Feb 5, 2011

AiNi.. what a booorrriing daaay.. ToT

last nite. were AWESOME !!  Seriously !~ ELF done it again!~ I'm so proud to be one of them ~~! ELF start to trend it at 9.ooPM. but. till 10.ooPM , #15millionELFS still not make it as TT list! I'm so pissed with Twitter ! being so racist ~ LoL.. >w< so I join the club.. keep on RETWEET every single Tweet that mention #15millionELFS ~ haha.. crazy fan girl~ Yes~ i'm crazy~ LoL.. but.. while having fun tweet anything dat include #15millionELFS.. suddenly. saw an antis tweet.. I was like... "what the hell? seriously. this man.. ".. so I reply to him.. I bet many ELF did~ mine is.. "SUPER JUNIOR KNOW THEIR FAN SO SHUT THE FUCK OFF!".. well.. that the usual me.. protecting my beloved SUPER JUNIOR.. keke.. ^o^v but.. I didn't know.. that many ELF retweet that back.. haha.. xD 
I'm so happy last nite~ I even sleep with a smile on my face ! ^___^ 

this morning. Along going back to Sabah. huhu. going to miss her.. and her lappy laaa.. hehe.. >w<
I didn't send her off cuz its still early. her flight at 5.ooAM. O.O I woke up at 8.00am.. keke.. ^^; late again.. yeah.. i know.. 

today.. got msg from that boy.. yes.. u know i'm talking about. he said he sorry. he wants us to start over again. um. i ady forgive him. he said. he want us to back to the old days. start all over again.. well.. actually.. dat part.. kinda hard.. but i will try my best ! AiNi, fighting !!! ^o^v

Nia and me.. is engaged. keke.. ^^ I love it~ seriously ~ <3 <3 <3 


p/s: this post kinda short. cuz i post in at 12.56PM.. not so many things happened.. 

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