Feb 13, 2011

AiNi.. Oppsss Baby ~~

Oh oh oh ~~ norul saranghae ~~ like crazy~~ why u being like this ?~ baby~~ call me baby~ saranghae ~~ tell me~~ knock knock ~~ welcome to your wonderland ~~ 

p/s: T-Ara (why U being like this) I fall in LOVE with this song !! ^o^v

Today~ like any usual day~ juz being a bit lazy~ since my shoulder still in pain. ToT 
tomorrow have to work ~ aigooo~ someone HELP me plz ! but.. my stupid manager is on leave ~ YAY !! so maybe. I dun have so many things to do~ (hopefully)...  Safura or Sungjung text me ~ asking whether i am going to SS3 .. but.. sadly.. my mom said No for many times now. so its really a NO for me ~ isk3.. so sad la ! Sungjung unnie wanted to know.. whether we can buy the ticket with card credit.. I tell her to give time to ask my friends ~ ^^; 
beside her. i'm text with Sunie ~ She got stomach ache in d morning ~ poor her.. so I told her to drink tea w/o sugar~ hopefully she getting better now.. 
text with Tiqah... too... um.. she seems sad. cuz.. she cant online. I cant do anything bout it. feel bad.. aigoo yeobo ah~ be strong okay?! 
will go out with Safiyah dis Tuesday~ YAY ! finally going to meet her as real person ! ^o^v  
Chatting with my sweet k-unnie ~ Ryene unnie ~ She seem tired dis morning ~ but.. now.. she seem happy ~ LoL ! >w<
Nia ah !~ Unnie missing ya so bad now ! ToT take care ya !!
Atiqah ah ~ sorry to hear bout ya fight with oppa ~ i know u only joking around.. lets hope the best for ya and oppa ya? fighting !!
oso got her brother add me at facebook ! he cute ~ haha.. every guy in korea are cute laaa ~ lala~~ so i ask him to be in relationship with me.. he said YES ! LoL ~ so fast leh !
wait.. i will post some photo of him okay? 
He look like a model to me. ^^;

Cho Eun Rayne oppa ! let's be good friends till the end okay? 
Saranghae ! 

Omo ~ plz be safe ok? ^^;

Now.. the baby already with his parent. I start to miss him.. even he likes to knock my head.. but.. 
he so cute !! >w< can I have that baby ??! isk3.. baby ah ~ unnie miss ya~~ come back ! 
So hot la today !! feel sick ~ aigooo.. ottokke?? i hate this feeling !! 
I miss the other person too.. ah ~ hope his album launching will be deabak like always ! 

Rayne oppa ~ saranghae ! i will start to love ya~ tomorrow~ keke.. 

Donghae yah ! be safe and hope u will have wonderful Valentine tomorrow ! isk3.. ToT

Park does it once again! i might faint again~ LoL !
Donghae oppa~ wae.. i like ya so much? 

p/s: thanks cuz reading it ~ ^^v
                                        saranghae guys !! 


Choi Eun Ryene said...

HAHA! you seems so fall in love with my oppa~~
why tomorrow?? :D

AiNi AiDeN said...

haha.. ^^;
not yet laaa.. keke..
why tomorrow? cuz.. tomorrow is valentine day~ ^__^v