Feb 19, 2011

AiNi... I'm truly sorry.

I'm truly sorry for what had happened. I'm don't what else to do.
what should I do?
my words hurts his feeling again.
ah ~ darn it ! why I cant be happy for once in my life?
I'm lost.
stuck in too many problems these day.
God. I need you right now.
To show my real feeling bout him.
tell me..
what should I do?
God. I need you right now.
To show his real feeling bout me.
tell me...
what should I do?
I'm always hurting him.
but I wanted him to stay. always beside me.
as my friends and one of my special friends.
Nia asked me. how important is she in my LIFE
Girl. if u're nobody to me.
I won't hurt when I read those touching words.
Girl. if u're nobody to me.
I won't cry for you.
Girl. if u're nobody to me.
I won't a wrote blog bout you.
Girl. if u're nobody to me.
I won't feel lost when u are gone even for awhile.
I do love and care each and everyone of you.
Kak Linda. Kak Ain. Atiqah Almarwan. Nia or Wani. Park Hyosson. Melly Unnie. Lia Unnie. Nur Atiqah Aqma Rozaidi.  Sun Iey. Liana Kamaruddin. Sofia Max. Sungjung Unnie. Kira chan. Kiraris. Taufiq and others
When I care bout someone.
I was hurt when they're hurt.
I was happy when they're happy.
I'm a girl who hates tears but.
If I had fight with someone important & close to me (beside my beloved family)
I will cry cuz I know I hurts their feelings
I'm sorry. if I'm not being so perfect.
There's times when I just wanna be bad.
There's time when I just wanna let it all go.
Because I'm tired being like this.
Try to be the best of me.
Try to give my all.
Try to be nice at all time.
But in the end. it always.
When we having fight.
When I cried for you.
Please know. That I'm crying for real.
Please know. That I'm just another human.
Tend to make silly mistake so many damn times !

As for that guy.
Please don't make me falling in love you.
It's hard to hold this feeling.
Every time. we had chat.
my hearts do the "thumps thumps" sound.
It does beats faster.
Every time. You told me bout your mom.
Suddenly it bring me back to the reality.
I want you to stay.
I'm wanna know who you are.
I want you to stay.
It was really really my first time.
so please don't be so sad if ...
I try to be away from you.
I want you to stay.
my heart told me so.
If it hurting you to stay with me
please go. before I falling deeper.
please go. before the scars getting bigger.
please go. before I find you myself.


Chaerul said...

sabar sis... ni smua dugaan.... sis msti kuat... mirul doa2 agar akak dpat tmpuh dugaan ni ... azza azza fighting!!

AiNi AiDeN said...

thanks ya ~ ^^v