Feb 21, 2011

AiNi... mixed vegetables ~

AiNi. feeling kinda like mixed vegetables. wanna know why?
plz do read my previous post ... if not u dun really get the story..

Remember Yus ? The one I said before. accident victim? one week leave? 
turn out. She didn't bring her Medical Certificate or whatever it stand for. 
Abg Ubai asked her  what happen on Sunday night. 
here is what she said... 
"Bukan Yus yang bwk moto tuh. Kawan Yus yg bawak. Doctor bagi sehari jer cuti". Badan sume lebam3. sakit3. tu Yus cuti sendiri ....".. 

here is Kak Linda said. on the night of the accident ...
"Yus accident. Chest die terhentak kat dashboard moto cuz kawan die tepon tadi. ckp Yus kat hospital. tengah check up. "... 

here is Kak Ain said on Monday morning .... 
"Yus accident. Die muntah3. Chest die terhentak atas jln raya. Badan die ade luke3 cket. So dapat MC"... 

3 different stories. one same person. what do you think? hurm... .... 
(tell me what should I think bout this person? if u in my position?) 

this morning. She came. didn't said a word to me. I was like. "never mind la. maybe u still in pain. so I let u pass"... but. after all the people are there in the office. She came to me and asking me to help her. with her computer and her work.. =__= aigooo.. in this world got this kind of people meh? BM Mode On : - (Tadi.. ko senyap.. baru now. ko nak ckp? why? cuz da ramai dlm ofis nih? kalo ko tak suke. dun even bother to talk to me laaa! ) 
but still.. I left Nia and start to help her. Argh ! how many damn times I had told her. I don't KNOW anything bout ACCOUNTING ! ask Kak Linda laaa !! ah.. 
wish I can shout like that to her. for real ~~ I juz can't understand her at all.. why she keep talking to me even she didn't like me ? Stop faking it laaa.. I dun like u either ! so. 
lets keep simple and not so sweet cuz. I ady know who you are. after those horrible things u had done to me. 

Kak Ain took leave today. but didn't tell anyone for real. I meant .. even I was wandering whether she on leave or not. She should at least text me back. after my manager call she and ask her where she been. Kak Ain calls Kak Linda and asked..
"Kenapa En Hiadzar call Ain? Kan Ain da gtau yg Ain ade medical check up"... 
She trying to scold Kak Linda cuz she said she ady told Kak Linda. aigoo. Kak Ain ah ~
before Monday. got two days apart. Saturday & Sunday. How come we can remember anything you had said on Friday? -____- ah ~~ that girl huh.... 

I got candy from Kak ... (I don't know her name laaa) ToT 
But she sweet and always kind to me ~ I like her cuz she like me ~ hehe ~ 
ThanKYU so much kak ... ... I will ask for your name next time ~ lala ~
Bcuz of her candy ~ I'm happy again ~~ ^__^v

ThanKYU so MUCH ! saranghae !! ^__^v

Forgot one crazy story !!!
remember I was alone in the office this morning? can U guess what happen to me?? 
Guess Guess Guess ~~~ >w<
haha ~~ wait!!! I want to LAUGH MY ASS OFF first !! >w<
I dun know.. whether its funny or what.. but to me .. its so freaking funny + ewwww-ing.. 
I have to the rest room to wash my face. I enter the man rest room cuz the ladies still in ... construction.. ... .... ... wait !!! .. laughing again !! >w<
Guess what I had found.. in man.. restroom... ..
condom? no laaaa... -__- ... ewww !! 
woman bra? no laaa !! >w< aigooo... TOT
I found... .... .... ....... ..... ... ....
Man's .... .... hahaha !!! ..... .... boxer... ... 
It wasn't funny... but... .... ah !!! U shud see.. how.. it was !! its so FUNNY !! 
one more thing.. whose wear that??! its so BIG !! O.O LOL !
Kak Linda kept on laughing ~~ then.. when my BOSS come.. the boxer is G.O.N.E ~
Lala ~~ know.. its owner now?? LOL ! :P
Seriously.. its so funny !! 

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