Feb 2, 2011

new day new hope new beginning new life.. its all crap.. learn more.

hari nih.. pas fight yg "terbesar" dlm idop mase keje.. aini try to act cool & nothing happen. well.. it's hard.. but kak ain & yus tuh cam tak kesah jer.. so aini akan wat bodo jer.. maleh nak ungkit3.. try to be like less emotion girl.. i juz wanna be like he usual me.. happy & laugh.. dun want the tears to fall again.. urm... esok cuti... nak wat pe eh? ajak mak g PD? ~ tapi kat umah sume da demam.. abg apes.. along.. ayah.. aan.. mama.. juz angah & aini jer tak kne virus demam tuh.. maybe cuz angah dok subang.. die jarang ade kat umah.. weird thing.. anti body aini kuat plak lwn virus demam.. >w< syukur ~ kalo tak.. tak best la kalo kne flu time cuti.. ToT
ary nih .. kat ofis.. tak laugh byk mane pon.. tadi mase lunch pon.. rase lain jerrr.. kak ain ngan anset die.. kak linda ngan BB die.. um.... pe aaaa.. sedih btol.. nak jadi giler3 cam dulu3.. but.. i guess.. everyone is changing. including me.. so never mind laaa.. 

now.. having fun with Tiqah & SBKB ~ they are fun wen being crazy together~ SBKB into Leeteuk.. Tiqah with Kyuhyun~ & me with .. of cuz laaa.. my DONGHAE !!! hahaha.. >w< 
I miss Nia.. she busy wif her homework.. ToT nvm laaaa.. next monday.. will find her at fb & chat till faint.. haha.. xD

now.while updating my blog... imma play some games at one of my fav suju page.. got 2 new picture of him~ *dancing around* best best~ keke.. but sad laaa.. he haven't tweet anything since 24 January 2011.. wonder if he so busy. last news I got bout him dat he got flu wen SS3SG. poor my fishy~ ToT

got 4 days leaves.. haven't decide where to go.. aigoo.. =___= 
i'm maybe die cuz too boring..

Super Junior History *Forever 13*

Super Wonderland- SWL

p/s: I juz L.O.V.E H.I.M !

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Nia Irnieya said...

i dont know that u caree about me that much! keke
urm .. yeah .. i miss my henry too .. really love him~ but ade je yg kacau nia punyer !!! ><