Feb 23, 2011

AiNi... what goes around will surely come around baby~

Yesterday .. I wanna wrote bout Yus and Kak Ain again.. but I'm just tired. kept on talking bout them. but do they even care ?! HELL NO ! the things. both of them will get warning letter from the Company. 
Kak Ain is because she didn't apply for leave while she was on leave. The Company thinks she taking advantage of her job as valuer to come in or go whenever she wants too. So she will receive warning letter because of that. 
Yus. because basically she practical on ACCOUNTING. On her first day, my manager asked her to create one another method to show how she can handle ACCOUNT by how she learn. turn out. 2 month just go like that. She didn't do the things my manager asked her to do. plus. the Medical Certificate that she supposed to gave my manager she just forgot that thing. 
*Actually she didn't received any except one DAY which is MONDAY which is Valentine DAY* 
So that things pissed my manager off. so she will receive warning letter soon. maybe next MONDAY. 
How I know? cuz I was th one who will type those letter laaa ~~ >w<
I wasn't that happy for Kak Ain. but Yus DESERVED it !!! She should act more mature !! *evil laugh here* :P

As for Kak Linda. recently she is extremely BUSY with those ACCOUNTING. TOT I'm barely talk to her leh.. but I do understand it ~ Sometime I just sit in front of her and just sleep after I done with my work. :D 
So tired la ~ can't get enough sleep ... TOT keep on waking up ~ ah I should eat those sleep pill again? >w<

ah ! today. I got food poisoning .. TOT I dun what I eat but. after lunch. all whole body feel weak. =__=
But already see a doctor ~ *lies* :P I dun wanna see a doctor over a small thing. It makes me feel like weak. I'm strong !! I can fight those virus ~ lala ~~ I dun even tell my mom as I dun want her to feel worry bout me again ~

I oso got inbox message from Atikah Strawberi. I added her yesterday since she already add Liana back ~ so I add her back. well. this is her message to me.
"Sorry. I can't approve you. Let's pretend we don't know each other. My life already have too many problem. I'm sorry for everything. I won't hurt you anymore. "... 
I was ... like... ... what is wrong with her ??! I was the one should be angry .. not her !! ah ~ I can't this anymore. 

All this fight. All these tears. when I can be happy?? ah ~ God, help me please ~ I'm just wanna be a happy person who lead a happy life ~ I hate tears !! really really really hate tears !!! Can I just be a bad girl? who will ignore what others think about me? Ah ! MOLLA ~~ >w<

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