Feb 12, 2011

AiNi.. Please accept that. she have changed.. ToT

Back to work. after 4 days leave. I thought she will at least thought bout how she had treated me. but I was soooooooooo wrong ! She acted like nothing happened at all.. I can accept it as long as we back to normal again. I meant. being happy together. 

Last Thursday.. we got into HUGE fight again. this time. I'm getting tired all these shit ady. ToT . the way she treated me and Kak Linda. are wrong !she changed so much ! now.. i'm sad.. and angry.can't she realize.. i'm human too?i got my mood too..can't she realize..that.. i love her as my sister? dats y i cried wen she do that 2 me! juz small matter.. she shudnt be that mad ! everyone made mistake. nobody is perfect. NOBODY ! not even U !
face it. its everyone fault ! so.. juz accept it & fixed la ! nothing serious laaa ! i juz wants to help her & dis is how she repay me?!u changed ! u truly are ! but. u juz can't see it yet..i'm sad.. cuz.. u're making fun of me wen u know i'm crying cuz of ya. have u ever love sumone.till u can cry wen they ignoring ya? do YA?!this time. u made me cry for ya.. 3 times ady !! seyesly.. girl... what is WRONG with ya??!to tell ya the truth.. i still think bout ya feelings. yes. i really do.. but do ya.. even think for my feeling for ONCE? i'm sad. cuz.. ur action today. juz leaving like that.. do ya think it will solve this damn thing? NO LA ! last.. u saying.. u're angry cuz.. i wrote my status. like that.. but am i WRONG??!totally change ! damn changes ! fuck! dun think oni bout yourself. think bout others feel once a while i do love ya as my sister. i miss d old days. wen three of us. LOL at ofis TOGETHER . Seriously God, can U make her realize that she is important to me? 

Kak Linda and me.. decided not to talk to kak Ain. feel bad about it. so I keep listen to my songs. ignore those people and juz do my work. Kak Ain didn't talk to me much today. She talks but. seem like.. she have to do it. so.. I seriously. dun have mood to talk to her either. I went to Kak Linda room and stay there and sleep~ Kak Ain went to Kak Linda room and asking us whether we want to order anything cuz she going out. Kak Linda asked me to got with her. I agreed but didn't realize that Yus wanted to go with kak Ain.. =___=! ok la,.. next time. I will go if Kak ain say my name. Done with her ! 

my teeth broken. its hurt. but have to wait for the stupid appointment ! >w<
den. I cut my finger with paper.Its hurt too ! ToT
my swollen shoulder.. not recovered yet..  

but the best thing for today..
texting with Tiqah & Sunie ! they are awesome !! ^o^v

KyuHae is HERE babeh !! 

EunHae is here too !! haha~ >w<

Aiden Lee approved me~ I got so many Lee Donghae in my friend list now.. aigoo.. wonder which one is the true Lee Donghae ~ ^__^;

found another new UNNIE ~ this time.. She korean~ She so beautiful~ She writes blog bout me~ *proud*

Choi Eun Ryene Unnie~ ^^v

Park .. she.. make.. Lee Donghae picture and put my name~ *touched*

THANKYU !!! >w<

p/s: thanks cuz giving me so much love ! seriously. I love u guys !!! 


Atiqah said...


Choi Eun Ryene said...

gomawo AiNi saeng!! ^_^
Saranghe <3

AiNi AiDeN said...

@Atiqah: haha.. next entry.. I will do a post bout you okay? haha.. ^^;

@Eun Unnie: haha.. u're welcome~~ saranghae too!