Feb 7, 2011

AiNi... is Happy person once again !!

As.. the title above.. haha.. *cewah*.. 

AiNi is happy person again !! today.. Yus didn't come to office and surprise buffday party for mr Pai is SUCCESSFUL !! YAY !! *dancing* haha.. *Evil laugh*.. I won't like that BITCH.. forever ! I swear ! She so freaking damn annoying !! I dun like her !! huhu.. Today.. is the 1st of work after.. loooong holiday~~ 
*ala.. 4 ary jer pon* haha.. but.. still HOLIDAY aite?? keke.. I wasn't except she didn't come. well.. basically.. She oni practical. She dun have any "annual leave".. She didn't text me either. No one knows where she is.. She is really annoying... well.. as routine..EVERYONE must tell me if they didn't come to office.. cuz.. I'm.. the.. *BOSS* LoL.. nah laa.. juz joking ~~ juz.. everyone always tell where they go.. when she didn't text me.. so.. everybody at the office.. felt something wrong with her.. Weird.. cuz.. no one at my office cud hate me.. *proud*  I oni tell the truth wen Manager asked me.. "where Yus go?".. I answered.. " I dun know. She didn't text me".. I dun know whether the manager can lie.. Dun really care actually.. keke.. den.. I asked Kak Ain.. whether.. Yus send her a text.. She answered "Nope. She didn't.. ".. I was .. like.. "Ko ingat.. ko kat kolej kerr?? ni WORK PLACE LAA.. Suke3 aty jer.. ko nak dtg ker tak??! pale hotak ko !" GO LEARN laaa !! ".. wen.. I said like.. this.. plz take note.. that.. Aini ckp dlm aty jerrr.. huhu.. Yus shudn't be like that.. seriously.. someone NEED to nag at her.. bout work ! Work is NOTHING like study ! WORK is real ! not a drama ! where U can juz nak dtg.. dtg.. taknak dtg.. takyah dtg.. WTF bitch ! kalo ade problem , tell us laaa.. dun juz.. BERLAGAK pandai again ! I want to ignore her.. action.. but.. its hard laaa.. Aini kesian tngok die.. dtg practical but.. got nothing to learn. well.. its her choice btw.. Who am I to question these things to her?? I'm not even her friend ! 

LUNCH time !!
Go buy a birthday cake for Mr pai aka Ag Ubai ~ cian die.. kteorg bleh lupe buffday die.. ToT.. kalo tanye Aini.. memang SORRY laaa.. Aini ingat buffday DONGHAE jer ! LoL.. xD
so kteorg prepare ag satu event tok die.. ^^; Aini in charge beli cake tok die~ kluar mkn ngan my fav sis at my office~~ yes yes ~~ Kak Linda & Kak Ain !!! ^o^/ Since Kak Ain can drive.. so she takes us to bakery shop~ 
SO MANY WONDERFUL CAKE !! O.O I cant eat all .. can I ?? !  saw two delicious cake ! one.. is.. strawberry cake and other one.. "Mocha Dream".. well.. wen someone is too excited.. their tongue.. can twisted.. so..am I.. -___-.. instead.. saying.. 'Mocha".. I said.. "Mohca"... ToT.. malu giler tadi !! -__-
Aini bought two cakes ~~ Strawberry cake is for Mr Pai and "Mocha Dream" is for ELFAMILY !! YAY !! for their 3rd month anniversarry ~~ haha.. ^o^
Kak Ain juz.. laugh at.. my action.. she said.. "silly girl".. haha.. funny wen.. we both tried to spell.. "Monthversarry".. "Monthanniverssarry".. "Monthsarry".. haha.. even the cake girl confused with us ! last last.. I go with the.. Happy 3rd ELFamily".. AiNi Aiden ~~ That evening.. my boss praised.. us.. the NILAI HARTA CONSULTANT SPORT CLUB cuz successfully hold an event at PD last week !! YAY !! At last.. after the hard work.. someone is really happy.. for us.. after that.. we all eat.. and laugh together.. its really FUN !! >w<

Upload the cake photos ~ ^^.. for them to see ~ many of them.. were shock~ haha.. well.. cake murah jer tuh~ haha.. dun worry~ well.. actually.. its.. the first time I buy a cake for myself to eat ~ I even skip my dinner ! haha.. ~ so full after eating the WHOLE cake alone ~~ well.. Aini bagi Kak Linda & Kak Ain rase cket ~ yg lain.. Aini makan sendiri~~ LoL.. tak lame ag.. GEMUK laaa Aini.. ToT
oh yeah ! I ask to join the group back~ hehe.. so happy leh ! now.. I can be crazy again~~ *evil laugh*.. 
as.. for Nia.. & Atiqah.. both of them.. make me a blog ! wow !! they are really awesome !! I'm sorry for that misunderstanding ~ really sorry~ even its not my fault.. but.. feel bad.. cuz.. make some of my ELF frens cried.. for me.. Guys, dun cry for me.. I'm nobody.. I'm juz complicated gurl.. with mixed feeling.. but.. I love u guys too death !! for Sunie.. she make me a note.. Wow ! again.. am.. i really important to them?? *cry*.. 
sorry guys,.. I love u guys !!! really !! will not hate u guys for the rest of my life ! I promise. in the name of Allah.. Only He knows.. how.. important.. Super Junior means to me.. ELF family too.. U guys teaches me.. how to smile.. laugh.. and take everything in positive ways.. Its was u guys ! teach me how to love. as Park Hyosson aka.. SBKB.. she always crazy~ I like her !! always make me laugh with her silly jokes ~
as for Tiqah.. She called.. me.. again.. haha.. xD
We talked almost.. 30 minutes.. den.. she have to eat her dinner ~ have to hang up ~ must call her again~ 
maybe.. next week kot ~ as for my BFF ~ Liana or Yana Cassie ~ She sent me a text message.. told me..
to be strong.. and happy always ~ no matter how hard my life ~ she asked me to waited for her ~ haha.. ^^;

p/s: over all.. I got many WONDERFUL FRIENDS !! and I love EVERYONE !! Saranghae !! <3 

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nilda niharaf said...

i'm crazy~~
n u love crazy person (me)~~
then u also crazy~~
mission to spread the 'cRaZY' virus success!!!!
be happy~~
dont let the pompuan makes ur live tonggang langgang~~kekekekeke
n where is my bhagian dlm kek tuh???
hehehehehe~~i'll come in ur dream tonight to tagih it~~hehehehehehe