm aty jer laaaa* ToT pastu.. I kept quiet.. cuz malas nak layan.. kang layan kang.. ade yg lari masuk bilik .. menangis.. isk3.. yes.. i'm super super sensetive.. *i know its wrong.. -___- * 
Pastu.. tlg mak kmas ENTIRE house.. pnat kot.. pastu.. bukak komputer.. online time !! >o<
Masuk kat group yg aini plaing suke :- Ever Lasting Family/Friends.. Be crazy with Park , Melly unnie.. Rahmalia Unnie and Tiqah ~ SUPER FUN !! at that time.. my parent takde kat umah cuz pick up my big bro at Tasik Selatan.. *kot*.. nak majuk da.. cuz kne bagi Donghae kat Melly unnie.. kne amik.. Hyukkie.. ToT.. isk3.. sedih sgt3 mase annouce new bias ~ *sedih la sgt* ingat aini nak GIVE UP on Donghae??! In ur dream ~ LoL.. :P
pastu nak surrender da.. haha.. nak amik blk Donghae ~ Suddenly.. my parent balik.. bwk dinner.. Mak sowh AiNi tlg.. so AiNi pon pegi laaaa.. 
*terlupe nak log out*

Pas dinner :-

AiNi cari la group ELF tuh.. tngok3 da TAKDE ! pastu. ngan group ag satu.. pe eh.. name die.. um... um... Project for SS3 Malaysia?? something like that laaa.. pastu.. bukak wall AiNi.. tngok3 ade 3 post ??! yg BUKAN aini tulis??! 

1- no mood laa.. sorry.. cuz leaving ya behind.. sorry.. cuz.. make that move.. truly sorry.. aigoo.. this.. shouldn't happen at the first place.. ToT

2 - will i able to forget him? completely? i should. forget all bout him. cuz. memory bout him are hurting me.

3 - I will stop being an ELF. I going to live as normal girl (I hope). but i still love kpop song.. dun worry. i'm going to be okay. (I guess)..

WHAT THE HELL??!!  den.. Friends start to question me.. I was like.. um.. Layan jer laaa.. huhu..but.. after I asked Tiqah.. whether I shud remove the post.. den she said yea.. after that.. I remove the post..  That stupid post.. 

AiNi taknak tuduh but.. Ayah sorg jer ade kat dpan mase AiNi kemas meja.. nape ayah wat camni? ToT

rilex ah ayah.. AiNi minat jer kot.. xde la sampai nak kawen ngan Donghae 
tuh.. kang AiNi kawen btol3 baru tau~ haha.. xD
lesson for me :- LOG OUT even for AWHILE. 

Truly sorry.. for those.. hurt.. ToT 
I love ya all.. seriously..  
I never never leave Super Junior or ELF for the rest of my life. 
I promise u guys. 

I Love him !! forever ~ >w<

He so cute~ how am i going to forget him? no !

Hae is my EVERYTHING ! 


Nia Irnieya said...

Okay unnie~
already understand you ..
sorry cuz keep asking you the questions ..
ahh~ feel really at fault now ..

Atiqah said...

sorry sesgt psl ni~adek igt akk tulis
marah gak akk asyik2 ckp x nk jdi ELF~

Anonymous said...

i also think that u doo that~~
but i'm SUPER HAPPY!!!!!!!
unnie will stay n always with us!!!!
i LOVE it!!!
gomawo unnie~~
we r EverLasting Family!!!!!