Feb 9, 2011

AiNi.. is.. having.. a.. GREAT day !!

Kak Linda is on leave cuz.. She having fever.. I always worried bout her. Her body wasn't that strong. ToT
Kak Linda yah ! take care !! stay healthy !! I meant it !! huhu.. 

Am I happy Kak Linda sick? NO laaa !! >w< the title is bcuz.. after work.. online time for me ~ having great time with Sunie... Izzy... Atiqah.. Melly Unnie.. Rika san.. Safi.. Kak Anis.. and others ~ seyesly.. they make my day~ but not everyone can handle with my Hyperness.. oni certain and chosen people ~~ hahaha.. ^^;
Being crazy is happy ~ it can make us to LOL and juz forget stupid sorrow. haha.. 

today.. for.. the.. 4th time.. I got the wrong person again... aigooo.. this is why.. my mom wont let me go anywhere by my own.. isk.. isk.. the story.. is kinda like this..remember my status yesterday? wen i wrote bout SS3.. I thought kak Anis.. is.. Yana friend. so I include.. yana.. opie.. and her frens into the list...the next thing i noe... she said.."akak kne keje laaa..".. Aini like.. "me?? dun worry~ cuti laa"..den.. she said.. "not u.. but me..".. I was like... ..... ... click on her name.. Anis Hamdan.. works at Maxis center.. I was like.. what yana frens name? I searching.. and searching.. and found that she is Anis Aris.. -__- !! aigooo... seyesly.. how come.. I didnt notice anything??!~  aigooo.... 

today.. one of my ELF friend tags me in Donghae photos ~~ got a lot of them !! I didn't know he and Kyuhyun in Thailand for CF.. so lucky Thai ELF. ToT .. 

His lips.. I wanted to kiss it ! ToT

His sweetest smile EVER ! >w<

wonder will he look like this at me? 

His eyes ! there is something bout that EYES ! ^o^

Ah ! my love for Donghae has been discovered by Abg wan *hubby kak linda* !! he read my "kinda" diary !! where I used to write Donghae name.. over and over again.. if i'm not happy. ToT
Never mind laaa.. my computer desktop is Donghae too ~ lala~ so they kinda know my LOVE for my Donghae ~~ ^^v

p/s: call Tiqah again. talk with her over an hour ! my mom getting mad ady~ keke.. sorry mom.. Nia kinda busy ~ .. nvm laa.. waiting for her.. in weekends laa.. ^^v


Anonymous said...

kekeke~r u always getting lost when u go to somewhere unnie???aigoo~~

AiNi AiDeN said...

hahh.. cuz.. i'm still a kid~ :P