Feb 8, 2011

AiNi.. is.. happy together ~~

Today.. Yus came.. but still late.. She supposed to be early like me.. cuz.. she lives at the same place ! but.. no ones caught that.. cuz she always lucky ! I tried to smile at her... but.. she.. ignore me.. She making face.. *buat muke dlm BM nyeer*.. well. wen people does that to ya.. what is ur reaction?? as for me.. *lantak ko laaa.. *
den.. My manager came early today.. I was busy amending the VR.. so didn't notice.. he came in..Yus entered his room and sit at the chair.. I dun know what happen.. but Yus seem had fever.. She told me.. if she go back to her hometown. She will catch fever wen she came back to Bangi.. well.. that thing.. seem true.. Maybe she wants to give the MC.. wen she walked out from his room.. I look at her.. and tried to smile again.. but.. she kept making.. that face.. *sakit sangat keerr??* dun know laa~ den.. Kak Linda came in ~~ We used to breakfast together at the office ~ wen we walk together.. I start to .. nagging bout Yus.. *ya laa. sape tak geram .. sakit sangat sampai tak larat nak bls aini punyer senyum?? *.. Mule laa. pagi3 nak wat aini marah kat die~~ 
-__-.. pastu.. bile da sampai ofis blk.. tngok Yus ngan Kak Ain.. tngah borak3.. huhu.. sakit giler aty !! >w<
kak Ain.. nape laa. akak tak nampak.. sape yg TAK SUKE sape.. actually??! TRY TO IGNORE HER.. seriously.. I CANT !!! ToT  i hate myself too !! 

Lunch time ~~ at Restoran Kesuma~~ with Kak Linda & Kak Ain ~~
Today so funny~~ xpecially.. kak linda and kak ain~~ >w< 
Kak Linda.. said.. "Hari nih ramai orang laaa".. den.. I was busy texting with Sunie.. said.. "Ikhwan (restoran) tutup kot".. den.. Kak linda was like.. "Kat sini mane ade aircon".. I was like.. "Bile masa.. Dayah ckp aircon??.. Dayah ckp.. IKHWAN"... haha.. memang mase tuh.. LOL !! tak ingat.. org da !!~ >w< 
pastu.. tngah.. mkn sambil3 tngok berita.. pasal.. rusa.. kne langgar.. cian giler ~~ Aini.. tanye.. dari mane rusa kluar? pastu Kak Ain.. "dr.. hutang laaa..".. pastu.. gelak ag !! HUTAN laa kak Ain !! >w< *da guling3*.. 
haha.. giler ah~~ best siot.. dpt gelak cam duloooo3.. keke.. * cam bdak3.. jerrr*.. haha.. 

AiNi & Kak Linda ^^v

AiNi & Kak Ain ~ ^^v

Online time~~ Hyper time with them ~~ haha.. seyes funny !! haha..cant stop.. smiling.. cant laugh out loud.. cuz my parents watching news.. keke.. ~ they the BEST!!. Tiqah cant online.. cuz she getting sick~.. ToT.. Park too.. aigoo.. why they all getting sick at the same time ?? TAKE CARE tau !! mkn ubat & rest well !! isk3.. Melly and Lia unnie... suddenly.. so hyper tonite~ LoL.. love it !! 
um.. Atiqah.. and Nia.. didn't online now.. wonder... are... they busy with school life?? I MISS U GUYS !! ToT

today.. oso.. is wen Running to the Sun release.. the pre sale of SS3 in MALAYSIA !! aiggoo.. they here.. but cant meet them~ sedih nnnyerr.. but.. kne be strong !! bukan rezeki aini nak jumpe dieorg kot.. xpe laaa.. Aini jadi ELF biase jerr.. will support all their decision ~~ and album too ~~ 
Super Junior fighting !!
juz.. aini harap.. bile dieorg kat Malaysia.. ni.. takde la. perkara buruk yg happen... cian dieorg ~ umm..

WARNING to CRAZY FAN GIRL: BACK OFF !! U DUN DESERVE SUPER JUNIOR !! cuz U guys didn't respect their PRIVACY !! 

I hope Super Junior will have WONDERFUL moment with MALAYSIAN ELF ~~ 

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