Feb 6, 2011

AiNi .. last day... of.. holiday... ToT

Isk3.. ToT 

Last day of holiday... aigooooo... tomorrow have to work my ass off.. LoL. opsss.. not my ass.. juz.. my brain.. haha.. ^o^; 

last day of holiday..watching some random vid bout Super Junior .. Sad one.. I can't hold my tears.. Its juz doesn't make any sense. who have the BIGGEST fanclub (ELF) suffers too much... They hide their tears. They keep smiling for me.. you.. she.. he.. them.. us.. 

Part 1. Suju is not always happy group.. 


Part 2. Suju is not always happy group...


Someone told me.. its not nice to always cry even we sad.. so.. I'm going to listen to that. I promise. I will try to be happy and keep positive thinking ahead. ^__^ 

Today.. after lunch. my dad scolded me cuz always busy with my facebook and twitter. He even took my chair! ToT. without the chair.. how am going to sit in front of the computer? isk3.. ToT
so .. I ran to my bedroom and juz listen to the songs. I'm so angry with him. Its not. I always in front of the computer. He juz jealous with my kpop stuff ! *Phufft*..  now. He out with my big bro so I can online for awhile.. ^^;

Forgot to add.. Nia and me.. cancel off our engagement.. LoL. its for everyone sake~ haha.. ^^;
I love my Donghae more~~ haha.. 

Yesterday.. I calling Tiqah again.. I love to talk her. She adorable. and can stand with my silly jokes bout Donghae~  I don't think anyone could stand it. haha.. I aware many people are annoyed with me and my obsession to Donghae. Sorry ! but I can't help it laaa.. SERIOUSLY ! last nite.. FINALLY.. Donghae tweet his LATEST photo ~ xD 
Thanks God.. I didn't scream out LOUD as I usually DID. haha. cuz. he tweeted in the evening. & my WHOLE family was in the living room. My parent were juz behind me.. I was like.. smiling.. 
I didn't online for long time.. cuz too tired.. so went to bed early.. that's all.. My brain.. went blank.. again.. cuz.. it's so HOT !! >w<

Evening.. tired .. 
cuz cleaning the ENTIRE house alone.. my chest are hurting me. but i kept on ignore it.. nothing serious right? after that.. ONLINE time.. I thought want to be crazy. who knows I make the STUPID move ever ! Letting Donghae go! aigoo.. when I post Eunhyuk. my tears fall.. dun ask me ! i dun know WHY! ToT.. Maybe. I will stop liking Donghae. cuz its hurting me time to time. It's not good ~ not good. keep holding to him. cry if some else beside him... I should start liking some one in my REAL life. .. 
(Can u guys believe me? wen I said. I'm going to forget Donghae?)

PLZ DUN. cuz. he is my love !! I cant stop loving him unless.. I died.. or stop breathing. seriously. I LOVE THAT MAN so MUCH !! 

p/s: Will write again.. if I got more free time~ thanks cuz reading this post.. ^o^v

Donghae ~ ^__^v


nilda niharaf said...

ne~~u look like u r sooooooooooo obses with a creature named lee donghae~kekekeke
but nvr mind~i know what u feel bcoz i'm sooooooooo crazy bout leeteuk~~kekekekeke~~
dont stop doing the things thatu like (slagi xb'canggah ngn agama) bcoz someday, u'll regret it unnie~~

nilda niharaf said...


Nia Irnieya said...

if that's ur last desicion ..
i go with it ..

AiNi AiDeN said...

Nilda: kinda.. haha.. yeah ! Fighting !!! >w<
Nia: nope. u know the whole story.. plz.. knock my head.. if said something stupid again.. T-T