Feb 12, 2011

AiNi.. still can't get over it..

I dun how to tell it.. Maybe. its my fault.. all these shit happens. Its always have been my fault. She start to change wen Yus came. eh.. wait.. before Yus come. she already change a bit. Maybe she was angry cuz i being so rude with Aunty. I was doing the right thing ! I helped her ! but all I get is other nag?! WTH??! The thing wasn't serious at all. Its about we didn't wash our dishes after lunch. What the BIG deal bout it??! Its not we always leave the dirty dishes. It was my 1st time ! I helped her ! I wash the dirty dishes all by MYSELF ! that Aunty still keep on nagging . So i kinda mad la at her. I'm not talking to her for a week. well.. if i mad with someone. I will keep my mouth shut till she/he be nice to me back. Kak Linda was angry with dat Aunty too. cuz dat aunty said something bout how our parent teaches US.. when i know bout it.. i was like... Hey ! this is office. how come u can compared with my household? You shud shut the hell off if U didn't know who helped my mom.. get a life ! its ur job btw ! den. Kak Ain start to change wen.. I and Kak Linda didn't smile and talk to dat aunty. Kak Ain never understand. She always thought I was the bad one. If she look at my side. she will understand it. (I guess) den. 

wen the PD trip. She always hang out with Yus. I noticed it. but I still ignoring it. Cuz I dun want the stupid fight. That why I bring Li Cheng~ She is my best chinese fren ever ! She the most outgoing chinese frens I know ! We had so much fun ! screaming ~ writing idols name ~ haha ~ funny la~ everyone at the office must be thought I was dating her~ cuz I always invited her ~ no la.. She is my special friends~ everyone is my special friends~ Just. the way is a bit different. With Liana~ I always buy some stuff for her~ with Kak Linda. I talked about almost everything with her ~ I treating her as my own sister ~ I got not so many friends in my real life. So I do care and love everyone ~ with Kak Ain ~ I always joking around with her ~ being a bit silly ~ laugh with her~ but.. when I wrote my status. at facebook wen I really upset by how she treat Yus. She replied back. at her status. which really hurts my feeling. Seriously I can't stop crying. my tears juz flow. I cant stop ~ So Kak Linda asked me. to go home. wen I go home. Kak Ain went to Kak Linda room and asked what is wrong with me. She said that she really upset when she sees my status. then later that evening. Kak Linda asked me to say sorry to Kak Ain cuz she didn't wanna see us having fight. I sent a text saying I'm sorry. den Kak Ain accept it .. so everything kinda changed from that. 

Last Thursday. Kak Ain kinda mad cuz got one of the her report was sent to the bank without the internal photos. As for me. that thing. wasn't that big. the bank didn't notice it. so we must juz post the internal photos with a letter. Kak Ain was. angry. when she out for inspection. she didn't said a word to us. (Kak Linda and me) ... She kept quiet when I called her name. Her face. shows her real feeling.. Kak Linda was sad cuz. its everybody mistake. Kak Ain shud put some notes at the files. not the a piece of paper which Abg wan will throw away. Kak Ain went to her place and start to type some words. Her action .. we knows when somebody are angry rite? I know. but I let her pass. When Kak Linda told me. Kak Ain didn't answer when Kak Linda was talking to her. I was like.. .... .... Kak Ain shudn't do that. No matter how angry she was. She shudnt show it. If she angry with us, she shud say it. not let us know by her stupid actions. For me. its not a big deal at all.. everyone make some mistake. nobody perfect. we must face it and fixed it. not. getting angry at ur friends. cuz. friends have feelings too. friends can get hurt. friends can cry. but. friends can forgive and forget. Kak Ain didn't say sorry yesterday. She seems to forget what happened last Thursday. what more worst.. Kak Linda was hurt and she seem having hard times to be kind with Kak Ain anymore. ToT 

ahhhh.. what should i do? I dun want things be like this ! I want the old us back! laughing together ~ silly jokes. I WANT THE OLD DAYS TO COME BACK ! 
God, please show Kak Ain. how important she is in my life. 

p/s: sorry. this post is bout Kak Ain again~...... ...... 


Atiqah said...

are u okay unnie?

AiNi AiDeN said...

huhu.. i think so.. ToT