Feb 15, 2011

AiNi.. is.. sad.. again.. aigooo ,,,

I dun understand. it at all.. why.. she being like that? juz to make me happy? she shud tell me ! at the first place. I almost fall for that Rayne guy ! and forgetting my Donghae ! ToT

now. Donghae in hospital cuz some fatigue ! Donghae yah ~ I'm sorry.. truly sorry. *cewah!* I will love ya .. yes ! only ya ! till one of us find the right partner ! 
Promise ya that ! the only thing I have now. is you ! 

Donghae oppa ! saranghae !! >w<


Chaerul said...

I dah agak dah yg dia tu fake >.<" . so akak sabar je la ye.. ^^

Atiqah said...

i agree with Chaerul
me too da anggap si Rayne tu as my real oppa
tgk2 die FAKE!

Nia Irnieya said...

you said that korean girl & everything is ME!?
you make me more sad ! i think you already believe me ..
but now .. you sad .. & you said that all is from me ..
it have been proven that you still do believe me .
..okay if that's what you think! remove me from your mind
& your live! thanx for saying that all people is me ..
yeah .. good2 .. thanx ya .. i appreciate that ..
what i've told you before this is all fake right? thanx! sooo thanx ..
for your information .. that's not me at all!
thanx .. so thanx .. i really love the way you treat me now ..
from now on .. we got nothing to do !

Nia Irnieya said...


AiNi AiDeN said...

Nia.. why u didint tell us that u got exams? u juz lost.. den. that rayne guy showed up.. he touched my heart. seriously. the one who should be angry and sad is ME ! I know I'm an ugly person. why so suddenly got korean guy falling in love with me?! Malay guy didn't even LOOK at me ! tell me what I should I do? when U starting to avoid us.. den that Rayne understand me like u did ! U didnt even reply my post !! I want you to online. I want tell everything to you. but. that guy always online. treating me like u did. I start to think it was you. I'm crying. when I know he using Lee Chi Hoon picture. He kept telling over and over again. He loves me. This feeling. cant be describe. but. if somebody faking it. please stop. just stop. I afraid the scar wont heal till i die.
Nia ah. I'm truly sorry. I cant do anything since U ady delete your facebook. wish I can turned back the time. I want us.