Feb 14, 2011

AiNi.. is speechless over.. everything !

AiNi.. had a very bad news. Yus has been in accident. yesterday. I dun know. whether its bad or not. I hope she is okay now. I dun know what and how to react to this shocking news. Bad side of me is happy. Finally that bitch pay what she had done to me. huhu.. i know its bad. i'm sorry. but. consider what she already did to me. well. I pray for her. to get well soon. ^__^ really. 
today. saw Nia online. but. she seems busy. she didn't reply my comment. ah ~ Nia ah~ I miss ya so bad. I want ya to knock my head every time I done something wrong. Seriously. I miss that girl ! As for Atiqah. she seem to like Rayne. um.. if she like him. surely. I can (cant) give him to her. LoL ! Atiqah ah~ I'm so sorry~ but. I'm kinda to start to like Rayne oppa~
As for me and Rayne. maybe he only having some fun with me. 
Rayne oppa, let's not be serious. or I might fly to Seoul juz to meet ya in person ! keke ~
Ryene unnie ~ kept calling me Unnie ~ -__-!! She is older than me. its weird laaa.. haha.. ^^;
She feel bad about something. Unnie ah~ I'm okay. don't worry ~ Let's keep thing by ourselves. Don't tell Rayne oppa or he might get angry at both of us. ToT

Now. juz. stare blankly at the computer. cuz I dun know what else to do ! 

Might uploads Rayne oppa photos again~ keke ~

Rayne oppa ! I like ya ! >w<

LoVe ?! 

He a sweet guy. ^^v

keke ~ told ya I will upload his photos again~ lala~~ Donghae yah~ Let's be friends ~ haha.. >w<


Anonymous said...

oh???he is not a celeb right???looks like a celeb la~whoa~~ urm DH only being ur fren??OMO~~

AiNi AiDeN said...

*sigh*. "He" turned into "she".. feel bad bout Donghae ~ isk3.. ToT sampai masuk hospital ~ keke~ bile tau.. akak nak kwn jer ngan die~ LOL!