Feb 26, 2011

AiNi.. in one week. anything can happen.

AiNi.. dats so true. in 1 week. anything can happen. we can be so in love. we can break up. we can fight. we can cry. we can smile. we can laugh.. we can find hope. we can lost hope. anything & everything can happen. 

this week. Yus came in without her MC. but nobody seem to take any notice of it. 
I kinda pissed off bout that. I still can remember that. when I have to took EL cuz my mom fall in the bathroom. How should I know that my mom going to fall? yet, when lucnh on that day, Kak Ain call.. (I didn't remember whether she call or text me) she said. "Dayah, boss tanye btol ker mak dayah jatuh?" I was like.. WHAT THE HELL?! Its true la ! what the point I was going to lie for??! Later. when I back to my work, I bring my mom medicine paper and show to them. They all quiet when I showed that to them. I'm not a liar laaa..after all, I took EL . so my annual leave will be decreased la. its mine. 

Bout Yus again... 

I can't believe this happening to me !!! I'm tired laa!! seriously tired !! tired by her drama ! tired everything bout her !! seriously girl, GET A LIFE ! If u didnt like me. then dun talk to me !!! I super super hating you now! first, its all your fault. i'm not saying I'm perfect. but cant u juz admit? that u're wrong??
okay. BM mode..
Semalam ade banker call. ckp ade satu report tersalah antar. den aini ckp. "can u sent back to us?". banker tuh sound aini. banker tuh ckp."next time .. plz make sure u done the right thing. ".. aini pon.. lantak ko laaa. janji aini da ckp bebaik.. den ary nih dpt blk report tuh.. aini pon check la.. sape yg sent.. tngok3 yus. aini tanye die baik3.. sora pon cam biase jer.. takde la nak tengking3 die. pastu die ckp.. mane yus tau. yus ikut dayah bagi jer. =__= what the hell.. aini juz masuk an contoh jer. yg alamat tuh amend la sendiri ngok! ckp blaja U. hotak die la. bukan nak ngaku. slh an aku blk? mule la angin setan da sampai. >w<
geram btol laaaaaa !!! die tuh memang pandai berpura2 !! depan kak ain.. sora die cam angel~ bile kak ain takde.. sora cam... nak marah aini jer... TOT

Nothing new I guess.....

Bout Atikah. I wanna forget everything bout her! I hate her !! now. I reall really really hate her !! I was chatting with Danny and kinda tell me how I feel bout all the her. Then .. Danny leave msg on Tikah wall. I know from Tikah. She asked to ask Danny to remove the msg. but the problem is Danny refused to do so! cuz he said. serve Tika ! Danny wants everybody to know how Tikah treated me. Then Tika sent a text to me. saying. that I ask Danny to post that thing . WHAT the HELL?! It was him ! not me laaa !! stop making my life miserable la bitch ! 

Yesterday. Kak Ain was mad at me. cuz I was out for lunch with Kak Linda only. She post something as her status. when I commented it. she deleted it away. I was sad.. but not cry. I don't to cry anymore. But later in the evening. I call her. and said sorry. cuz i hate myself cuz being miserable like that. 

Today. i was single again. I sent a message for Rayne. Hope he can understand why I doing this. I just want him to have a happy and better life. I know. its all excuse. but. I don't him to suffers between me and his mom. I just want him to be happy and smile. Live his life ! 

enough is enough. I couldn't take it anymore. I just want to be happy. why life so hard on me?? TOT


Anonymous said...

unnie~~please relax ur mind n body ya~~
don't be too stress..not good for ur health..pity u~~after this, just ignore that person la..just let he become crazy like she want..let her crazing all by herself..don't let her influence u..bcoz u know that she is 'good-for-nothing' creature..
unnie Aiden, hwaiting!!!!!!!!

AiNi AiDeN said...

Thanks baby !!! I'm all nothing without your love ~~ keke ~~ :D
yeah ! fighting !!!! ^o^v

Anonymous said...

i'm also nothing without u~~
n that rayne guy~~hhuhuhu~~such a very big improvement!!!!!