Feb 15, 2011

AiNi.. feel bad for what happen..

After last nite incident. my head really really heavy. couldn't think straight. seriously. I'm sad too.. kept thinking why she do that to me? why me?? I slept with tears. tears that nobody couldn't see. I really good at hiding my feeling in front of my family. I don't want they to see my tears. I'm really hate that. now. I'm feel so bad.. so bad.. I don't what else to do.. He sent to me .. dis morning.. 

"Annyeong Aini ..

First .. I know you will know who i am ..
I wait until today because i want you to cool down first ..

The truth is
My name is real Cho Eun Rayne ..
This pic is Ulzzang Lee Chi Hoon ..
I'm not lying to you .. cause I know you know who is Lee Chi Hoon ..

The story begin with my real sister named Choi Eun Ryene ..
She have another FB and already add you since last year ..
she always watching you .. everyday ..
she know you dont have boyfriend till this year ..
she felt pity & she told me everything ..

For your GOD & my GOD sake .. since i saw you for the 1st time through my sister's facebook .. i dont know why .. you're so pretty to my eyes .. (if you dont believe me .. i cant do anything ..)

my sister, Choi Eun Ryene, is using an Ulzzang pic too ..
the Ulzzang name is Do Hwaeji .. you can search if you want ..
Cho Junji is my real manager .. but he got nothing to do with this .. he just want to help me ..

I want to know you better .. cause as I said before .. i start liking you too .. but since you are already angry & upset with me ..
I cant do anything .. the way not to make you angry with me again is .. deactivate myself .. then you will not see me anymore .. thanx for will to friends with me & "In a relationship" with me although just for short time .. i appreciate that .. i hope you can forgive me .. and my sister glad to have you just for short time .. she said really sorry to you too .. dont you worry .. because the teddy bear & ring .. i'm not lying at all .."

The Truth : Cho Eun Rayne......

Now.. I'm trying.. to believe him.. I take the chances. the chances to hurt myself. cuz. I feel bad if i hurt him. God, please show me what is right and what is wrong... I starting to like him.. everyday...
I want him. I want to believe. I want. to take the chances. Even later. it will hurt me. I want to feel that feeling. feel to be in love. so in love with somebody. 

I feel bad bout Nia and Ryene unnie. ToT
ah ~ what should I do for them? I really sorry !! I know sorry wasn't enough. I had ruined their LIFE ! I really really regret that. OMG... I need.. to do something.. Can't leave them like that.. since Rayne oppa already forgive me.... 

Another thing.. remember when I said.. I wanna go out with Safi? watch YOGI BEAR .. well. 
that plan.. were ruined by my parents ! ToT they make me.. cancelled the plan last minute time ! isk3.. ToT
and go balik kampung with them ~ =___=

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Atiqah said...

unnie~dont cry
just forget about this
she would not love us anymore