Feb 17, 2011

since AiNi already forgets her blogspot password. she will writes everything here.

I feel bad for what happen. I really did.
Please la remember. I'm only human. seriously.
I'm not an angel.
I'm not the person who will be happy always.
Cuz at the first time. I already told.
I'm super complicated girl.
To tell you the truth.
I do believe in love.
but please. don't hurt my heart.
I don't want any scars.
Cuz the old scars still there.

For once in my life.
One guy. really touched my heart.
and He not just ordinary guy.
He not the guy next door.
Maybe. he is just too perfect for me.
I  just want to be happy.
but if this love are hurting both of us.
Better forget the happiness.
This love will only bring tears and sorrow.
I can't see any happiness in this love.

I lost one my friend.
She is one of my favorite sisters.
But. I accused her.
for something she said she won't do it.
Only God knows the truth.
I kept on. losing my friends.
I kept crying because my stupid actions.
I kept on holding my tears.
Till the tears flow by itself.
No matter how hard I try to hold it back.
Told myself over and over.
Please DON'T cry over nothing !
but she is someone to me !
That's why I crying.
Words can kill within seconds.That's so true !
I already said my sorry.
well. she said she already forgive me. but somehow. she hates me now.
I don't understand a THING !
You forgive but U hate?!
In that case, better said. U can't forgive me at ALL !
No need to play around with words.
No need to writes every single thing what U felt.
No need to online and wrote those. hatred things.

As for me.
I still act cool.
I didn't bash her.
I didn't mention her .
But why people always feel that way??!
am I too straight?
I should accept that..
People are different.
She said. she understand me.
She said. she loves me.
She said. she will always beside me.
THAT'S all the SHIT!
Sweet damn lies !

I'm truly sorry for the scars I had done to ya.
I'm sorry for the sad memory.
I'm sorry cuz. accused you.
I'm sorry for everything.

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