Feb 21, 2011

AiNi.. can I get some LOVE ?

I love Dalmatian song nowdays~ Thanks to Nur Atiqah ~ cuz put that song in her blog ~ LOL ~ Even though its korean song ~ but. its meaning ... so.. GOOD !
If I have a real LIFE boy friend, I wanna sing the song to him ~ Just need to change the lyrics a bit ~~ hehe ~ I'm not a really good singer but. I would do my very best to please my love ! ^o^v
keke ~ oka.. done with boy friend thingy ~ 

Last night was DEABAK ! or AWESOME !! told ya I love to LAUGH ! and juz be CRAZY !! keke ~ I was having so much FUN till my mom.. said..
"AiNi.. da pukul 10 nih. G masuk tido. esok nak keje an"... I was.. like... 
*sigh* baru nak have fun ~ TOT but nvm la. My mom said that cuz she worried bout me. So. final goodbye to my lovely friends ~ isk isk. I wish I can stay online. for the WHOLE night ~~ keke ~~ but for sure la. today I wud be super SLEEPY like last week ~ =__=

Last night, watching SUPERNATURAL. I wasn't a big fan but. since my sis love to watch that show. so. I watch with her. LMAO !! that show was FUNNY! wait..
the show never this funny ! it supposed to be creepy ~ but.. maybe I was in GOOD mood , the story become funny too ! hehe ~ but the when the ghost bout to appear or gone.. I can't stop SCREAMING ! like. "WOAH!!". "ARGH". "AH" ~ My bro kept teasing me ~ and my dad too..T___T ah ~ they bully me again .. ... my computer beside my TV so. I was chatting, commenting + watching at the same time ~ haha !! multi tasking baby !!! whenever the ghost... start to do a bad thing or show up with those creepy make up. I turned to my computer ~ keke ~~ I really really.. can't watch laaaa~~ or I might get heart attack ! 

This morning ~ got Rayne's message. :)
He told me to take care ~ well dear. U must take care too ! don't work too hard. U must find a korean girl friend ~ ^^; Your mother must be happy ~

Now. alone at the office. waiting for the others ~ so .. I'm off for now cuz its already 8.45 am ~ another 15 minutes ~ Annyong ~ Saranghae ! ♥ ♥ ♥

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