Feb 13, 2011

AiNi.. new love? haha.. :P

AiNi got new love !! haha.. dis wonderful feeling.. 
hard to describe.. when.. he posted that thing on my wall. 
I was like.. speechless ! oh yesh !! even.. 
I didn't celebrate it.. but.. his action make me feel touched.. 
why he being like this? I dun understand a thing.. 
He so sweet.. am I going to fall for him now? ah ~ molla ~ 
Rayne oppa... thanks cuz of the bear.. u made me cry.. 
but.. of cuz la tears of joy ~ keke.. 

AiNi Aiden .. Will You Be My Valentine ? I'm afraid i will lose you tomorrow so I do it today~
I know you will not receive it, but I just buy it ♥

Thanks Rayne oppa ~ ^^v


Super Junior-More Than Words ~ ^^v


Atiqah said...

aigoo~u so untung la akk
harap2 la adek dpt laki korea jugak
hahah AMIN!!

Choi Eun Ryene said...

Woahh~~ you tell a story bout my oppa!! keke~~
you're as romantic as him~ keke~~

Atiqah said...

agree with Ryene unnie^^