Feb 3, 2011

AiNi finally got new & happy POST !~ YAY !!!

hehe.. as the title above.. *cewah* *cough cough* since yesterday.. all my siblings all here~ from Along to Angah to Abg Apes to Me to Aan~ all HERE~ under one roof ! Woot !!! CNY leave~ keke.. today.. I woke up late.. I woke up at 8.30 am even last nite b4 I slept at umm.. dun remember laaa.. as punishment.. my mom mad at me.. I didnt even breakfast with them.. They ate w/o waking me up.. ToT .. I know.. its my fault.. actually I did woke up at 6.oo am but fall sleep again ~ I ate spicy meggi for ma breakfast~ den.. clean my house a bit.. den.. its time to borrow my Along lappy and online time !! >w< I wanna check whether donghae tweet something or not.. turn out.. he didn't.. ToT mean donghae ! da la smlm tngok vid die ngan Hara.. *jeles kot!* huhu,... I know.. I shud control it.. *knock myself* I dun know why today I'm so sleepy.. I take my nap at 5.oopm.. shudnt sleep but still sleep cuz I felt so sleepy~ at 6.oopm my mom waking me up~ um.. have to wake up even I still a bit sleepy~ after taking nap. still open lappy ~ & start to twitter-ing & facebook-ing~ keke.. *sigh* shudn't tweet much~ my sis and my mom went to pasar mlm~ dats y i still can online after waking up~ if not.. my mom will start to nag laaa.. keke..

love it wen I know there still people loves me.. even i cant meet them in real life.. I can feel their love ~ thanks cuz wishing me ~ I will try to live better from now on~ I will laugh + smile more ~ instead of crying and worried  bout someone / something. I will do my best ! to live up my life ! thanks GUYS !!! SARANGHAE !!! L.O.V. E ! chat wif Tiqah~ she going back to her hometown~ happy wen her wish come true~ yesterday she tole me she wants to "balik kampung" so bad but she afraid to tell her father. i tell her. she shud ask her father. who knows he will said YES ! but she so afraid. at that time. I wish I could do something for her. but today wen she told at twitter, my smile appear~ keke.. ^___^

as for Nia~ she writes bout me again~ hehe.. that girl so sweet and nice~ she often tell me to believe in myself~ some time.. I felt like.. I thier dongsaeng .. not their unnie.. cuz I kept holding to them~ keke.. *blush* I changed my own picture at facebook~ *which I rarely does cuz there so many "org gatal".. that why I prefer to use donghae picture more~ feel more safe.. >w< Nia told me its was beautiful~ she said I was pretty~ well.. maybe I'm a photogenic person.. cuz in real life.. I wasn't that pretty.. * runs b4 Nia hit me*
Nia always mad wen I said that.. keke.. sorry ya Nia. but that the truth.. Kalo tak.. da lame akk ade BF~ huhu.. ToT
okay.. back to my family~ My sis and mom arrived after 30minutes shopping~ so fast leh! >w<
no so many food cuz its only "pasar tani".. ToT my mom oni buy murtabak.. *yummy* chaoii.. *karipuff* and keropok jer.. but.. wen the whole family here~ I feel more happy~ even berebut rebut gak makan~ hahaha.. xD den. we have family talk which is fun~ keke.. I always the one .. kne ketawa.. cuz... being so "pabo".. well.. I dun care as long as we're happy~ Get together are the best thing EVER ! >w<

p/s: down here.. all my siblings.. I didn't have my parents photos.. mianhae.. My mom didn't like us to take her photo.. so.. I only going to upload Along, Angah, Abg Apes, AiNi & Aan okay~

Abg Apes. Anak no 3. abg yg paling aini sayang~ cuz die sorg jer abg aini~ ^^
Tarikh Lahir: 19 April .... 

Along. Anak yg 1st sekali~ sayang die gak~ keke..
Tarikh Lahir: 6 september ...... .... 

Angah~ Anak no 2 ~ keke.. die ni "agak" garang ~ aini takot ngan die.. ToT
Tarikh lahir.. 29 November... 

Aan & aini ~ Aan anak last means anak no 5 ~ die pon garang gak~
Tarikh lahir: 22 September.... 

Aini la nih~ keke.. anak no 4~ paling complicated sekali~ -___-
Tarikh lahir.. 20 june 1990~ 

ps: thanks cuz read this~ annyong~ ^___^v


Nia Irnieya said...

thanx for include me into your blog~
Saranghe <3 why you are so kind to me?

AiNi AiDeN said...

Nia ah~ u're always welcome ! >w<
Saranghae too !~ cuz u're kind to me too~ <3
*do LOVE sign here*

Nia Irnieya said...

haha, I <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 u more that your love to me! :)